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  • Hello Admin,

    I have been a member on this sight for a couple of years but did not know about the forum until December. I noticed a thread that I created called Intuitive and Tarot readings disappear. I am relatively new and started a thread to help out as the volume of threads seem to outnumber the people able to help with them. I was unsure if I had posted something within my thread that I should not have. Any guidance with what happened with the thread as well as the forum protocols might be beneficial to repost for newbies like myself to aquaint themselves better to them. I apologize if I posted something in which I should not have. I only wish to seek guidance, and to help others. Thank you for your time.


  • Don't be so hard on yourself--maybe it wasn't you---an angry someone could have had regrets and asked to have themselves removed. Stuff disapears--usually by request of the poster--or administration pulls posts that include web site adresses,solicittions for buisness, e-mail adresses or if others complain. OR if they recognoze someone who has been previously banned for continualy stiring up negative feelings--making personal attacks. Sometimes these banned folks reapear under a different name seeming nice at first but still have ill feelings towards someone. Just let it go is my advice. BLESSINGS! New Moon!

  • Thank you for the advice Blmoon. I am trying to not let this be a discouragement and to move forward from here.


  • Be kind to yourself! You are positive and see the the good in others and sweet as you are you get surprised by deceit. In a positive way this is a good place to find a balance with your gift so as you practice here---run into different situations and emotions you are learning something. If it is your desIre to develope your psychic skills and be of service it is normal to have the fear factor--you must trust your gift is angel protected. And yet you must not dwell on mistakes.No one is all knowing and you only get what Spirit wannts you to give. Sometimes a person wants to hear what is meant for them to answer themselves as they gather wisdom or some questions are not meant to be revealed as there is a bigger picture and yes sometimes Spirit tells someone what it takes to help them get closer to healing. Example---say a person has lost sight of their partnership with a mate--maybe got hurt and built a wall that stayed up too long and can't find their way back. Spirit might say the one thing that will release true feelings--like suddenly suggest they see a seperation--elude to a divorce and even though they are not going to divorce just the thought of such a reality awakens that love in a person--gave them the urge to fight and work for their relationship. You must trust in the wisdom of spirit. Fear of not being right or making mistakes is about the worst energy to have for getting clear messages. It is wonderful to get aproval and validation but mostly being a messenger is often not validated--and not all messages are greeted warmly. If I could give you one most important advice it would be to always be aware of where your ego is---The need to defend and self doubt will make your gift seem like it comes and goes out of your control--but it fluctuates for a reason. There are heavenly influences--planets and for me the moon. It's like better reception. Your energy state is influencial--it is a challenge for empathetic people to resist that pull to keep helping past the time of preserving themselves. Also, there are loving sweet people who are unaware as to how needy they are and this is very draining if you are not careful. A warning sign of needing a rest or stronger boundries is when you begin having forhien feeling dreams--as you can absorb too much. It's not enough to just tap in--you also must master tapping out! Also, don't expect to be like anyone else--we all have our own method. I'm am intuitive but also a medium--A spirit comes through and chooses the posts I answer. Now and then I will respond just to chat but for me I respond where there is a connection rather that try to help everyone. Last, my advice is to be energy conciese. Learn to walk away untill the energy changes. Mostly, this site is very positive but there always is a counter push of negativity that attacks with toxic energy now and then--usually it gets difused quikely but on occasion it is best to lay low--as the I ching says there are times not to fight it but wait it out and return when that energy has moved on. Stay positive--and when confusion overtakes you just step back awhile--go into silence or nature and answers come. Practice letting go more often and you will feel the improvement. BLESSINGS!

  • Reread my post on Reader 2 Reader debate thread GreyStar n TRUSt me when i say it had NOTHING to do with you as you n as person. Someone has it in for whoever of us posted on ur thread. I still get its someone who is angry they didnt get an answer n all else gets. again this person is so clever she he it used wordings from the TOS n admin felt properly ther was something about it. You know negative angry jalous people are actors actresses. they can make anyone believe anything if ya aint observant to it. I agree with blmoon. It aint you so plz re love urself darling. we do!


  • Funny you mention the word anger.that word came to mind out of no where the last night I read and I picked up on a strong emotion from somewhere that night. I also felt like I was trying to go though some kind of dense clouds of some sort. I managed to cut through them to see but not quickly.

  • Blmoon,

    Thank you also for your insight. I know you mentioned I was wide open. Poetic keeps mentioning to protect. I understand what you mean that all messages are not to be communicated now that is why I created that Blue Ray post. I felt those who felt they were read to share without affecting everyone could do so. I will definitely work on tapping out more as this is part of the problem in why I sought to develop them further. As they are developing more, I am not only picking up on those around me

    like friends, coworkers and family and the changes in the undercurrents of the earth and phases of moon. Now I am picking on more things now so your advice couldn't have come at a better time.

    I'm seeing the need to soon start another reflection within which Poetic post seem to help with. Your guidance as well as a few others haved indicated that there are a few things I need to connect with..the masculine, and some past life healing that will help me find the answers I seek.

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