I need advice from Taurus women!!!

  • EgyptianQueen: Thanks for the advice! I did reactivate my FB account. I will definitely try to not comment on any women's photos or reply to a comment when a women comments on my pics.

    About this Aqua man. I don't know if her and him are purposely avoiding posting on each others walls, we do have a lot of mutual friends, or if he is just being a typical Aquarius man and not letting her know that he likes her, because they never comment on each others posts, there are no pics of each other together, and her status still says "single". I do know for a fact that they are "dating" though, because she did mention it to a friend who commented on one of her pictures on FB.

    By the way, her family loves me and I am good friends with some of her friends, since I lived in her area way before we ever met. I even went to school in Florida with her brother 7 years before her and I ever met. The whole thing is crazy! I had been to her house two times to visit her brother years before meeting her. We both thought it was crazy that we had so many friends in common, but never met before we did. It's a small world. šŸ™‚

    I have never loved a women more than her and I am not just saying that. When we were together there was nothing in the world that mattered. Us being together just made so much sense. We both love our friends and family, and we have so many in common, we both love the same music and TV shows, we both love to stay home a cuddle. We both love to get together with the people we love. She loves flowers and gifts, and I love to give them. We both love to hold hands. God I miss her like there is no tomorrow. It's hard being a cancer in love. We are such hopeless romantics šŸ™‚

    Thank you again for the advice! It means more than you will ever know šŸ™‚

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  • Hi ! Well, I am a Taurus woman dating a cancer man.......and right now, I am a little frustrated. And maybe my explanation as to why will enlighten you in our situation.

    We have known each other almost 4 years and have been seeing each other for almost 14 months. I was married 21 years, with 3 kids and he was married 17 years with 4 kids. Our married lives were pretty normal, middle, only married once and only kids with our exes. I am 42, he is 40.

    I said all of that to say this, we have both, been there, done that, so, it makes our relationship a little different, HOWEVER, I think what we both want now is nothing like what we had. Which is understandable and makes sense.

    Yet, he has never really bared his innermost thoughts to me. That is what hurts me the most. I tell him mine and it is quite difficult for me BC I HATE being vulnerable. Yet, what I feel for this man is unlike anything I have EVER felt before. I know that I love him in a way that most people never get to experience. That I am very thankful for.

    Yet, Taurus women are strong, but sometimes, inside we are often times just like everyone else. We need comforted, reassured, treated tenderly but most of all, respected highly. Not BC we think we are all that, it is how most of the Tauruses I know live. We treat life, things and most importantly people with respect.

    I do not know why, but in our relationships, whether it be with children, parents, partners, if after time we do not get that back, it hurts.Now, for me at least, here is the tricky part, very seldom do we say that to these people, BC we do not want to hurt them, bc we love so deeply.

    I do not know about all the other Tauruses, but it seems often times when we try to communicate that, it can easily be misunderstood which hurts worse! We are not that much unlike cancers actually. We protect ourselves too, instead of a shell, we have these huge horns and we charge...lol

    Now, we are also big on actions, and the words better match the actions bc if not, we pick up on that. We are deep creatures, so, those who are involve with us, better be prepared to be real, and vulnerable. And really, what is there to lose? Sure, there are things to lose, but what there is to GAIN is far greater.

    I can tell you that when I am with J, I often feel as though we are the only 2 people on the planet. When he shows me I am his girl, I feel as if I am on top of the world. And its the simple things that make that happen. Like, him curling his arms around me, holding me tight and saying, 'babe, I missed you." I know it's true, bc I feel it.

    But, with all that said, he is still a crab, still protecting himself and testing me and, I am ready for the next stage. And maybe, with us, just like with you and your ex, when you get something that feels so extraordinary and right, you are just not sure what to do with exactly. BC I know I have wondered if what we have is real and how and where did this come from. Does that make sense.

    But, if you want her, you are just going to have to put all your fears aside, be real and go GET her.

  • Well said Taurus7! šŸ™‚

  • Thank You Taurus7 and Sunbuddy. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said "Now, we are also big on actions, and the words better match the actions bc if not, we pick up on that."

    I definitely failed to do some of things I said I was going to do in the time frame I said I was going to do them in, and some of my indecision confused her and I know that hurt her. I never meant to hurt her or play games with her, I'm just a little insecure at times and it makes me indecisive. She was honestly terrible at telling when when she was hurt, which didn't help matters. She would sometimes cry if something was bothering her and I would hold her and ask her what's wrong, but she would just be silent. then she might text me or call me later and let me know what's on her mind. I wish I would have know everything I now know about you Taurus women before I got into a relationship with her.

    I'm actually not like a typical cancer when it comes to speaking my heart. I am extremely vocal with the people I love, especially my ex. I got over being afraid to speak my heart several years ago, I'm 33. She was actually the one who had trouble speaking her heart, which from what I understand, can be the negative side of some Taurus women?

