• Hi! I been practising tarot for a little over a year. I'm at a stage where i want to read for friends and possibly go online so am looking to practise on this forum and learn more from people. Also would like help on some of readings i do for myself so anyone interested please chime in when i post some readings. My favourite card is the 2cups

  • Hi EgyptianQueen, if you want, you can practice on me, give me a reading on me and my current love interest. Is there a future for us. Tks 😃

  • Hi LostLeo,

    am a pretty average reader btw. 🙂 .But when i'm ready i'll msg you so i can start practising. Thanks for the offer.

    Love and light.

  • Hey LostLeo

    I'll give you a reading while EgyptianQueen is getting ready...

    I see good things for your "Current love interest"!

    I am using a basic "New Love" spread to give you the lay of the land.

    Card #1 - Basic nature of your attraction - Six of Cups - this relationship looks very sweet and nice to me, sentimental at times, and innocent. At least in the daytime. You really have a nice thing going.

    Card #2 - The next step - Three of Cups - Some kind of celebration or something coming up for you, a reunion of love. Maybe take a long weekend just the two of you and talk about your future together. Lots of love and laughter here, you share a lot of happy times, there is something you need to do to take the relationship deeper and I am seeing some sort of a trip or getaway with them. 3 days and two nights somewhere fun will do the trick!

    Card #3 - Something you need to consider before taking that next step - Knight of Wands - this tells me that should you take Step #2 you will be opening the door the next phase of your life together and things will take off from there - fast! Be sure you are ready because there will be no turning back after that!

    Card #4 - Outcome: Where the relationship is headed - Eight of Wands - Zing! A lot of activity and energy being released with you two should you decide to go for broke. Some work and effort also, however that is what true love always asks of us. Very positive sign!

    BOTTOM LINE - You have a good thing going with this person, very pure and honest, I see no reason to restrain yourselves! I sense a little hesitation on your part mostly, and I have been sent to tell you not to worry, everything will work out great!

    I am sure EgyptianQueen will have a wonderful reading too, I will be curious to see what she gets for you. Also, EQ, I would be happy to help you any way I can, you should just dive in and go for it, you are ready to give readings for sure! It's our angels doing the work anyway, I am just "emptiness hollowed out for her glory" and I give heaven all the credit for these miraculous leadings and guidance! (Thank you may angels!)

    DISCLAIMER: The insights provided in this reading are for entertainment purposes only and AstraAngel assumes no responsibility nor liability should you decide to act on her advice. Follow your own heart in every situation and seek the counsel of Heaven through prayer and meditation in addition to these readings. You are a Star Child and your answers are inside yourself! Have fun! -AstraAngel

  • AstraAngel, the reading does give me some positive hope in my current situation.

    Mind to give me few more insight. Here's our DOB Hers Jun22, 1976, mine, Aug02,1976.


  • Hi LostLeo!

    My apologies for the delay in your followup In-Depth chart analysis and Tarot reading, things have been busy for me since I started posting on this forum to say the least! Anyway, on to YOUR LIFE!

    And the life of your beautiful Significant Other!

    I have to say LostLeo, the more I dug into your charts and probed the underlying currents and cosmic forces in your lives, the more I became convinced that your relationship potential is absolutely fantastic! At least what I am seeing based on your charts (and the Tarot reading, wait til you see that!) We will take it line by line and I want to give a little idea as to how my angels help me point by point to uncover the amazing secrets in both you and your significant lady! (Let's call her L.S.!)

    So, we'll start with you, and then we'll see how she dovetails into your life. Although quite honestly, I see you dovetailing into HER life and something tells me you are AOK with that! 😉

    Your sun sign is - of course! - Leo. And that is really WHO YOU ARE. You are bold and courageous, and definitely not afraid to step out when you are feeling your way in life. You have a lot going on in your Sun sign, Saturn is nearby in relateively close conjunction to your Sun, which means you have a helpful influence from the "restrictive" planet to help moderate your lionic roar when needed. Don't let that stop you though, keep your bold nature and Saturn will always sashay up with her pointy finger when needed to reign you in. (Which isn't that often as you have Pluto in Libra, which helps keep you BALANCED and transforms any unevenness into a beautiful composure in your life.)

