Ahliyah past life help needed

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  • LOL! I'm on it!

  • Oh my...when I joined the forums a year or so ago, you were having some difficulties and I remember saying a prayer for you. Nice to meet you Ahliyah. I've heard great things about you!

    Grey...sorry, not trying to hijack your thread, just wanted to greet someone I've heard so many talk about. :0)

    Poetic...as always, you are so awesome.

    Love and blessings...

  • Hey Ahliyah, i was just curious about my past life only because I have the deepest interest for individuals that have past away and those who are still living physically in the earth realm. I had gone to a psychic who told me I was a writer in many of my previous lives. Do you think, by any chance that I can find the books I wrote from those previous lives in this time now? I would want to read them!

  • Hi Aunt Buck, it's nice to meet you too. Feel free to check out

    Love and light,

    Shira Kozak

  • Namaste Kelleenk,

    A word about past lives:

    There are no new experiences in life. We have done everything, been everything, loved, hated, warred, been dumped, dumped another, sorrowed, been excited. Nothing new. We have to step out of living dualism and simply declare an end to this sort of thing. You have been king and queen, despot, beloved, and writer. So what. Nothing new, and there IS nothing new because your neighbor, who has been beloved, mystic, queen, and serf has been dumped, lived with sorrow, poverty, etc...

    There exists a margin of possibility in which you will find a written, published work by a past self. Or is there?

    Your curiosity about such things is neither good nor bad. At the same time, remember that what you focus on is what will come to you. Digging around for written works you may have authored six hundred years ago seems a remarkable expense of effort for no-thing.

    Your time is remarkably better spent answering the question, Who am I, rather than, who was I.


    Shira Kozak

  • K 🙂 Let me see....

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  • Ahliyah,

    Are you typically around 6:00 - 7:00 pm est? If so, I will let you know when I am on as well to meet. I have a few minutes before starting the homework routine with word lists with my daughter.


  • Hello, Ahliyah~

    I've been on my path to enlightenment the past couple of months... I am on the right path! But I've been informed there may be a Karmic Debt holding me back. Balance between the spiritual and physical is an issue for me, as GreyStar clarified in a wonderfully thoughtful reading that was given to me.

    Would you be able to give me any insight to how I can repay this debt? I am not sure when it was created, but I sure would like to move forward!

    Thank you, Ahliyah.


  • I was wondering about that...feel free to check out....I was wondering check out the thread or check out of this thread. 🙂

    Did you do a newsletter at one time? It seems to me I subscribed to maybe it was a blog about the time you left the forum. Was that yours?

  • GreyStar,

    7 p.m. would work well for me. Please give some thought to what you'd like to know before we meet, and if you need to contact me today please send me an email.

    Looking forward to connecting with you!

    Shira Kozak

  • Angela,

    You're assuming there is something in 3D that can hold you back. Take care of karma once and for all by stating you declare an end to this sort of thing and that you are now standing in grace. That's all that needs to happen, my dear.

    When you say balance between spiritual and physical is difficult for you, what do you mean?

    Best, Shira

  • Aunt Buck,

    yes I did have a newsletter for weekly meditations, which has come to its natural conclusion. My site is about to undergo major fun changes -- a "proper" site, at last. I'll be blogging there and sharing video messages, a bunch of wonderful inspiring stories, updates, etc...

    If you google my full name you can find me, front page, as well as the link to the interview I gave a week or two ago at symphony of peace. Stay in touch, there's more to come!

    Warm regards,

    Shira Kozak

  • So for the karma, that is my personal, spiritual responsibility to get over... There isn't a specific physical action I do to pay it back... If I'm understanding you correctly.

    Physical and spiritual balance is off for me in that I get so distracted it's as if I must really concentrate to envision what spiritual means to me. And only after I do that I can merge back into it. I picture an anchor in the ocean I keep trying to pull up but it's so heavy for me.. That's how I see the imbalance anyway.. I find that since I've acknowledged this imbalance I am better able to address it, but with me who knows how long that will last! BUT doubt is the root of the imbalance anyway, I've got to stop that.

    Thank you!


  • Well, the period of distraction has its own conclusion. There's nothing you need to do. Focus will come back to you in a torrent. There's nothing TO do and nothing to worry about. See yourself symbolically cutting the anchor line instead of trying to pull it up.

    Where did the idea come from that you are out of balance? or that self- doubt has anything to do with it? Everyone experiences what they think is self-doubt but it's not real and it will dissipate, too. These are the things I'm addressing at the new site to give people the understanding and inspiration they need to progress without a lot of hoo-ha. Just ask to be shown and grounded in the True reality and then forget about it. It's all to the good!


    Shira Kozak

  • The balance is my perception of how I integrate the spiritual into my life. I always tried to stay away from any type of belief other than the 3D here and now, and "luck"... I knew there was more and once I found all these forums I had my proof... A reading from a little while back said that I get into many things at once like hobbies and new attitudes out of restlessness (true) and so I was wondering if this mindset that I have to work so hard for is going to be another one. But I know that it isn't.. just that rope attached to that anchor that I've been trying to pull up to get the boat moving. You're right, though, cutting that rope is a much better idea.

    Thank you, Shira Kozak



  • The restlessness is the "call". You're being pulled toward your destiny, and that itchy feeling or anxiety is asking you to pay attention in the moment. Fortunately it's not a mindset, only a fully awake, aware focus that simply excludes living dualism, which is not the same as duality.

    Keep in mind you aren't integrating the spiritual, or anything, really. How can one integrate something that is already whole?

    : )


  • Very good points... Thank you, Ahliyah! I really appreciate your time and thoughts~ you're a truely wonderful Lightworker.



  • 🙂

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