    Let me give you an example of the strange communication issues we are having.

    I reactivated my Facebook account after a few months of her and I breaking up and she is still on my friends list. We are still "friends" (we talk via email/text occasionally) so when I reconfigured my account, I decided I would like to add a picture of her to my "friends" photo gallery. So I put up a bunch of pictures of my friends and included one of her. I then messaged her to make sure she was cool with it since she is seeing this other guy. Well, I waited a day and she never replied (I know she read my message because she posted several things on Facebook that day) so I took the picture down assuming she wasn't ok with it. As soon as I took it down, she wrote me acting like she just read the message and asked what picture I was talking about. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ABOUT!!! LOL! So I asked her adain if it was cool for me to have a picture of her in my friends gallery and she replies "sure".

    I am far from perfect but I am a really good guy and I have never ever felt this way about any girl. I know that no one can touch the love we had, and I know for a fact that this Aquarius "bad boy" can't even begin to love her the way I did. however, he is a wonderful distraction since he is attractive and a ton of fun to hang out with. But in the grand sceme of things, they are so wrong together. All of our mutual friends agree.

    I really hope she doesn't think I'm stalking her when I decide to move. I would never ever do that. Though I can be insecure, I have too much self respect to be that pathetic. I would love for us to get back together though. I honestly can't imagine being with anyone else, and I don't want to, but I will eventually let go if I must. But you know how us crabs are when it comes to letting go lol! šŸ™‚

  • Taurus7:

    "I can tell you that when I am with J, I often feel as though we are the only 2 people on the planet. When he shows me I am his girl, I feel as if I am on top of the world. And its the simple things that make that happen. Like, him curling his arms around me, holding me tight and saying, 'babe, I missed you." I know it's true, bc I feel it."

    This is me 1000%!

    Nothing can touch us cancers when it comes to making a girl feel special.

    This is one area where Cancerian men will always put the others sings to shame. šŸ™‚

    Now, if we could just deal with our emotions better lol!

    Thanks for all the replies girls! I do think that a Taurus/Cancer relationship can be incredible, as long as both parties are willing to work on their weaknesses.

  • Cancerman - I wish you well with this.

    You are correct, we do not show our hurt very well. However, we are usually very good about working things through. We are practical, we understand people, for the most part, but, oddly, we can be very insecure. We do not usually show that insecurity though. Which makes us appear tough and mighty. but we respond very well to a kind man you does not hesitate to lead us. We put our trust, faith and heart in that.

    Know that and be careful with it. I know for myself, a wishy washy weak person is not someone who I would want to be in a relationship with. I want to know that my partner loves me. I need to know that.

    Also know that we can take hurt. maybe too much. We tend tend to start walking way if the negatives start out weighing the positives. But, truth and vulnerability can bring us back, bc it is real. As long as a relationship stays real, we are good.

    We are very loyal , determined and strong willed.

    I am thinking her present relationship is just an escape. We tend to do that. I am sure she knows that it is meaningless.

  • Taurus 7: Thank you so much for your wisdom and insight. You have given me so much hope and I really appreciate that. You Taurus girls are really something, so pratical and beautiful!

    I am working hard everyday to fix my issues and become a more confident man. I am not willing to give up the fight for this women yet, she is the most beautiful girl I have ever met inside and out and I know she loved me with all her heart before I started to give her doubts. We cried in each other arms the last time I saw her. I have never loved anyone like I love her.

    "I am thinking her present relationship is just an escape. We tend to do that. I am sure she knows that it is meaningless."

    I really hope you are right about this. He is the wrong guy for her, that I do know. šŸ™‚

    If you have any other advice about how I should treat her while she is with her new boy toy, I would really appreciate it. I don't want to annoy her or upset her. When we talk it's only via text or Facebook. Should I contact her on occasion, or should I let her contact me? When we do talk, should I try to keep it light and fun? Should I try to compliment her? Should I make subtle hints that I still care for her?



  • Mark - I can tell you really care about this girl. I know you cancers....maybe? lol J throws me for loops continually. What i often get, is the final thought in his head, w/o the thoughts that got him there. Does that make sense?

    Here is an example...I make his lunch. Lately, he has been saying.."you didn't have to do that." For some reason, it was making me mad. Not sure why he was saying that. It was so ambiguous. So, I said..' if you say that one more time, I'm gonna kick you in the face. (inside joke).....He smiled. Still ambiguous.

    So, frustrated, hands in the air, I said to him, " a simple thank you will do. UNLESS you do not want me to make your lunch anymore, then I won't." He said, " Why wouldn't I want you to make my lunch anymore" he often answers with a question...which is like UGH! So, I gave him my UGH look...he grins super big and says.." Thank you!"