    You also have your Venus and Mercury close to your Sun, Venus first, which tells me that your first stop in life is your LOVE, and you really have a lot to give! That is one fantastic part of you that really turns on your "S.L." she recognizes how strong your love is, she is really tuned into that! And this is a LOVE for everyone and everything LostLeo. Your heart is really open to life in all of its myriad dimensions. You have never been afraid of expressing your love either, that was one of the first things your S.L. liked about you! She saw your courageous love and thought, "Hmmm... this guy's for real... I'm sticking around!". So, you have a very strong base of operations in your Sun Sign, sort of like a home base spaceport where there is a lot of beautiful activity going on. Your inner world is VERY solid and strong, which bodes really well for your relationship with your lady.

    Mercury' presence right next to Venus tells me that your really embrace technology, especially when it helps your love life! The Mercurial energies are very intellectual and a help when you write, so be sure to WRITE to your lady when you have the urge, (an actual letter is nice, seal it with a kiss!) That will impress her, a real letter. That impresses anyone and says I REALLY CARE about you by taking the time to write. Thanks to Mercury for that!

    Moving on around counterclockwise, we come to Mar in Virgo, which is a beautiful placement, and I'll tell you why. Virgo is all about diligence and care, tidiness (the woman always appreciate that, keep your toilet clean and keep the lid down! :). Virgo also has nice energies of composure and perfection, very aspirational in a beautiful feminine sort of way. Now, don't freak out, when I say feminine I mean that sweet delicate part in all of us that connects to spiritual, ethereal, heavenly female side. Men have that too, AND you have Mars in there like the Energizer Bunny helping that feminine,delicate part of you come to the fore when your lady needs a hug and a kiss, very sweet, that is very beautiful in you. Nice balance there for sure, WAY TO GO PLUTO, lol. You see how Pluto organizes these energies into nice cohesive wholes? Go find a poster of Pluto from a Next, we come to an interesting little group in Scorpio (and watch out for that tail, it has some sting which can be VERY hot in the right circumstances - and LostLeo - that can be v-e-r-y nice in the right "moonlit" time and place and you know what I am talking about, be patient though, and Pluto will arrange everything. :-0

    In Scorpio we have your moon, WOW, WATCH OUT A WILD MAN IN THE BEDROOM! I mean that in a very appropriate way you understand. Moon in Scorpio is like putting a XXX video store in a Mormon community. Hot, hot hot, however STAY DISCRETE. You don't want them chasing you down with torches and you want to control that fiery animal passion for the right time and place - and for the right lady! You'll figure it out. Saturn is square with your moon so has an eye on your there no problem. Don't be ashamed of your s e x drive though, that is a beautiful gift from the Universe, and everyone who has their MOON in SCORPIO has this passionate nature, very primal. Keep it to yourself (and with your "companion" in the right setting). Don't go streaking through the mall or anything.

    Also, Uranus is near your moon so that is also "waking up" your inner drives and all. VERY strong in you, you need to explain all of this to your S.L. before things go much further. Something like...

    YOU: So, Significant Lady, we need to talk about something.

    HER: Sure thing LostLeo, what is that?

    YOU: Well, you know how serious couples should talk about things like babies and stuff before they get married?

    HER: Um... I guess... what are talking about LostLeo? We aren't serious. Where is this discussion going?

    YOU: Well, I'll tell you where it's going, I am a wildman in the bedroom and just wanted to warn you before we have a "serious" relationship.

    HER: Uh.... um... well okay, well, consider me warned... honestly though, isn't a little early for that? We just met a month ago and have had one date.

    YOU: Well, I just wanted to prepare you, just in case things heat up hotter than the center of the Sun between us.

    HER: Um... well... okay... I'll be sure to wear asbestos clothing on our next date SHOULD I decide that's appropriate. You are so funny LostLeo! You really are lost!

    You see LostLeo? Have fun with her, be yourself, never be afraid, get her laughing, because once things do heat up that laughter is going to turn into some screams of delight! Wowie Zowie!

    You also have your North Node there in Scorpio, we'll circle back on that.

