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  • Yes GJay, it sounds like your sister-in-law is a soulmate.

  • Hey Captain...I would like to take a deep enlightening and self strenghtening spiritual journey. My biggest problem is I sabotage myself, hold onto the past and always second guessing every decision I make. I always feel like I could be making a mistake. I do have a lot of Anxiety and emotions which sometimes could get out of control. I need your guidance. Thank you.

  • KK33, what in particular about the past do you hang onto? People, mistakes, grudges, memories, dreams, etc? And what was life like for you growing up?

  • I copied this last night from a video I watched because I thought it was so cool I wanted to keep it for inspiration when I'm feeling down as I do now and then. Sometimes I feel like I'm on a roller coaster...... 1day up, 2days down, repeat... 🙂

    To be alive right now is a blessing. Please don't give up. know that you are loved and accepted. know that an answer is on its way. Know that a solution will come. End the struggle. Accept where you are. Allow the divine to guide you. Allow the divine to show you the way. You are never alone. You have never been alone. The whole universe, every great master, every teacher, every great being is at hand to support you at this time. Simply ask for help and you shall receive that help that you need.

  • GJay Thanks I copied it too...ya some days are up & some down so this will come in handy 🙂

  • Gjay, I totally get you when you talk about synchronicity with your sis-in-law 🙂 I got similar connections with my best friend (when way back in college everything same used to happen to both of us) and my sis in law now! Isn't the feeling amazing? 🙂

  • Captain, what you shared about empaths and how to deal with it really helped. Yes, recognising other's emotions from yours is the first step. I have begun to be able to recognise it but don't know how to deal with it when they are too overwhelming or too many at the same time I feel utterly helpless. What you have shared helps.

    It is interesting you mention about empaths losing track of their own discomfort in trying to make others feel good. I have battled with it for years but I think now I see where and how to draw the line.

    Also, the fact of being able to shift opinions, voices and body language to suit the person in front had to me divided about who I really am. With my usual self-denigrating habit, I wondered if I was spineless enough not to stand up for myself for fear of confrontation. Or that I was manipulative or way too insecure. I'd draw several conclusions, all wrong now I see.

    After reading what you wrote, I read on the net about rose quartz having emotional healing properties. My first thought was to get it for my mom, dad and my husband. Maybe it can help them where I can't...Do you think it is a wise / sensible thing for all of us to wear it at the same time?

  • Captain, I also benefited from your sharing about empaths. I have been a chameleon all my life. came naturally to me as a child to avoid confrontations with my mom & later when I was married. I have only recently realize what I'm doing & that I had lost myself in a way. I've been struggling to be true to myself. Facing the discomfort & fear of potential confrontation is quite a challenge but I'm working at it.without knowing why, I've always been drawn to rose quartz & have often chosen to have it with me in expected challenging times.

  • Hi amused and saggigirl :)....oh I like the rose quartz idea, I have lots of it and think I'll make a pendant for myself today! I had never even heard the word empath until about a year ago. Then when the captain talked about it as a coping mechanism, wow did that click, now I feel a bit more empowered for sure, more and more everyday. I'm really enjoying this mystical treasure hunt we are all on 🙂 Love and Light 🙂 GJay

  • GJay, Its such an amazing feeling as the pieces come together & even better to know we're somehow all in it together 🙂

  • Saggigirl, yes, rose quartz would be good at all family gatherings. Maybe just bring a chunk of it with you and keep it in your bag or put it on the coffee table or wherever you are together. A sort of portable negative energy absorber. Your parents might feel uncomforatble wearing it on their person.

  • Tips for Empaths by Isabella Snow

    There are ways to prevent yourself from being overwhelmed by this sort of thing. If you've only just realized you are an empath, start with energy clearing.

    Take a Clary Sage bath.

    This is the single most effective thing you can do to clear all that emotional funk away. And I do mean bath – a shower doesn’t permeate in the same manner. You don’t need candles or anything else, just a nice hot bath and some privacy. Give it a good 15 minutes and you will feel much, much better. I recommend it before going to bed, as you can carry all that crap through your sleep and still wake up with it, otherwise. If you can't find sage bubble bath, it's ok, anything will work, I just really love the sage.


    Wherever you are, stop what you’re doing for 5 minutes and just breathe. You should be inhaling through the nose and from the diaphragm. Slowly. And then you should be exhaling slowly, through the lips – don’t just open your mouth and blow it all out. Pretend you’re blowing on a cup of hot coffee; that’s the kind of blowing you want. Slow and steady. Imagine that each time you inhale you are drawing all that crap up to the surface, and then expelling it when you exhale. If you practice, that will be precisely what you learn to do, eventually. Do not overdo it initially – deep breathing can release all kinds of emotional junk you weren’t previously cognizant of, and that will just make you feel worse. Really, really worse. So take it slow until you’re more skilled at it. A few deep breaths is enough when you’re just learning.