    Now to me, that was frustrating as hell. Really. I KNOW I don't have to make his lunch, I chose to. End of story.

    Soooooo, I said that to say this, be REAL with her. Say what you want to say. Do what you want to do. Text her, call her, FB her. Whatever. Just be real.

    I do not know about any other Tauruses, but, I can tell when someone wants to say something and they don't, or they approach it safely or whatever. With us, say what you mean, even if you think it will hurt us or make us happy. We think things over. And, if we truly care about someone, we will work it out.

    One time, J made me mad, I mean mad. He instantly knew it. Know what he said to me? I do not play games, I am not playing a game with you, get over it. Yep. And I did. Our conversations are that simple sometimes. But often times, our emotions, as people, are not.

    All I can say is, with a Taurus, you can be who you are, all we ask, is you just be that real self with us.

  • šŸ™‚ Taurus 7

    "Here is an example...I make his lunch. Lately, he has been saying.."you didn't have to do that." For some reason, it was making me mad. "

    As you know not all of us cancers are alilke, but I do say things like that all the time when people do things for me. Now I need to figure out why I say things like that lol! I think I just want them know that I really appreciate it, but now that you've pointed it out, it is a strange thing to say. I deinitely need to be more conscious of that. Why would I say "thanks, but you didn't need to do that" as if they didn't know they didn't need to do that lol!

    And yes, I deeply care about this girl, like I never have before. And I'm not just saying that. I am definitely ready to settle down and start a family, and I would really love her to be the one. I know she would be a great wife and mother. I have told her all these things but she will not comment on it now that we're not together. She has shut herself off from me emotionally, she actually did this before we brokeup, which was insanely hard for me to deal with. However, when I went to visit her(after we had broken up) she continued to be distant and unemotional until I looked her in the eyes and told her "I really hope this isn't the last time I see you". She instantly started crying, so I held her in my arms and told her that I didn't want things to end, but she would not say anything but "I just don't know".

    As a Taurus women, is it easy for you to hide your feelings? It seems like she is 100% fine as long as she doesn't see me in person, but other than that, she acts like everything in her life is peachy. I unfortunately am not capable of hiding my feelings like that. Not when I'm inlove and broken hearted. It's hard for me to see her being so seemingly happy and unaffected. I just don't know if she has totally moved on or if she is just enjoying the distraction of her new man?

    She does strange things like when I took down her picture from facebook, she instantly wrote me and said she hadn't read my message asking her if it was ok for me to have a picture of her in my "friends" gallery. I know she had read it, because she had posted a few things later that day, but she ingnored me until she noticed the picture was taken down. Another day she randomly text me saying she "had a terrible dream about me and just wanted to make sure I was ok". Or she will randomly text me things that only her and I are interested in. Yet, she seems to be completely content and happy without me. It's so damn confusing lol!

    The long distance thing isn't making things any easier, that's for sure. šŸ™‚

  • I think it is easy for us to hide our feelings, but for me, when I am called out on them, If I do not want to answer, I stay quiet. And, sometimes, it takes me a very long time to answer. But, sometimes, I let it all fly.

    I can be honest and say, much of my life has been spent feeling let down by the people who say they love me. Probably bc we Tauruses just have such high expectations. And, I think they can be unrealistic.

  • Thank you for your honesty Taurus 7. My ex is the most stubborn women I have ever met in my life, but it doesn't change the fact that she has the most beautiful smile and eyes I have ever seen, and a big heart, though she likes to hide it when things don't go her way, which is frustrating.

    It's amazing how much us born under the same sign are the same! You are very much like my ex! Thank you so much for the insight. You have truly helped me to understand her and I really appreciate that. I wish I would have talked to you a year ago! šŸ˜‰

  • You are welcome! I have enjoyed it. I hope you keep us updated.

    Would you like to hear my Taurus take on you Cancer men?

  • Absolutely! Give your take on Cancer men a go. I would love to hear it. šŸ™‚

  • Ok...the 1st and foremost thing, he always knows what i am feeling before I do. Like, he knew I loved him, before I told him. He did. He was really cocky about it too. Jerk..jk šŸ˜‰

    One day, I was like..you think I love you don't you?

    Him - ya and I am never wrong.

    It took me like 3 months to figure out I loved him.

    When it hit me, it hit me hard. And I was not sure how I felt about it. It is not that I do not want to love him, I was just not ready.

    Yet, the whole time he never said a word??

    I say why?


    Then, i am not the jealous type. But he wants me to be sometimes. Like, if I am not jealous then something is wrong with me. Now, I have found myself getting jealous. Like 3 times I have busted myself. Which infruiates me and makes him laugh. Which makes me madder.

    Yet, he can not stay mad at me. I think he would like too, but he can't. I smile and give him my look and like in less than 4 hours he is softened. Yet he would NEVER tell me....NEVER! lol

    When I am wrong, I will say it. But he tells me..babe..you have nothing to apologize for. And I did. BC I love him, so when I am wrong, I say it, yet whe he says that, it is like he negates my feelings and I can't understand why.