    Next up is Neptune. Do you like to fish? I think you do because you have landed a nice catch with little Miss "S.L.". You grabbed that arrow out of the hand of Saggie (Saggie: "Hey, come back with that!"), and you proceeded to turn it into a fish hook to find true love! You are determined to find your Soul Mate in life and I can see your guts in that area has paid off. Neptune is the Dreamy Planet, and in Sagittarius it means "I am galloping after you in my dreams baby!" So you keep DREAMING of her, no matter what happens!

    YOU (on your cell phone): Hey S. L. just wanted to call and see how it's going, and wondered, can we have a second date?

    HER: Um... well... after that last conversation LostLeo, I am just not sure, the mention of babies and stuff. That seemed a little premature!

    YOU: Don't you worry S.L. I have that "premature" stuff under control. No worries there for you!

    Also, I want you to know I dreamed of us going out again!

    HER: Really? Well I haven't had that same dream yet. Let's hold off on that next date until you've had a chance to calm down.

    YOU: Okay.. I can be patient. I'll call you again later this afternoon and see if you've changed your mind.

    You see LostLeo, NEVER GIVE UP until she files a restraining order, and even then I would keep dreaming about her because YOU TWO ARE MEANT FOR EACH OTHER and I am serious, wait til we get into HER chart.. I am going to reveal the SECRET THINGS ABOUT HER that will give you the ULTIMATE advantage over all of the other guys chasing her. They don't stand a chance now. You will understand - in however many minutes it takes to read this post - things about her that would take these other guys 90 years to figure out on their own if they ever figure it out. The next time you see her, (hopefully she'll still want to see you after that last conversation where you explained your intense s e x ual drive issues to her...:), your every word will be DRIPPING with insight into her deep inner self, you will have an INTIMATE UNDERSTANDING of her as a woman,. and she is going to pick up on that and it will DRIVE HER WILD I guarantee it! Ladies love to know their guys have bothered to take the time to go to Tarot dot com and do the appropriate LOVE work, the LOVE research needed to really understand them! Mercury is helping you there, I can tell already you are like, YES YES YES I AM COMING to understand how important it is to see inside her heart, and find my home within her feelings!

    Where were we... I was off on Blue Neptune there for a little while... okay, now. On to some "somewhat" more serious stuff, however I am not sensing the Chiron issues with you or your S.L. that strongly, however you should be aware of it.

    Chiron (the wounded healer) represents issues from our past that seems to haunt us in life, the good news is that both you and your S.L. have Chiron in about the same spot which is GREAT NEWS because that means that the past memories will pretty much be cancelled out for you both. (Chiron moves around slowly in the sky since it has a 50.7 year orbit. Since you both are just a few months apart, your Chiron issues will be very similar in essence). Chiron can bring back memories of our past that can be hurtful, however, the really ADDITIONAL GREAT NEWS is that your S.L. has her MOON right over both of your Chiron "heart keys". So, should there be any emotional issues in the past that come up, Her emotional MOON Goddess love will be there to smother you in compassion and tenderness, and that will be your healing. For both of you. I would really rely on her with anything that comes up that is really bugging you from your past, hold off on that until MUCH later in the relationship, (she's still recovering from your spicy little chat about your male drives!). You'll see why this is important once we get into your Tarot reading.

    Now, on to your Love Interest, "Little Miss Moon over the Key to your Heart"!

    Her Sun Sign, which I am sure you know by now, is... Drum roll please.... Cancer the Crab! Don't be alarmed though, she knows how to keep those claws of hers under control. She is using them to snatch off anything she wants in life, and I am here to tell you LostLeo, she wants it all, especially when it comes to living the GOOD LIFE at home! She knows what she wants deep down, in ways that she probably hasn't mentioned to you yet. And she may never mention it now that you told her what a beast you are when the lights go down. That's because she is playing it really CLOSE TO HER CHEST she isn't divulging much about her future dreams and goals, because her moon is telling her to keep it a secret, she likes secrets and has a little inner world going on that she is a little protective of, so you should RESPECT that place in her and I promise you, when the time is right, and she knows it is needed, she will confide deeply with you because SHE KNOWS YOU ARE ON HER SIDE. Only on certain topics though. Like, "what color Jaguar should we buy LostLeo?" Wow, do you realize what you have here with her LostLeo? THIS LADY KNOWS HOW TO GET WHAT SHE WANTS OUT OF LIFE my advice to you is BEG her to let you carry her wherever you want to go, just ask her to be careful with those claws! 🙂 Seriously, this lady has a very strong drive to succeed, and once she knows you are completely on board with that this Lost Lion is going to be FOUND living in a beautiful place in her life, as you to figure out how to fit your strengths together. She is going to LOVE that about you, I would be ALL OVER HER with questions about her dreams in life. Ask her stuff like...

