In Desperate need of spiritual guidance...

  • I have been so discontent with my life for as long as I can remember and have always believed that there is a big part of me that is missing. I never feel like I am completely whole or content with what I have. I have always struggled with anxiety and depression and have been on a lifelong quest to find the piece of me that is missing. I never feel completely happy and satisfied with where my life is,I am constantly seeking out new and different ways to satisfy this insane need for something that I have no idea what it is. and it seems the longer I go with out finding whatever it is that I'm searching for the stronger and stronger this feeling of intense craving for it I get. I dont understand it and I'm beginning to feel like I'm going crazy, like whatever this missing piece of me is, maybe doesn't even exist. I feel like I'm getting closer but am running out of patience. I want so desperately to feel like I am whole and to feel genuinely happy for what would be the first time in my life. Its very frustrating because I should be happy and content with my life, I'm 26,have 2 beautiful daughters,been with their father for 10 years,live in our own house,friends and family that are loving and supportive. I just dont know what to do anymore.

    In the past few years however, I have been starting to believe that what I am missing in myself has something to do with some kind of psychic gift that I have. i am sure that I do possess some natural psychic abilities and i very much want to make them stronger. I know I have the ability to see spirits or at least I used to when i was a very small child, I'm not sure if I repressed those abilities because it was scary for me being very young or if mabe i just grew out of it, either way I very much want to try to get that gift back. Im not sure how to go about doing that i want to learn as much as i can, because i think that if i can develop my psychic abilities to thier fullest potential, i truely believe that i will be able to finally feel whole and content as well as better my life. I think that maybe why I have such an intense and overwhelming feeling of urgency is because I am supposed to help myself and others perhaps as a medium or something.

    If there is anyone who can relate to this feeling or has any advice to help me, I would be forever grateful. I am so desperate for help and guidance and any reply is most definitely appreciated. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, even if you have no advice to offer, I am still thankful for your time.


  • I may be younger then you and I haven't come that far in my life but I know how you feel. For me I know I have the abilities there but I suppressed them out of fear and now I just don't feel complete, like I'm lacking something that could better myself and others around me.

    I hope someone who can give you advice answers you because I know how it feels to not have any guidance. But I will tell you this, we all have these abilities, some people suppress them, mainly because of fear and the judgment such things cause but some embrace them. I myself am attempting this at the moment and it always makes me feel better to know others are finding their way back to embracing such beautiful aspects of themselves. Its always been there.

    I wish you so much luck in doing this. This forum is full of wonderful people who will help you on your journey ^^.

    Peace and Happiness,


  • Hello Dayna12, have you read any literature on the subject?? there's a lot of information out here as to how to use those gifts you have...

    personally I think that not fulfilling our personal dreams or goals might make us feel dissatisfied in life...

    It is a great thing that you already know what you would like to do and what goal to pursue!

    a lot if people doesn't even know what they want to do and it takes a lot of soul-searching for the answers...

    so start with friends of friends to see if you can pick up something, you can always ask Archangel Michael to protect you when you attempt to connect with your abilities...

    or get a tarot deck and read for people and also see if you can pick up the answers and help them out...

    Also the important thing is to accept life as it is so you don't feel sad, bored and unfulfilled but happy in a higher vibration and can attract great thinks to yourself. It sounds like you have a wonderful family life so be gentle and patient with yourself and you'll find the answers you seek... astrologically January was a year of finding answers and knowing what changes to make in the coming months... read a lot of posts that Poetic555 has shared around here and it might give you more answers about how you have felt the way you have.

    Best of luck to you and Zara as well and I hope both of you can fulfill all of your dreams. 🙂

  • Aww, thankyou HAPPYDoc, wise words :).

  • Thank you HAPPYDoc for your kind words of wisdom, very enlightening and much appreciated. And Thank you Zara for giving me some peace of mind that there are others who struggle with this same feeling, I truly hope that you find your gifts and fulfill your destiny. May I ask what you are doing to reawaken your gifts and abilities? Have you been able to get any of it back? I feel like I kind of know what I'm missing but don't know where to begin. There is so much information that I'm not sure of what I should mainly focus on. I sometimes feel like there is there is a spirit or an energy that is near me, especially during times when I am feeling extremely discontent and unhappy. During those times I start to feel a pull of desperation to communicate with this energy/spirit but I dont know how. I so much want to just open myself up to it but feel like I cant get to that place, like something is holding me back. Any suggestions to help me get over this hump?


  • Well, for me I just realised I wanted these abilities back. I suppressed mine due to fear... And just now at this stage in my life I am seriously ready for me to enhance myself spiritually. I think for me this was the first step, I had to control whatever fear I had. It still might get to me sometimes but I have better control over it now then I did before.

    And also the ability I had was to do with Spirits and that side of things but what is happening to me now are things like... Premonitions in dreams and such, its confusing to say the least. I'm just like wait... I can do that :P.

    For me with Spirits though, I haven't had anything really happen with that gift since I suppressed it. Maybe a feeling here and there that someone was near but not much more. I personally am quite socially awkward and I use to talk to what I believed to be there alot of the time, first it was to myself and then to feel less like a loon I would just talk to them :P. I find talking aloud helps but that might be just me, I'm a Gemini afterall, always one for a conversation, even if it is one sided :P.

    Maybe you should find something that helps you and makes you feel at ease. I can't talk to crowds and so I always felt comfortable talking aloud to Spirits, not being able to see them but sense them always made me feel more comfortable and confident. Is there anything that could calm you or help you? Maybe meditation?

    Peace and Happiness,


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