I need advice from Taurus women!!!

  • 🙂 Piscesstar: This is funny becaus I did make a move today. I text her back and told her I was going to be in her area on April 6th, which is true, and told her it would be nice to see her, but I understood if she didn't thnk it was a good idea. She replied "I'll be around :)"

    That gives me a little over a month to get my heart and mind ready 🙂 I think I'll be ready and am looking forward to it 🙂

    How are you Piscesstar?

  • I'm sorry Taurus7. I will be praying for you!. Be strong and stay true to yourself! 🙂

  • Taurus7,

    Take some deep breaths!!

    Personally, I would not show him that you are hurting. I know it is SO hard to be strong at a time like this, but you have to be.

    You have to be in control, use your power to your advantage, meaning, still be that same great person you are, (he knows it), he needs to see what he is missing out on, not being with you.

    This guy sounds like he has a lot of issues, ITS NOT YOU!! He is the insecure one!

    This is how these men act when they are wounded, go back to my other post I wrote to you about their past childhood/relationship.

    You must continue to be the good person you are, don't let the anger consume you especially in front of him.

    Now you have wounds and your hurting.

    I just saw another post where the cancer guy left and after a few months returns!! This is how the relationships with these type of men are, no doubt, he will fly again, its a matter of putting up with him and all his @#?&.

    You will always have my support, we all have choices, you have to do whats right for you.

  • Doeyeyedpisces,

    I will get back to you soon.

  • What is your sign? Also, as a Taurus female, I need to be assured that I'll have attention and security and if I feel like those needs of mine are not being met, it will depress me and even if my lover means the world to me, I'll feel like I'll have no other choice but to move on and eventually find another lover who will provide me with attention and security. Yes, it may be quite painful for not just him, but for me as well, if not more so than him. On the other hand, it depends on the person too. Right now, I myself am having difficulties with my boyfriend who is a Gemini and yes, the two of us are an odd couple, but we have known each other on and off for nearly 25 years and we just met up with each other last November after being separated for 15 years. We are what you call Long Lost Lovers. He drives me crazy and we butt heads because I can be overbearing and he can be back and forth. However, my moon sign is Libra, so that could be of some help to me also. But getting back to you, advice would be this, you know the saying, If you love someone, sent them free. If they come back to you they're yours forever, if they don't then they never were, haven't you? Well, take that saying into consideration, although I know that's easier said than done.

  • Well, it went. It was strange. he almost acted if nothing has happened. I did my best to ignore him. I took your advice Piscesstar, I wrote him a letter, one page front and back, and then I burned it. The whole time I was sobbing quite heavily.

    I think for now, I am just going to do my best to ignore him.

  • jbdream3: Thank you for the advice! "I need to be assured that I'll have attention and security" This seems to be a staple of the Taurus women. I think these are two things that every women needs and deserves. And I hope that all of you lovely women find a good man who will give it to you. 🙂

    Taurus7: If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.

    Piscesstar: What's new with you?

  • Mark - Thank you. Unfortunately, there isn't anything.

  • Hey Taurus7,

    It really saddens me that a guy can act and treat you this way, it is very heartless and selfish.

    You can write as many letters.

    I have done so much reading and I journal alot, this has helped me too.

    I don't think your guy will cut the ties with you, because if he is acting like nothing has happened (his delusional state), that means he is not ready to depart from your life completely.

    Still be nice to him if you see him, but you don't have to get in conversation with him.

    So, let him come to and call you, don't do anymore than you have done.

    It hasn't been easy for you I know, and I have to say, you do have more strength than you know.

    I told cancerman276, to go out and enjoy his life, you need to be doing the same thing.

    You just don't want to sit around doing nothing, because that makes things so much worse, you start thinking and questioning yourself, its just not a good place to be in.

    Please make an effort, even go see a movie, stay busy, it is going to help you more than you know.

  • Taurus7:

    I'm really sorry you are going throught this. Love is so hard at times. I miss my love everyday but I also no that I need this time to get my act together, which I've been slacking on the past few weeks. It's hard to focus on yourself when your heart is broken. 😞

  • Hey cancerman276,

    Another busy day at work! Got some very sad news about one of our patients.

    A reminder of living life to the fullest and truly counting our blessings.

    I believe we take so much for granted.

    But on a positive note, I have started to look at other states to move to. I would like better climate and preferbly an ocean.....so, I will keep searching. Any suggestions?

    How are things with you?

    Any more texts from ms Taurus??

  • Piscesstar

    I agree that life is too short to not live it to the fullest and be grateful. You work in a hospital?

    I've lived in Ohio, Chicago, Indiana, and Florida. Florida is too hot and humid for me. On the east coast I would say the Carolinas but if you want great weather, you have to go to the West Coast.

    I'm doing pretty good. I text my ex this morning to ask her how her day was going. It was a short conversation. Nothing interesting. I think I will go back to letting her text me. I don't want to seem needy or desparate. I think she is torn between her new man and me. The new guy is probably being aloof as most Aquarians are, which I'm sure is driving her crazy, and also making her want him more. Especially since she is stubborn and headstrong. But she also probably misses my love and devotion, which gives her emotional comfort. I also believe, judging by the guys she is normally attracted to, that I am the closest looks wise to what she desires in a man. However, we know that looks aren't everything. I have the looks and love but lack some confidence and finacial secuirty, which is also very imporatant to any women, especially a Taurus. I have work to do 🙂

  • Cancerman276,

    You lived in many places!!