    YOU: So, S.L. thanks for this second date, I can't wait to find what kind of home and lifestyle you see yourself living! What about the bedroom, what does it look like in your dreams?

    HER: Okay LostLeo, some ground rules. Let's calm down a little about the bedroom and that "part" of you. I "get it" LostLeo, you have some male intensities. Well, I see a wonderful Tudor style home with green shutters and his and her Jags and well manicured lawn and some fruit trees out back and an arbor and we'll have a dreamy, cozy kitchen with one of those fancy new stove tops that use big magnets inside to heat up... and...

    She will probably talk your head off at that point. And as soon as she mentions the stove "heating" up, you will be off again in your own fantasy with her, still wondering what the bedroom looks like. SHE WILL LOVE IT WHEN YOU ASK HER ABOUT HER DREAMS FOR A HOME and the lifestyle that goes with that. Cancer people are all about nurturing and tenderness at home, you can really embrace that part of her. TUNE INTO anything she says about a HOME, and grab a bunch of brochures on stoves or paint chips for the walls, or carpet samples, or DREAMY sound systems that can be hidden in the walls or something, that play really romantic soothing music, man, you get her dreaming about a HOME and she will be calling you up at midnight with ideas for the brick styles for the sidewalk leading to the front door ... it won't be long and she will give you a KEY to that door too, and will THRILL to how much you understand her LOVE and DESIRE for this really loving, caring, nurturing home that is perfect for you and the THREE kids you are going to have. Yep, I see kids, three at least. You will like that LostLeo, you are all about creating things, and that is one area where the male can create some great kids ...with her help. Wow, maybe a little early to talk about kids huh? IT'S NEVER TOO EARLY FOR A "MOON IN SCORPIO" MALE! Lol, you two are going to have so much fun.

    Also, her JUPITER is in Taurus as well, which means expansive energies related to her emotional moon-desires for the good life. I tell you what, if you don't grab this lady there are about 10,000,000 other guys in the Universe who are reading this post and they are already booking plane flights to your town to find this lady. SHE HAS SUCCESS WRITTEN ALL OVER HER, and you land her you get to go along for the ride!

    Okay, now moving around, we come to her Mercury in Pisces, and that tells me the one area she could use your help on is with some of the intellectual issues related to her beautiful home. So you can surf the web to help her track down information that she needs to make WISE decisions that carry both of you to the stars. The way this will work is that she is going to ask you something like, I wonder what part of this city has the nicest parks and gardens nearby. THAT IS YOUR CUE LOSTLEO! You get on that laptop of yours and start tracking down the information she needs and give her a wire-o bound report of what neighborhoods have the best parks! She will totally GO WILD over you and may actually want a third date after that! So, a tip, LISTEN to her when she talks and when she hints around about ANY INFO SHE is curious about, and it doesn't matter what, because her mind is processing data in a secret way and YOU DON'T NEED TO KNOW WHY she wants to know these things... she knows inside however She is NOT telling... you simply scamper off like a good little Lion and bring Mercury on board to help you and show her you are LISTENING to her and acting on her hints for knowledge and I guarantee you when she goes to bed at night she will close her eyes and dream of a man that finally understands her and would love to be a part of her life. She will fall in love wth you so hard and fast... hmm, hard... GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER LOST LEO! Just kidding LostLeo 🙂

    Back again to her Sun in Cancer. WIth Venus in very close conjunction to her Sun, I just want to reinforce how much NURTURING LOVE is in her heart for her companion, children, family life, so I know you two are going to have the sweetest, nicest home life possible! She has a mother's heart, very intimate and empathetic, you could not ask for a sweeter, nicer lady to partner with. Warm cookies, the two of you snuggling close near the fire, his and hers flannel jammies, some herbal tea, and some soft music, SHE WILL TAKE YOU THERE, this is a match made in Heaven if there ever was one. DREAM LOSTLEO, DREAM. See yourself with this wonderful woman with everything going so sweet and close and that is exactly what you will enjoy. She has everything you are looking for. She is a beautiful Queen.

