Spiritual Boot Camp

  • In my thread "There is no more time" I passed on the advice from spirit that if people don't start to get their act together this year, they won't cope with any of the big changes that are coming to our planet over the course of the next two years.

    To help those who are in a quandary about their personal development, I had the idea to start a thread where people who are serious about getting their act together could come for intensive help and support. We all have our flaws and weaknesses, but the difference between those who are successes in life and those who are failures is the desire to grow and improve yourself, to deal resolutely and bravely with your issues and things that are holding you back, and to become more authentic and strong.

    You may know what your weaknesses and issues are - or you may not. We can work on that together. But you have to be prepared to do some difficult soul searching and face some hard home truths. I think most people know I am a truth speaker (even if it hurts) - but isn't it better to face yourself now than to face a dire situation of survival further down the track? If you don''t have the tools - the intuition, the willpower, and the wisdom that you will need in the challenging times to come when you might be quite alone and cut off from outside help - then you will not cope with the testing times ahead. For survival is indeed a 'test' and the weak or those who feel they are victims will not come through it.

    So if you are prepared to work hard and to be absolutely honest with both me and yourself, then let's get down to work! Here we will identify the attitudes and beliefs that are not working for you and what to do about them. You may want to increase your intuitive powers, your strength of mind, your emotional resilience, to break with the past, or whatever...I may even ask you to perform some exercises that you will find anywhere from uncomfortable to very hard. But it's all for your own good, nobody else's. This thread is not for those who want to find a lovemate, a better job, more money etc. It's all about YOU and FOR only you, not about anyone else in your lfie. This is just about your relationship with yourself and that is all we will be discussing. The end results may bring you those other things you want, but the primary focus is to get you into the best spiritual, mental, and emotional health of your life.

    But the first thing you must do is to find the courage to bare your soul here and admit you need help...tell me what you want to change or learn about yourself.

  • I think this is a good idea Captain, the things I feel I need work on in my life is my habit of being negative I want to change that and live a positive life, also I do want to work on loving myself more.

  • I second guess myself & have periods of anxiety primarily about decision making. I fear being wrong especially if it could effect my sons. I try very hard to be in the moment but admit to concerns that I'm not on the right path for the future.

  • I think this is a good idea also, Captain, I guess you're right we do need to sort out ourselves more than other people or finding relationships. Very interested in finding ways to love myself more, instead of having the need for others to do so, and of course anything else you might want to add to that that may help me, i am all in.

    Love and light Bee Xx

  • Hi The Captain, newbie here. I am hoping this Spiritual boot camp will work with me. I have been searching for myself for years and find i am easily manipulated if i do not conform to anybody else's ideals. Even had counselling, which i find hard to talk about myself. I honest to goodness do not know who i am, except a typical saggi an adventure seeker, yet find myself isolating myself from everything and everyone. I want to get into the best spiritual, mental and emotional health of my life and i am ready to bare my soul to the world. I fight daily battles with myself to be a better person but am just conforming to family, friends and strangers ideals. They say i have foot in the mouth syndrome, i do think before i speak but maybe dont put the words together as they might hope, have hurt alot of people with my words, yet i am university educated so i know how to string a sentence together. I dont feel i have the courage to live as the person i was born to be, i was asked to get comfortable in front of the mirror and look deep beyond the my body, i cannot see anything else but blue eyes.

  • Right on time Captain! Cant tell you how many times in the last few days I have 'almost' sought a reading. Or something. I have made quite a few changes but still feel there is Some THING I am just not grasping. Not sure if its real or imagined so I look forward to moving forward and growing with everyone else here.

  • What a perfect idea! Thank you for this thread!

    There are times I feel so selfish using "I" so much, but that is how one must contribute to "we"... Here it goes.

    I care how people judge me in so many angles. I'm constantly thinking about what I'm doing and how those around me are viewing me... Not necessarily critical of myself but more discriminatory of how I share my thoughts... As you said, I can be a role player. I wish to share some of my insight but I'm always fearing the reactions because I'm sensitive to opposing opinion and criticism.

    I'm constantly searching for what's right, and am easily swayed to different paths. This spiritual direction feels so much more welcoming and beautiful from EVERY direction - everybody is connected in some way and disclusion is only from somebody's own decision...

    I know of some of my weaknesses, and you've already given me guidance on a great deal of things.. I just feel like I'm missing an important step. I am to: first, figure out who I really am and what I value (working on it, part there) - then, love! I know how to love... I need to learn how to share it from all of me rather than in bouts until I get irritable or frustrated.

    Focusing on the breath in my body has helped.. 🙂

    I've learned so much from everybody on these forums and I thank you ALL~ This opportunity to decide the next steps is very helpful.

    Thank you, Captain! I hope you're doing well... ❤


  • I think your ideas, Captain, are divinely inspired! xoxox We are blessed you choose to share your wisdom here. A perfect example of the tools we all need (young and old) to manage our universal truths and mysteries. If only I had been offered the same opportunity in elementary school! wink 😉

  • Captain this is awesome and your statement "I think most people know I am a truth speaker (even if it hurts)" this is what I love about you!!! and yes sometimes it hurts, but I think its kind of like how you can't see yourself without a mirror, maybe we need someone to be our mirror, and very few people have the courage to tell you what they really see in you. So thank you so much for being such a truth speaker!

