What can manifest from tomarrow...?

  • Hello, And thank you a head of time for replying 😃

    reading or advice much needed please.

    im going to a gathering tomorrow. A friend of mine is inviting my ex boyfriend whom broak my hear. She of all people knwo what happen during and after breaking my relationship. I was upset at frist that she considerd inviting him to the gathering so that he can go with Her (my friend)boyfriend. Anyhow, i will go wit the flow on this one because life seems to remind me of him in one way or a nother anyhow.

    Im afraid for maany things that can happen after or during tomorrow. But its seems like im bound to see him someday.

  • you have two choices--one is easier--don't go and please do yourself a loving kindness and drop this friend who is not! Sorry, but real girlfriends would never do such a thing. If you go--ignore them both--wear your hottest get down feel good outfit--red shoes? And have fun--laugh a lot--make new friends but ignore those two and block that girl's number on your phone--done--no looking back. Love yourself--you deserve better friends. Blessings! Make this one meaningfull new moon!


    Thank you for the heads up. I desided not to go tonight. I also desided to call her and let her know how her choices and bad mouthing me has ended our friendship.


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