    Next, we come to what she has going on in YOUR birth sign, Leo. and HER saturn is really very close to yours, why? She is helping you moderate some of the wilder tendencies that you have because of that Scorpio moon thing. Her Saturn, just like yours, is square with your moon, so you can rest assured that she will guide the conversations where they need to go. Don't hold back though! STAY WILD and FREE and she will reign in this Lion as needed. She actually really gets off on how free-spirited you are, that is very attractive to this little Crab. So BE YOURSELF around her and when something pops into your mind just blurt it out! See what happens! You may shock her, and you might as well the sooner the better so there are no "surprises" later if you catch my drift.

    (Speaking of "drifting", going back to her Mercury in Pisces, should she appear at times to drift around in her thinking, that's the Pisces Mercury. She may say some stuff that sounds flighty, don't worry about it. She is not living in the same "Mercurial-intellectual-1+1=2" world that you are in. Simply keep your radar tuning in for her "hints" about a need for information.)

    Moving to Libra, she has Pluto right near yours. Actually all of your outer planets are very close to the same in your charts, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron...because their orbits are so long and your birthdates are so close together. Once again, you two share a VERY COMMON BOND in your Higher Power being BALANCE. She will balance the wild guy in you, and you will balance the "Who wants warm gingerbread cookies?"... She is a sweet treat for sure, and you are her wild thing, and the two of you will be guided by Pluto in how you balance out one another. Very nice, it will all come together like magic for both of you.

    Next up, Her Uranus is right near yours in Scorpio and is adding a little firepower to that Moon thing you have going on. So while she is cooking those gingerbread cookies, she is "dreaming" of a little dessert later on with you. Don't let that calm exterior of hers fool you LostLeo. When the time is right she knows what it takes to make this Lion really feel like the King of the Jungle. Hmmm... warm gingerbread cookies in bed... sounds kinda nice to me! 🙂

    Likewise with Her Neptune near yours, she is dreaming just like you are, it's just that she doesn't chat about too much in that inner world of hers. You can rest assured though that SHE IS JUST AS INTERESTED IN YOU AS YOU ARE IN HER she is just taking her time, waiting to see how fast you learn her heart, and what makes her tick. Do you realize what an incredible advantage I am giving you LostLeo over the other schmucks out there? This lady is hot property, and because of this post I am probably looking at a class-action lawsuit from all of the other eligible bachelors in your area, suing me over how much YOU ARE NOW AT THE ADVANTAGE and they don't stand a chance. GO LOSTLEO, GO GET HER. Bring her a nice gingerbread cookie recipe and some paint chip samples from Home Depot and ask her what her thoughts are on getting married... too soon on your second date? LOSTLEO, you keep waiting around and the other guys will be lined up around the block with whole buckets of paint to give her and you will be wondering what happened!

    Now, we mentioned the Chiron key that you both share in Taurus. Remember, HER MOON is right there to love you with her Moon Goddess Love. Relax in her arms whenever you need some nurturing love should anything come up from the past. Honestly though, I really don't see much of an issue there for you two. Who has time for painful memories when she is cooking gingerbread cookies and she has you painting the walls in the bedroom ruddy red!

    Now, on to something very nice about you two that will wrap up this chart analysis and then we'll move to the Tarot.

    You both have something very much in common, and that is your North Node. You and Miss S.L. have your North Node extremely close, in Scorpio of all places! What does that tell us? Well, it tells us that you both have a desire to achieve a beautiful life purpose together, and that life purpose is FINISHING WHAT YOU START, and digging below the surface to arrive at a mutual dream of togetherness that is that place of balance between your energies. I detect that perhaps both of you have had some challenges in past relationships, moving past the basics and on to the deeper life of True Love! Well your North Node calling is saying THIS IS THE TIME to melt into one another and TRANSFORM YOUR LIVES into the fantastic Divine Life Plan that the Universe has for you both! Wow! I am amazed at how well all of your talents and interests fit together, and I see this relationship being the ANSWER you have both been looking for in life! Don't be afraid to ask the tough questions of one another, that is where you shine LostLeo. This lady has been WAITING ALL OF HER LIFE for a man who would not back down from his own heart of love, I am telling you this lady loves you deep down, it's true. Maybe she isn't exactly talking about it yet, and you may never hear her talk in the way you thought a lady might talk about love, I can tell you what I see from here is a beautiful woman who has a LOT OF LOVE to give the right man, and you are that right man simply by being yourself with Her. That is your Divine Calling LL, to be yourself, to never back down from your heart, to laugh and cry when you need to, and chase this True Love down with all of your heart.

