Spiritual Boot Camp

  • I do sometimes, I feel like a balance. Like when I'm happy others aren't, or when I'm recluse things can just be, but not prosper for myself. I know at this moment in time it is about spiritual growth and discovery. Basically like a metamorphosis. I shed all the old, changed and most of my friends felt abandoned, and so did I. I'm finally understanding there is something out there for me, and with help I am gradually growing and accepting. I always strayed and never let myself stay to long, and trying to avoid hurting or being hurt It happen anyways. I guess the hard part is realizing we only have so much control captain.

  • Thank you Captain : )

  • step 1: deleted and untagged all pics of us both. sometime this weekend i will be getting rid of all the things he has given me, all the brochures, etc., from things we have done. i gotta let this go. i am surrounded by too many good potential guys to let this one still give me trust issuses....among all the other ones. sigh...

  • I don't know about the rest of you but since starting this I have got the most awful head cold and I never ever normally get sick at all. Maybe a coincidence.

    Going to do some(more) house sorting this weekend. The body sorting will have to wait a bit, it is kind of hard with kids jumping round. I have "booked" my free day so my husband can take over.

  • It is strange paddifluff I got the flu & food poisioning at the same time - I am figuring maybe the bad influences of the past are trying to hold on and I am just trying to heal old hurts & stay positive It feels like these last couple of weeks are a just weighing me down so to speak but I keep trying to dispell them one at a time maybe it also has something to do with the weather.

  • Gracefuldaisies,

    This line rings so true for me too "What protected me from damage also cut me off from connection, from sources of love and support." Now that I'm trying to open up & let my true self be free to express my thoughts its very unsettling. I'm like a turtle poking out my head but quickly pulling it back into the safety of my shell. Over time I hope to be out of my protective shell the majority of each day.....guess that's my goal for Captain's exercise.

  • Good Morning/Afternoon, you guys may be purging, negative stuff clearing out of your bodies, btw, Grey Star also has a cold or flu, can't be a coincidence.

  • Okay, went back some posts to catch up, everyone is so amazing and brave. Captain I have lived and learned and am still learning but I love every new thing about life, it's like your eye's are opened to whats real and important, I still have a long way to go too, but one day, minute and hour at a time. Everyone has made really important points. Paddi you can ask God/Spirit to help you release we just have to ask, they will. None of us had any choices with the cards we were dealt in life, all we can do is scatter the deck and CHOOSE to live our BEST LIVES. We can't have regrets later, now is the time, tomorrow is not promised and WE don't wanna have to go thru the same lessons again.

    Graceful Daises/ How beautiful a name, I've been in abusive relationships too, they (men) see something in else that they want to subdue (control) a spark for life and they wanna take it away from us. We are too strong for them and they are challenged by it. Cowards beat women and I've learned that people will do to you what you allow them too, most men who beat will continue if they hit you the first time and get away with it.

    ME- I hate when that happens the paralysis at night, when it happens to me, I pray and call for the Angels mentally, I've read that it could also be soul travel, like the soul is coming back into the body??

    Serious 7- Good for you!

    Okay Captain my goals- Well I made a whole list of what my intentions are for this New Year and can't remember all of them off hand but I want to continue to grow spritually and deepen my personal relationship with God/Spirit. I want to start (co-create) a side business to grow financial security for family/future generations. I pray to be a better person everyday, to Love All Unconditionally and just try to live the best life I can, can't remember the rest but I read that we are to Co/Create with the Universe whatever we need or want for ourselves and Believe.

  • P.S. I'm proud of everybody, MelinSC- Good for you too, I don't wanna leave anyone out, everyone is included.

    P.S- I don't wanna sound like Pollyana, I'm no saint, I'm a real person with real emotions and frustrations but am trying my best everyday. Some days are better than others. 🙂

    If I don't get back before Monday, everyone have a wonderful weekend! Do something nice for yourself, love yall! "We Are All One."

    Love Ya Captain! You will be way up on the Totem Pole of Light. 🙂

  • Poetic, you're awesome. As well as the rest of you for doing this to the best of your abilities.

