Friendship/Romantic compatibility reading Please

  • Hello Everyone and Happy Chinese New Year!! 😄

    I know i've been around this forum ranting and whining about my cancer ex bf.. but now i feel i've healed and the sun is shining back again 🙂 So, i met this guy.. a gemini and he seems a pretty nice fellow and we kinda get along.. which rarely happens to me with gemini ppl.

    I would like a friendship/romantic compatibility reading please.. this time i'm not throwing myself head first.. So my dob is Mar-10-87, +4 GMT and his is Jun-15-82, +5.30 GMT

    Thank you 🙂

  • ND, this looks basically good to me (at least physically) although there is a "red flag", your BF's chiron is in Taurus along with his Venus. So there could be some insecurities there in his love that you will have to deal with. Long term commitment might be an issue with him once the new car smell is gone.

    You have Chiron in Gemini so there are some sensitivities with your thoughts and words, you are very concerned about expressing yourself correctly. Some shyness earlier in life perhaps. Your BF being a Gemini will be a clear thinker and will try to help you work out your thoughts and words to "say the right thing" at times.

    You have Chiron in Aries so there can be some co-dependency issues in your relationships. Some fear perhaps of expressing yourself, some indecisiveness. Your Gemini BF should understand this otherwise he will be trying to always speak for you. He will need to let you talk and be compassionate and patient with you.

    I would study up in Chiron for both of you to see how that affects you. Physically you two are going to have a lot of fun though! I would say touch more and talk less and you will have a very close relationship. Words can get in the way sometimes rather than help.

    See the best in one another!


  • Hehe I'm glad to hear that 🙂 Thank you for the reading AstraAngel 🙂

  • NeptunianDreams,

    I was still thinking about you and your bf, and had not yet read the tarot on this, and I just did that and the results were so exciting I had to jump back on here and tell you!

    I used a simple 3 card compatibility spread, as follows.

    Card #1 - Your feelings for your BF - The LOVERS - Well neptunian. can it get more obvious than that? You have VERY strong feelings for this guy, I mean Cupid is all over you two! Tee hee, this is looking a lot better than I originally thought! Forget all of that stuff from your charts, this is a lot stronger and will cover over a lot of that stuff.

    Card #2 - His feelings for you - the Hanged Man - LOL, well this guy is hung up on you for sure, The hanged man also tells me that there is something very alluring about you that he is tuning into, your sensitive water nature, your choice of words when you do speak is a delight to him... this twin really wants a lovely intertwining with you, it is like he really wants to be snagged. You are providing some sort of transcendent experience for him that he likes, keep it going. Something about your words, are you a poet or something? Or is he? You two should just sit across from each other and say one word and let about 5 minutes pass, and then the other say a word in response. And meditate on what that word means. Things should heat up from there :0

    And finally, drum roll please...

    Card #3 - Outcome - Are you compatible, or is it just a passing fling?

    The FOUR of Wands! Very strong card saying YES YES YES this relationship is heading somewhere nice! You two will be having a great relationship, I will be watching you astrally and checking in on you once in a while for entertainment. Try that word game, I m serious that will be a fun exercise for you, say one word and then just stare into each others eyes for a few minutes and then the other responds... and you will see what I am talking about! You won't be able to stop laughing, a little tip from my angels. Laughter will be very important for you and your BF 😉

    Have fun, I am off to visit Neptune now with my angel, let me know how things work out!

  • Hey AstraAngel 🙂

    Well I like this guy.. He's very sweet and all.. and yeah he's pretty much into me.. But from my past relationship with my cancer guy, where i felt i gave too much of myself and too fast..and I ended up hurt.. I want to take it slow with this one.

    Hehe neither of us is a poet .. but since my last break up with the cancer guy.. it has turned into more of a spiritual refinement for me.. now, i try to see beauty in everything and maybe just be spread good and happy vibes to everyone 🙂 I guess he senses it from me 🙂 one thing is that he's also friends with my cancer ex..

    Thanks for the word game tip, sounds lot of fun and i'll surely put it to some good use 😉 Thanks again for the reading and you have a nice trip with your angel 🙂

    Love and light to you 🙂

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