    What a beautiful life you lead, and I see your life and hers coming together so wonderfully! As above, so below! Love is above, and that love is coming down for both of you, taking you to the highest heavens of INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP! Remember, be yourself with her! Blurt it out! TELL HER YOU LOVE HER and hand her that Gingerbread cookie recipe and tell her

    YOU: "S.L. you are the sweetest thing that has ever happened to me in my life, and I want you to have this Gingerbread cookie recipe."

    HER: (... at that point she won't be saying much, through the tears of love running down her cheeks... 🙂

    Go get her Leo.

    Okay LostLeo, now that we have the "lay of the land" (watch it LostLeo, I didn't say "Laid of the land"!), we can now move on to the Tarot, and I want you to keep one thing in mind, the cards never lie! Never! What is spelled out in the Tarot is orchestrated in the hands of the Ascended Masters and our angels, and you do trust the Ascended Masters and your angels don't you LostLeo? Of course you do, we all do!

    So, for you in this spread I wanted to be more specific as to how she REALLY feels about you, and man, I am so excited inside I can't wait to show you, all I can say it is all good news brother! Check it out...

    We created a spread of five cards as follows:

    Card number one: What she's dreaming about you!

    Card number two: What you're dreaming about her!

    Card number three: What turns her on.

    Card number four: What turns her off.

    Card number five: Where the both of you should be focusing your energies.

    Also, we will draw a "Signifcator" card to represent you in the reading.

    Here we go...

    Significator : THE FIVE OF PENTACLES.

    Well right off the bat I can see because of this being a FIVE you are heading for big changes LostLeo. Whatever place you have been in that felt cold and dreary is GOING AWAY because I see a beautiful new life opening up for you. The windows of blessing are opening in your life, Heaven has seen your heart, how much you have longed for a beautiful lady to love with all of your might. BIG CHANGES COMING and this card says that is YOU! The Pentacles also speak to material issues, and this is an important KEY CARD to help us interpret the spread.

    First card: What she's dreaming about you! THE QUEEN OF PENTACLES!

    WOW, LostLeo, can it get any plainer than that? Your significator card is the FIVE of this suit, showing a man who has been longing for his dreams of TRUE LOVE and the very next card... what she is DREAMING about you is the QUEEN of Pentacles. It is like she just swooped down and gave you that card LostLeo. She wants you to know that indeed, SHE wants to be the answer you have been dreaming of, and SHE IS YOUR QUEEN! Also, remember what we talked about, how much of a material blessing she will be for you, how she is all about success and achieving her deep heart dreams, a nurturing, intimate home for her and her future "love of her life"... hint, hint, that's YOU LostLeo... well the Pentacles answer to material things in life and this Queen is sitting very comfortably on her throne with Two Taurus Bull Heads on the throne.. that's her MOON in Taurus waiting to give you with her devotion, a very gorgeous deeply feeling woman who you will see as such a reigning princess of love in your life.

    We could stop right here and you would have the whole story!

    Second card: What you're dreaming about her! THE SUN!

    Yes, this says it all to me LostLeo. It is like the sun just broke through whatever clouds have been hanging over your life for so long. You see her as something so innocent and new that you have longed for all your life. I see this as a beautiful childlike love, like she is your first grade crush. And I want you to see her that way LostLeo, just imagine you and she just met on the playground in first grade, and even as a little boy, as soon as she walked up to you and asked you if you wanted to play, you started crying on the spot because it was LOVE at first sight with her, and she has always been with you from that day in gradeschool. There is so-o-o much happiness in this card, I see you so uplifted when you think about her, she brings out the best in you. She is such a beautiful ray of sunshine in your life, this card tells me your feelings for her are very true and genuine! There is a baby in this card on the back of a horse, could that mean children? That is another great question to bring up on your second date LostLeo! Don't worry, she'll love it, remember, that is what she has longed for, a man who wasn't afraid of love, a man willing to make a FOOL of himself for her sake. She is waiting...