    I was getting somewhere for a couple days when I accidentally forgot to take my antianxiety medication! I realized since I couldn't find it, I just didn't think about it. But I found it yesterday... and now I feel distracted again. Odd, because I didn't think it would make SUCH a difference. The main reason I started it was because my lack of momentum got me so bored and down on myself that I didn't want to be sensitive to the world around me, I just wanted to keep a smile on my face. I feel like I'm not easily able to focus and keep the idea of growth and love when I've got dishes and paper shredding on my mind. How lame is that?!

    I'm the only one who can change that, though, so I better get cracking.

    I've planned part of my Saturday to rid myself of my old, useless c r a p that I hold onto because it's been given to me and I value it so much that it's stuck in a box in my closet so I can easily move it if I move again 😛

    My goals... aside from throwing stuff away and really purging out old feelings and dusty memories that don't do anything apart from "be"... I must connect with myself more (maaaybe get off the meds) and feel with my emotions rather than think of how I should feel. It's difficult for me to connect with much except anger, joy, curiosity, and boredom. Anything in between is indifference for me, but I know there has to be so many more things I can feel!

    I've got this opportunity to be a "President" of an organization that helps raise money for other organizations and charities. I'd need help and I have an amazing friend who is so willing! I'd have support... But fear is holding me back. I've got to face this fear, though, because this could be so rewarding. A goal of mine is to make the right decision for myself in regards to this opportunity.


  • Angel Vict/ lol! I thought that was so funny! I feel you though, some days are like that you feel like you are in a fog and everything requires effort, do a little every day till it's done. I think that charity is a great idea, I always wanted to volunteer like at a shelter of something. This is my giving back for now, giving of self and sharing and teaching and growing at least we can try. Everytime you feel Fear say thats not (God) God is not about fear, total opposite, replace Fear with Love and have Faith and if you need more Faith say Lord increase my Faith. Faith is not my problem sometimes I get into trouble because of my Faith because i forget that everything is in time and seasons and I want it now. Good Luck!

  • Its really interesting the stories that people are sharing here, I am trying to think of how to post mine, as i do not know where to start. Guess captain you have made a very inspiring thread, I need to put my thoughts together though, before i can post anything, I guess i want to get it right what i am wanting to say. I am Amazed how you all can be so open, not very good at being open. As yes i am sensitive person so i am curious and cautious about what do write and how to write it.

    Love and Light Bee Xx

  • There is nothing to hide, you are never alone. 🙂

  • Thank you, Poetic. I found that charity makes me feel whole. But I get into situations where my bank account is empty and I'm left wondering why more people aren't as concerned or giving... But then that can lead to me talking about it too much and people feeling guilty... which is NOT a good thing! That's when I have to step back and rethink where I go next.

    This position of authority would be more of an organization doing something rather than an individual pressuring people to donate... The organization stands for something while the individual is basically nagging.


    AngelBee! Share 🙂 No judgement. Only open arms.


  • I think it's a beautiful thing to give, whether of self, financially or otherwise. We can't worry about what the other man/woman is doing or nothing will get done. I admire that you actually are getting out doing something, that is the hardest part for sure. Anything done in Love, seeking no rewards back is great indeed! "Blessed Be."

    Love you Bee!

    I will try to get on this weekend, we'll see, if not Monday!

  • Thanks poetic, 🙂 I love ya too. Will try my best.

    Bee Xx

  • Hi there everyone!

    I've been following this thread too, doing the difficult work of looking inside myself and letting go of the things that keep me from moving forward. The fact that there are so many willing to give a helping hand to another (without judgment) while dealing with their own difficult issues is very inspirational.

    I especially like the message that no matter the tribulations on the outside and inside, you can carve a place in your heart and in your life for joy, love and peace.

    Love it!

    Blessings & Light,


  • MELinSc, good for you, girl! We can only move ahead to our futures when we are free of our 'anchors' to the past.

  • Paddifluff, getting sick is actually a sign that your soul and body are releasing poisonous toxins and attitudes from inside you. So any crying, sadness, or illness during this time of letting go is actually a positive sign that the work of self-change is being done.

  • AngelBee, there is no right or wrong - just what you are.

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