    Smudge sticks.

    Purifying your environment with a sage smudge stick is pretty good stuff. It stinks, in my opinion, but a lot of people seem to like the smell. Regardless, it’s not the smell that matters, but the way the sage clears the air. An Empath should be able to really feel it as they walk around, it’s fairly tangible, really. It’s good in a pinch, when you don’t have time to take a sage bath.

    Drink something hot.

    Tea, coffee, hot chocolate – these will help you feel cleansed from the inside. Do not, however, use soup or something of that nature for this purpose. Soups will have the opposite effect, due to the additives, oil, and whatever else they contain.

  • Oh dear, Captain, it was ultra sweet of you to post this. Touched by your honest efforts to help. Thank you 🙂

  • Hey Captain. Thank you for getting back to me. Well, I hold grudges, still hold to my child hood memories and emotions which sometimes seem to take over.

    My childhood wasn't pleasant. Grew up with my grandmother who was both physically and verbally abusive. I have been trying to forgive but I don't seem to forgive her. She constantly picked on me whenever anything went wrong. I was the first person she would look for. It still hurts. My grand father wasn't the best either. I still hold a grudge on her including her daughters who are my mums sisters. I am constantly thinking and no matter how I try to avoid emotions they find me. Thank you!

  • Kk33, you can't forgive or let go of grudges because you take it all too personally. You will be able to let go when you realise your abusers were not mistreating you because of who or what you were, but because they were damaged people who were lashing out at someone else who had hurt them - you were just a substitute for the other person to whom they could not express their anger and frustration for whatever reason. It was actually nothing to do with you at all.

  • Lately I feel so homesick for New Zealand I'm actually considering packing up my baby (who's half kiwi) and finding a way to move back. It's the only place that I've ever felt "at home" so to speak. Not to say my life here in Canada isn't great - it is, but I've just got this restless feeling and it's almost like I'm being pulled to go back. I have no idea where this desire came from either. Just that I HAVE to go.

    It's not that I don't love it here, I just feel like I'm done. Even though I was born and raised in Canada, I want to go 'home'. I wish I could explain it better, I probably sound insane, haha.

  • New Zealand is a very beautiful and spiritual place. I loved my four years there.

  • AriesMama, you don't sound insane to me at all! You're voicing exactly what I've been feeling—in the last few months I've been having the same sort of insistent pull toward the place I consider my true home, and I can't say why, either. Mine's not quite as far away as yours (across the country, not the globe), but I know just as positively that I need to go—it's such a visceral tug that I can feel the earth of the place beneath my feet from here—and all I know is that once I get there, I'll find out why I need to be there, and not before.

    If New Zealand is where your heart and soul are calling you, I wish for you the courage to follow that call and your convictions. Your path will open up before you, if you open yourself to it…

  • That's exactly it, and it seems irrational. Especially since it's not just me along for the ride. If it was, I'd already be gone. I feel like I have to look before I leap this time, which is definitely not one of my strong points. My whole support system is here, and it would be insanity because my baby's father DIDN'T get citizenship and has to go back home...and it would seem like I'm chasing him. Which I'm NOT. I'm just not happy here, I haven't been since I came back a year ago.

    And there's no guarantee that I'll get citizenship if I go, I have to do some serious research and lay some groundwork out.

    I know as a parent, I have to put my son first, but at how much of my own happiness? When am I allowed to be selfish, as a parent/mother/woman, etc.? I've also done a lot of foolish things in my life and I don't want to add this to that potential list because it's not just me this time. I feel like the more I plan, the better I'll feel about it...but the old me wants to go NOW, haha. It's hard keeping that side of me in check.

  • AriesMama, I too know how you feel. Or at least partly. I have a strong desire to go (back) to New York. When I was out there for a week last year it felt like home. My family don't understand it, to them it's "been there, done that". And "why do you want to go back there? what else is there to do there?"

    Anyway, I say to you; honour your feelings. Look into how you can transition your life to New Zealand. Don't feel selfish, I'm sure New Zealand will be a great place for your son to grow up in. You are wise to plan it out carefully, but it will go much more smoothly than you think. Indeed, most of the problems are just your own doubts and worries, and you'll probably look back on the whole process and wondered why you were so concerned. 🙂

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