    I am looking at San Diego. Arizona sounds very nice. Florida, may look into that too. I watched the movie Sabrina with Harrison Ford, and there was this cute little town he visits, it was so beautiful, I have to go online and see where that movie was made, that place was so ideal.

    I work in a medical clinic, love my job, work with some really good people.

    You sound very nice, as for financial security, most cancerian men are successful business wise and know how to accumulate money. They can be a little tight when it comes to money, but they are thinking about their future.

    The cancer man I was attracted to was tall dark and very handsome, He was everything I was looking for in appearance but I saw different sides to him, it was quite extreme, from very shy to very roudy (when we went on one outing with a few friends that was the only time he was loud), but I could see it was a facade. He liked his alcohol very much, but I only saw him drunk once.

    I could never figure him out! Intimadating too, don't know what I was thinking when I look back.

    You said your ex is with a guy who has tattoo's, are you the opposite to him?

    Why do you say you lack confidence? What do you think is the problem?

  • You said your ex is with a guy who has tattoo's, are you the opposite to him?

    Why do you say you lack confidence? What do you think is the problem?

    I am the opposite of him. he is covered in tattoos. I have none, but I am a muscian and I work in IT. I look like a musician who works in IT lol. Tall dark and handsom I am, but a little on the thin side. Brown hair blue eyes. My ex loves blue eyes. She has some tattoos which I normally am not all that attracted to but all of her tattoos are beautiful and have meaning. It's interesting that she has tattoos because she is not a wild child. I think she just wanted something that would make her stand out. She is not a head turner but her smile and eyes are incredible. She lights up the room with her positive energy. She is shy, simple, sweet, stubborn and determined.

    I can't explain the chemistry we had togehter. We just made sense. I think she would agree if she wasn't busy trying to be with the "bad boy".

    My lack of confidence comes from my childhood. I didn't do well in school and my parents didn't do much about it. I ended up hanging out with the wrong crowd and waisting my education. I have a very strange relationship with my parents. They are nice but not very loving. My mother is a bit cold and my father works at a factory and just doesn't get me. Neither of them do. Again, they are good people, we just don't have much of a relationship. Just wish they would have given me more direction in life. I work with my brother who I also don't have the best relationship with but it is getting better. I make crap money and want to move out of Cleveland. It's time for me to be more independant and make more money.

    "I could never figure him out! Intimadating too, don't know what I was thinking when I look back."

    Did he not share his feelings with you? How was he intimidating?

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  • doeyeyedpisces:

    "I have been reading this thread, partly because my sister is a taurus and I know her well, and the other reason because of my own background with Cancer male."

    Welcome! and thank you for your advice!

    "Although he can appear a bit lazy and used to like to contribute to my procrastination"

    I can definitely be lazy if I'm not careful. This is something I am working on for sure.

    "Mike usually doesn't appreciate advice, loves to give it....but always hated to receive it, so if that is a cancer trait"

    I'm not sure but I myself have no problem taking advice. However, I have to decide if it's good advice, and that can be a process lol. I do love giving advice but I'm not pushy or arrogant about it. I just like to help people If I can.

    maybe if you had a specialty or certifications (like DBA or getting a CCNA -from Cisco ) you could earn serious $$$$.

    Thanks for this advice! I agree. I am working on my CompTIA Network + now. I will take a more specialized course after I finish this certification, which I plan to get this summer.

    "About Taurus, my sister is a lot like these other Taurus women with the sense of security, except she abhors boredom. "

    My ex and I are not a big fan of boredom either, but we are both homebodies.

    "I know my old Cancer friend is a serious creature of habit, so much so, eventhough we no longer speak, I know what he is doing every Friday night, Sunday afternoon and Sunday night...because he has been doing it for YEARS...without deviating. I think that trait in him is endearing; my sister used to think that it was boring and strange"

    I'm curious. Why did you and your Cancer man breakup? Do you miss him?


  • This near same thing happened to me. My GF has a Taurus moon and I felt it's full effects about a month ago...This was predicted in our yearly horoscope, BTW, concurrent with the eclipse on Jan 4. I miss my girl terribly but I'm pretty sure there's no going back any time soon. I'm resigned to just be where I am for now. It's been really hard too, because I know in my heart that she's the one for me.

    As a Cancer, I feel I've been pretty much kicked in the teeth most of my life...the best I can do it hope that there's some window in our charts that will bring us back around again. I suggest you do the same, wait it out, see if the opportunity arises. Pushing and emoting to her won't do anything for you (especially if she's got fire in her chart - my girl is a Sag). It helps me to know that there's some other "cosmic" things at play surrounding this and it wasn't all just our circumstance.

  • ChadG

    It's good to meet another Cancer man who has a Taurus ex! Do you mind me asking what heppened? I would love to know how your Taurus compares to mine. In some ways Taurus and Cancer are perfect for each other, but in other ways they are terrible for each other. Though I suppose that's the case with most signs lol.

    I would love to know the good and bad traits of you and your Taurus's personalities in your relationship?

  • It's funny. There is this guy in my building who I always talk to. Today I asked him what sign he was. He is a Taurus. He said his father is a Cancer and he was always happy or mad. I can relate to that. I often go between being happy and sad 🙂 I'm usually not mad thank God. He also said he is stubborn, true to the bull, and doesn't accept apologies very easily. Sounds like my ex lol.

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