    Then, and I think this is the biggest.....bc of who I am, so laid back, fun, seize the moment. He always tells me I am crazy. Ok, I know he is joking, but it makes me wonder why he just does not embrace me and enjoy me for who I am???

    I know beyond a shadow of a doubt he has NEVER met or been with anyone like me. I think I scare him, but am not sure. BC heaven forbid he tell me how he is feeling. He has reassured me that he is not going away, for me to take all the time I need. Then less than 24 hours later, WHAM..he's there. I even said to him one time..you think all I needed was less than 24 hours????? He said YA....??? Sometimes I need my space, and for some reason, he does not like that. My space is just MY space. It does not mean I need or want to leave him, just my recharging time.

    Do you see where I am going with this?

  • I just cannot figure out why he lives so reserved and drawn back with me. Sometimes, that hurts.

  • The ambiguity and safety responses drive me insane!! They do. BC I have put it out there.

  • Hi! ok, so first of all I must agree that Caner men can often sense what someone is feeling before they may know it themselves. When we walk into a room, we instantly pickup on negative or positive vibes from everyone in the room. It's a gift and a curse. This is why we are so protective of the people we love. We sense things that no one else senses and it can make us a little overprotective and possessive of the ones we love. Our intuition is almost never wrong. We can read most people like a book, and I'm saying that because I'm cocky, it is true. This I can attest to from even my most recent relationship. I spend a lot of time in my head contemplating life and people, especially if it's someone I love dearly. And when things go south, obsession mode kicks in and I can't think about anything else. It's pure torture. This may explain why some cancers hide in their shell so much. We are so sensitive to heartbreak that we become terrified to let people in.

    I cannot relate to your man's cockiness, though I wish I could at times. I have self esteem issues, which is strange because I am an attractive man, but I always feel like I'm going to make a mistake and most Cancer's have strange perfectionist issues. It makes us insecure at times. But some cancers are much better at dealing with their emotions than others. Most of my cancer friends have more confidence than I do. We are all alike in many ways but completely different in others. My best mate is a cancer and he is a little cocky and very confident. I envy him a little because I am the opposite, and it sucks to be the nice guy who is often insecure. I detest it as much as most women do lol! I am working very hard on this issues.

    Before my ex and I broke up, I sensed their was something wrong, and then I noticed on facebook that her and her tattoo artist were posting on each others profiles, which I hadn't noticed before. I also noticed via a facebook post that she had invited him to meet up with her and a friend in the city which prompted me to question her relationship with him. I asked her if she had any feelings for him. This was before we broke up but after she cut me off emotionally. She denied any interest in him and accused me of being "crazy" for not trusting her. Keep in mind that I never accused her of anything other than asking about how she felt about him. I never raised my voice once, and I had never asked her about any of her male friends before that. Well, now she is with him, so she did lie to me when I asked her if she was interested in him. The moment she cut me off emotionally, is the moment things with her and him picked up. My best friend, who is a female, noticed the same thing without me even telling her about it.

    My ex knew everything about me, but she chose not to deal with it. I have my issues but they are not that bad, especially since I am working hard on them, and I am positive her new man has plenty himself. I do believe her expectations for a lover are unrealistic, and if she doesn't come to the realization of that someday soon, she will always be dissapointed. Especially when you consider the type of guys she goes for, the artsy type, which is me by the way. But I am not a "bad boy" at all, and her new man is. Plus he is an Aquairus!!! Have you had any experience with and Aquarius man?

    Also, have you ever went back to an ex after realizing you made a bad decision with a rebound guy?

    Hope this helps you to understand your man better. If you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask!


  • "Our intuition is almost never wrong. We can read most people like a book, and I'm NOT saying that because I'm cocky, it is true"

    I meant to put a NOT in that sentence lol!

  • Mark, I do know the facts about you cancers, I do. J just says the oddest things to me at times, which, I am like..where the hell did that just come from??? I think he has the next 4 years planned out in his head. And I am a live in the moment type of gal.

    Yes, I have went back to a former BF after a rebound guy. How old is she? And have either of you been married or have kids? I do not think I have ever dated an Aquarius before.

    i have to say this, at 42yo, knowing what i know, living what i have lived, even though the man drives me nuts, i cannot see myself without J. My life just would not be complete. I think deep down J is insecure like you, he just has an over the top ego..lol

    His disaster marriage, coupled with their disaster finances and no credit, it seems as though it embarrasses him. Which is crazy, bc I told him that he was not the only one that got things. I got where they were...they had 4 kids and only he worked.

    Do you guys always need to be the alpha male? And why would he let that come in between us? I just do not care about money or stuff.

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