TheCaptain< please HELP!!!!

  • hello captain, i just recently met a great Virgo man... i was wondering if you could tell me if we are a good match. my birthday is November 14, 1986 and his is September 22, 1986. please give me a detailed reading as i want to make sure we are compatible.

  • A love affair or friendship here will likely manifest strong competittive urges, which can best be kept positive if sublimated into healthy physical interaction or game-playing. Should such impulses turn negative however, they can cause untold harm, not only to you yourselves but to the social and family units of which you are a part. Marriage here will be less about love and more about business - the 'business' of bettering your social position. If this impetus can be controlled and better directed however, this relationship has an excellent chance for success in the area of personal development.

    The hunger for beauty in all forms is something you share and is transmuted by your relationship into a bid for all the material and immaterial rewards that money and influence can bring. This is an extremely dangerous combination, since your combined willpower is potentially strong enough to demand that you sacrifice affection, love, kindness - practically all the fundamental human values - to your ambition. Your relative positions in this relationship will probably be quite fixed and it is not particularly susceptible to internal power struggles - the overriding focus here is on outside conquest.

    If this ambitious relationship sounds like what you want, then go for it.

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