    I have almost asked you several times for insight on some of my wierder questions, and just kind of felt I could figure it out for myself eventually, also felt if I just keep asking someone else I won't learn how to figure it out myself. Of course maybe I wasn't ready to hear the whole truth yet. I do believe your spiritual bootcamp could fastrack us along for sure. I'm very excited!

    As long as I can remember I've had dreams that come true and have been given messages in my dreams, and also just have times where I am told things and sometimes I just know things so I have always been interested in the spiritual world almost more that the physical world, even tho I am crazy about the beauty on this planet. So I have been a mystical student this entire life, however in the last decade or so its like I can't get enough spiritual information, its as if there's a force telling me there's something coming and I need as much info as possible as fast as I can get it.

    In 2008 I felt like our societal structure was going to fall apart some how and needed to prepare and worried cause I live in the desert with no water. 2009 and 2010 I was just wore out and tired. Now I'm feeling it again, like some major changes are coming, however I just had a dream that I didn't need to worry about lack of water and seen this muddy water coming up, so now I feel we need to get some kind of water purification supplies. Hope its not flooding? If you live in the city (especially a desert city) you are so reliant on modern technology, and its really difficult to even garden here. So living here in the desert has been a bit difficult for me. I also have this wierd thing-when I see a plant I will know the name of it, odd plants I've never seen. Anyway everytime it happens I always think I know this because when the sh** hits the fan I'll need to know what plants we can use to eat and heal with., and I have no clue still what plants you can eat and heal with I just know the names of wierd plants, but feel if things happen I will know.?

    I think I am a bit scared to see my guides, when I get info its usually coming from behind me and I can't see who and where it's coming from. However just had a dream that I would start to see things much clearer. So I think I'm aware that I keep myself in the dark about things if I'm not quite ready to confront or deal with them :).

    One of my main problems that I am somewhat aware of is juggling (work life, family life, spiritual life, financial life etc), even tho I tend to like some forms of juggling (creativity, spirituality, travel, friends, fun stuff) , I've discovered that I'm truely not very good at it 🙂 and get overwhelmed and then do nothing. So I am trying to get my lazy butt motivated to get more physical and less cerebral. Also realizing that movement definitely raises my vibe. It seems clear to me at this point in time our most important job is to keep our vibe as positive as possible, and seek truth since its a much higher vibe than nontruth.

    I did have a pretty cool epiphany yesterday, that one of the reasons I was here in the desert is to learn to love the beauty of the desert. A place I do not naturally find beautiful, and if I can find beauty in the desert I can learn to love and see the beauty in things about myself, others, and situations I don't naturally find beautiful. It was a very awesome little moment. I have definitely seen some awesome shadowing and color changes on these seemingly bald mountains as the sun rises or sets and will be trying to discover some more beauty I know its out there.

    About a year ago I had a dream "Sister Teresa" was telling me that my work would begin after I cleaned up my own "area?".........not sure if it was Mother Teresa, Teresa of Avila-I did read as much about her as I could find at the time. You would think that would have motivated me to start gutting this house and clean up my act however, it was a bit overwhelming I suppose somehow, and I actually slowed down after....so yea my lazy butt is an issue :), I just get bogged down for some reason and can't quite figure it out.

    One of my strongest impressions I ever had was when I was about 11yrs old. One summer day feeling quite light in spirit, late in the day I just glanced up at the sky to see if I could see any stars yet, and I was hit with this incredible overwhelming weight and knowing in my entire body and spirit that I would one day have to figure this out, really REALLY KNOW THIS!!.....the sky...the stars...it really freaked me out, I mean I felt like I could almost pass out, and then impressed upon me it would be much later in my life, and then I was somewhat relieved. I imagine that has a bit to do with my hesitation to know everything. I have dabbled in astrology and love it but the casting and all is not me. Lightworker yes, as I've been given enough insight now thats me, but I know theres more so...................

    Definitely time for boot camp!!

  • angel hugs with flower petals


  • OK, welcome to Boot Camp everyone, let's begin at the beginning. Can everyone go back to their childhood and post every impression, feeling, issue or most vivid memory you have of that time? Tell me what you were like when you were young and how you think you have been changed by what occurred during your most impressionable years. What feelings did you have then for your parents and family members and friends, what feelings about them you have now, who influenced you the most, and how do you think you were treated back then? Do you feel positive or negative when you look back?

  • Alright, the whole truth. Some of this will feel awkward for me...

    I lived with my father and brother... My mother died when I was quite young. My dad had a short temper and my brother was terribly angry from the "misfortunes" he felt. I picked up on the temper and anger and "do as I say" attitude and it didn't work in my favor in regards to friends and relationships with others.