    Third card: What turns her on. THE FOOL!

    What did I tell you! That is exactly what she is waiting for, to see that you are throwing caution to the wind and don't care anymore what happens! You feel strongly for her, TELL HER! BE the fool for love! It doesn't matter what she says, what her HEART will be saying is... "Yes, yes, yes! Finally a man who is willing to be HIMSELF and follow his own heart no matter where it leads! LostLeo, I AM YOURS!" That is what her heart will be saying! Her mind might be saying something else but since when do people fall in love with their minds!! So be the fool and walk right off the cliff for her and she will fly down with her angel wings and catch you right before you hit the ground and will hold you deep in her heart from then on!

    Fourth card: What turns her off. THE SIX OF WANDS.

    The only thing I see here LostLeo is a tip. This guy is walking along in some kind of victory procession, and you can see it is more about him than anything else. So, ALWAYS, ALWAYS place her dreams for that beautiful nurturing family, home life and lifestyle that she wants as the focus of your life together. You will axiomatically achieve your own dreams as a result. SHE is the KEY to your success! Stoke the fires of her own passions and her desires, and sit back and watch the blaze engulf you as well! This lady is MAGIC for you LostLeo... and the competition is already googling her address to send Roses to her ahead of you, GO LOSTLEO she is keeping the door open for you however that door ain't gonna stand open forever, she has her own lovely dreams to see materialized and one way or the other she will taste the success she desires. YOU ARE HER CHOICE THOUGH I can tell you that much!

    Fifth Card: Where the both of you should be focusing your energies. THE QUEEN OF SWORDS!

    What I see here is steady effort in love, calm and serene. Sure, you are going to be ablaze with your passionate declarations to her, and she is going to love that AND she is going to be helping to keep your relationship in a nice BALANCE and looking up to Heaven for your answers. (Your Higher Power, Libra balance with Pluto, remember? You did order the Pluto Poster didn't You LostLeo? That is very important you need to get that! ) AND this card is once again a Queen as we started out with a Queen, so you see how she is the bookends on this spread, and on the life you two will enjoy. You keep her nurturing heart busy with that home dream and that lifestyle she is after, fuel her desires, encourage her at every turn, tell her how beautiful her life has made yours, and she will be sitting on a throne for sure with YOU AS HER KING BY HER SIDE. There is much peace in this card, and I don't know what turmoil perhaps has been going on in her life, or yours, however I can say for a certainty that the turmoil will cease as you two hook up and begin this amazing relationship that I see for you!

    That's it LostLeo! I am going to see if I can add the cards for this spread below so you can see them for reference. I just want to THANK YOU for trusting me to enter your life a little, and I hope that Miss S.L. didn't mind that we took a little peak into her heart as well. Tee hee. Let me know should you have any followup questions, let me know when you two set the date!

    Oh no... Uh oh LostLeo, I am getting a call from some attorney in your city, the other eligible guys there are filing the class action lawsuit against me for giving you an unfair advantage... RUN TO HER LOSTLEO, QUICK! GO. GO , GO! Before the other guys get to her! 🙂

    Peace and True Love... from the beautiful, boundless Universe of Love... you have the heart of a Lion of Love...

    Your friend,


  • AstraAngel thanks for taking your time to do such a detail reading for me.

    Everything you said about me and how I felt about my love interest are spot on.

    I can only wish that what it said about her towards me are the same too.

    I know how I felt about her are real and pure. She is the one I've been waiting for my whole life, she is the first thing I think of every morning when I wake up. This is something that never ever happened to my previous love interests.

    I love what you said for the second card, the first time we met, she already made me feel so comfortable as if we have known each other for a long time. Again this is something that never happened before as I usually take a long while to warm up to stranger.

    I hope this positive energy will stay with me until I can reconnect with her again.

    And she will only see my patient and persistent as passion, affection and devotion towards her instead of smothering.

    Whatever the outcome will be, I sincerely thank you for doing this.

    Have a great day.

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