Ahliyah past life help needed

  • Hi Ahliyah,

    I can't remember which forum I posted a request. I was not sure if you had seen it yet before it disappeared. You had offered to assist with insight in regards to past lifes for me. I wanted to see if you still felt you might have some time to assist. Any insight you can provide with its relevance to the acension and my current soul mate connection would be greatly appreciated. I feel like a person who knows A and D but has forgotten steps inbetween.

    These are the ones I know vaugely about: Celt, Egyptian, Atlantis, Native American are just a few I know off the top of my head.


  • Namaste GreyStar. I will definitely be back later on to give you some insight. I'm the guest on a radio show today and am taking the morning to prepare, so hang in there!

    Hugs and love,

    Shira Kozak xxoo

  • Namaste GreyStar.

    You are being guided to begin your own journey, and it is a journey within that you must begin today. Inherently you know the answers to your questions. This is a healing journey of unimaginary proportions; through this your potential for growth and transformation strengthens, and your sense of self escalates. It is time to start taking notice of your inner self, your innate connection to the Universe. Go deeper, farther than you have done so far.This is a quest for the ancient knowledge and spiritual awakening hidden within consciousness and unique for everyone, that supports your individual needs and the requirements of all people.

    The wisdom you are being offered comes in the form of awareness, so you must spend some time scrutinizing everything, from the smallest seed to the cosmic. Test everything and see what stands up as solid, and what crumbles. Do not overlook the obvious, as protection lies within. The answers you need lie in how your problems are perceived.

    You are also asked to see that wealth rarely takes the form of money. Release the monetary mindset so that fear of lack can be transmuted into trust. You'll soon be rich with knowledge, thought and productive emotion that will serve the needs of both you & your loved ones. Separate want from need - what you require is currently manifesting.

    Hope this helps.

    Love and blessings,

    Shira Kozak xxoo

  • Thank you so much Ahliyah. I was afraid the time had come to trust and review inside myself and that external validation might have become a thing of the past. I pick up on this knowledge you speak of in bits and pieces. I was uncertain if my healing process went further back than this lifetime but now if sounds as if it does. I see the faces of myself in the past but have been unable to tune in much further up to this point. Do you feel I have much cutting away and healing left in this lifetime become the journey in the past must begin? I can't shake that timing is critical on this for some reason and that a lot of my work is taking place in a consciousness between awake and asleep each night is some type of higher consciousness state.

    Thank you again for your help


  • Namaste GreyStar.

    Your healing process returns to the time before time, a primary and primal heartbeat that was the beginning of all. However, this has nothing to do with what many call past lives. Were you my student, I would have asked you, how do you know the faces you see are you?

    Past lives are intruiging yet they have nothing to do with who you are -- or who anyone else is -- today. Do you follow what I'm saying? This is important. Who you were ten years ago is a belief equally as important as who you may have been during the Ming Dynasty -- no importance whatsoever. Race color creed or planet of origin; no importance.

    We are not playing with words here, this is real what I am telling you.

    Past lives and a past life are merely excuses to not pay attention to what is expressing now. And worse, they allow people to think there is no need to develop today, here, now, because you will think, "if I don't make it in THIS lifetime, then I have a thousand other lifetimes to fool around with energy and toy with development."

    You, nor I, nor anyone here has this luxury mind-set. We never had the luxury to begin with!

    You are correct about timing and that urgent need you may feel. It is dragging you forward while your feet are mired in nonsense. Today is ALL you will ever have and there are no guarantees you will live out the sunset. So, what will you do with the now?

    Now perhaps you will argue with what I have written. That is okay because the ego's best function is to argue. Inside the head, with others, and against most situations. Your life no longer depends on these ridiculous notions and functions. You already are more than that and have never been less, could never have been less than the moment of creation. Now be it.

    Get ready for the "experience" of that primal heartbeat. There's no-where else to go. You'll be just fine.

    Love and light,

    Shira Kozak xxoo

  • Ahliyah,

    Thank you so much for your help. When I get another free moment, I want to send you apost to make sure I understand what you are saying.. Can two higher selfs in two two differnt peole come forth to speak in a soul mate connection? I think I am going much deeper...


  • Beautiful guys! 🙂

  • Ahliyah,

    I have went down the halls of Akashic records to some place to where I weaved threads of light that were not of my own. I entered that hall through a doorway of which I entered through some kind of sacred symbol or tongue or somesort...I just knew how to gain passage and spoke with a being of some sort in the past which wanted to be sure I understood the weight of the responsibility of what I requested and what came with it. I agreed and went forth down the hall to the room in which I weaved and worked with threads of light. I get the intuition that I must go there again. Is what you speak of when a person's layers of self are peeled away and the sense of attachment is removed? A place where you are part of everything and everything is a part of you.

    I feel the earth speak to me at times, I feel her shifts in undercurrents and energies as well as the phases of the moon. I realize there is no way to go but forward towards this experience. Whatever happened the day in the hall of Akashic records has brought me to that understanding and I have come to a point of acceptance of it. I think what you have mentioned is the place where all things are part of me and where I am part of it. Not sure the technical name you call it, but somehow there is famliarity with it. Energry flows within and without me..and a place where things can manifest... Is this the place you speak of? I feel like the veils and blockages around me are dropping one by one and things I learn tend to be partially absorbed and I have to pull back and they somehow integrate with me. Closest term I can think of would be learning through osmosis...The deeper I go, the more understanding I gain, and the more the knowing keeps coming back. I feel like I am still trying to figure out what type of being my true or higher self exactly is...I think possibly a blue ray possibly something further...I know that in my love life which is tied to all of this somehow...i am in a relationship to where I felt like I spoke words based on your words what if there were no tomorrow. I went off intuitiion instead of thought...strangely enough it was like soul was speaking to soul or higher self to higher self...a start of something new something deeper...this relationship has been developing me a lot both with healing but also learning to show and accept unconditional love which is necessary for the future.

    Any insight you might have in this area would be greatly appreciated.


  • GreyStar,

    If you have skype w/video, it's time to meet face to face. You need the energetics this will give you. Let me know if you have skype. This will do more for you than all the emails in the world.


    Shira Kozak

  • This post is deleted!

  • Greystar good luck, your skills really amaze me and the amount of knowledge you have buried inside, such an evolved soul. Ahliyah is a great person to guide you too. 🙂

  • you are very kind, poetic.

  • angel hugs with flower petals in your favourite fragrance


  • GreyStar, you out there?

  • Hey Ahliyah, don't know if you remember I think it was last year, I was trying too open my third eye? Maybe before that but it took at least a year, I've grown so much and still have a long way to go, so did many others, i can email her if you want and tell her you are looking for her. 🙂

  • Ahliyah,

    I do not have skyhpe on my phone which I normally use during the day but I happen to be on vacation tomorrow and my computer has that capability..not sure I know how to use it yet but can give it a try... my energy may be kind of low due to this cold but I tend to retain these things and integrate them. What significance might Anubis have for me in my live. Also the numbers 2469 seem to have some significance in my life as it reappears again and again...

    Poetic's post draw to me and can guide you in the right way.


  • Ahliyah I have her email and can send it to you, she was trying to give it to you! If I don't hear from you guys again, have a blessed weekend, I'm learning and growing so much and this is just one exciting time to be alive. "Blessed Be."

  • Skype is trying to load my webcam. Not sure how long this usually takes as I have never used my webcam before....wow I am sooo not great with new technology....

  • lol! 🙂

  • greystar, we're in the same boat with technology, lol.

    Poetic will you exchange our addys, please? that would be very helpful.


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