    Also, being a young girl in the same home as two men, I saw innappropriate things that a young girl isn't typically allowed to see... It made me so angry! I hated that part of men for years after.

    As I got older I became more and more introspective and tried to figure out how to become a nicer person and how to accept differences and choices that others made that weren't from my direction. Emotion was always really difficult along with confidence. I had NO confidence in myself at all. It made me guarded and stubborn and pessimistic. I have basically done a 180... Now that I'm on my own experiencing different attitudes and options, I have learned that it isn't about me and what I "can't" do in the slightest.

    Fathers raising kids alone is a tough chore... especially a girl who needed so much more feeling from her capricorn parent. I respected him but always knew he was full of hot air. He didn't like my inconveniences (dr appointments, needing a ride somewhere, etc.) so it made me feel like I wasn't supposed to have any help and I felt sorry for myself for a long time. Was never happy...

    I'll call my past more negative. I had to evolve SO much from that. Remembering everything even makes me stressed. But I did learn that you can't get anything for free and a comfortably furnished life doesn't come from entitlement.

    Thank you, Captain.


  • Thank you for your honesty, AngelaVictoria.

    I want everyone to feel free to express their deepest thoughts and feelings here. If you cannot be honest with yourself and trusting of me and the people here, then the secrets inside you will just grow bigger and worse. When exposed to the cold clear light of day, they will shrivel. No one will judge you here - we all have our regrets, weaknesses, guilt, and a share of bad experiences. Don't let secrets eat away at you. Expose them here and don't feel ashamed of the lessons you have been given. That's all they are - lessons to help us grow and evolve into better people. Admit to every negative emotion and release them all from inside you, no matter how bad or ugly you feel these feelings are. Rant, rave, cry and scream if you wish - you can even use capital letters here and it won't be considered an offence. 🙂

    This is a place of healing and acceptance - healing involves release and the acceptance must be of yourself. Feel free to be who you really are.

  • I felt that my older sister was being treated better than I was. But as we grow up, we realize that things change for the better. My sister and I now are best of friends. Both of my parents are gone now, miss them a lot. I was closer to my father, but then he died in 1990, then I lived with my mother as her care giver until she died and became very close to her, more so than my sister. You learn so much as you grow. I'm old now, have grown a lot. I am disabled now. Thanks Captain for this forum.

  • I didn't finish, I mean to say that now I live with my daughter and granddaughter. They are such a pleasure most of the time. My problem is my daughter has a new boyfriend and now he lives with all of us. He is younger than her, plays music very loudly, he is a very loud person. I am getting more use to him but it was very hard.

  • This is wonderful Capt I have a lot of issues to work on & I have been doing it since last year but I feel stuck in a few areas the main issue is I love my siblings but I cant stand them all at the same time. Growing up with only one parent(mom died when I was young) who did his best & taught me to be self suffcient but I resent the fact especially since I was not the oldest but wound up as the care taker at 14 yrs old and I am resentful that when I needed help now that we are older they wouldn't even talk to me but when they need help they always call me and of course I do what I can because of a promise I made to my father on his deathbed and so when I start to have fun or try to take care of myself I start to feel guilty It is like I am at war with myself


  • Hey captain, I really love your idea, but i feel my story will take up more than a whole page, and maybe there will be a lot of umm capital letters.

    and that's saying something... Plus i am not so good with speaking about past stuff.

    Maybe, I will. If i can put a long story into a short one. (let me think about it)

    Love and light Bee X

  • AngelBee,

    Hope its ok if I put a comment in here 🙂 I'm kind of wordy so think I'll write my story on a word doc so I can just work on it as I'm going along my day and if I get booted off line or something it won't be lost and I can kind of take breaks or whatever if it gets a bit emotional or whatever happens, maybe you could try this too, and then if you don't want to share at least you did it for yourself. Sounds like great therapy.

  • Growing up as an only child was often lonely & a lot of pressure. I was expected to be quiet, in control, not make mistakes & limit self expression. My parents were good athletes & competitive, I wasn't & felt as if I should've been a boy. I can't say I was always unhappy as a youngster but as I became a teen the pressure worsened. My dad died while I was in college & since then I have never felt I can satisfy my mom, some how she always finds something to criticize. Looking back on my 24 yr marriage, I'm now widowed, I realize my husband, in a more subtle way. continued the same atmosphere- conform, limit my self expression & I often felt sub par.During his illness he became violent & I heal from abuse. Now I have made a good start to find my voice in a gentle but assertive way...this is VERY hard for me & I work hard to avoid panic attacks if I assert myself. I have a BF who I feel safe enough with to want to remain myself rather than the hologram I lived as for a long time. i need to continue to build a stronger self esteem but can honestly say I like who I am now & find it easier to love myself than I have in a very long time thanks for your help Captain

  • Hey Gjay, Thanks for your comment, its appreciated actually i was kind of thinking that myself, 🙂

    It is still a lot to decide on though, so i hope captain doesn't mind waiting a little before i decide.

    hey your right it maybe good therapy shows how much this place really helps.

    Love and light Bee Xx

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