I need advice from Taurus women!!!

  • Mark - I am afraid I came off as rather insensitive, bc I was like...hey, I'm starting a new thread, please forgive me.

    That was what I logged on to do, then I saw you had posted and well, I was floored by your news. I was. I have been thinking about you a lot since then, praying for you, and sending you positive thoughts....

  • Hey Taurus7 -How are you , tell me whats been going on with you ??

  • Everything is good!! Same ole same ole....lol

  • So, after a big moment, I ended things with J...I am so sad, yet I really feel that it is best. I just need everyone's love and prayers.......I have been crying my eyes out........

  • Sunbuddy you hit the nail on the head for me. I stay in relationships WAY too long but once they hit that last straw unless they do something to PROVE that they love us...I am a Taurus, Capricorn risings Mars in Scorpio Venus Aries - 3 aries so I am the type that never gets mad until they hit the last straw and then I say MEAN things. Things really do not bother but as you say we never forget was said even if we try to, it is like a recording in my brain of all they ever said and most men don't remember. I was in an 11 year relationship with a Virgo man. He manipulated me even though he is not a cassanova type and by playing these games he got me addicted to him but it was sick. He doesn't realize that I am the best partner in the world and never had a problem before. I had a marriage and the person passed away plus other long term relationships but this one has me all messed up inside. Like a Virgo said previously, do not give into them, they are manipulative and they hate it when you don't give in. AFter 11 years you would think we would talk after a stupid fight but since it was my fault he seized the advantage and i am sick of this. I love him but cannot ever call or go back to him and i am not a young person, I have grown children and so does he. He has bad communication with his family too. No one dares to say anything since he will withhold funds and they are all nice people but you can't say anything, even say you don't like a TV show he is watching when he is in the Virgo critical mode. However he is really a good person but who can live like that? I never felt like I couldn't be myself plus he is from another country so this exacerbates the Virgo criticality. I digressed but I give many chances in my mind, even if what they did was not an affair since I would never be able to handle that ...just things that one should not tolerate more than once, no physical abuse just unhealthy behavior and critical obsessive compulsive Virgo ness He would have a chance with me if he could change just a part of himself the virgo but he can't or won't because he is always right...of course...that is why he does that silent treatment of virgos. Taurus' don't play that:)

  • I know we Taurus women take things to heart, are really great partners but we are not perfect by any means. Some are bossy (not me), messy (me but I remember where everything is) and tend to put things away until we can't take it anymore and then explode. Our partners and family and employers may think it comes from nowhere but it does not. It is that we are willing to go above and beyond but when these cross the line and ask too much, we feel abused. Or if someone doesn't give enough.

    I have the same issues right now and am very sad but cannot to someone who gives me the silent treatment because I was unreasonable when he has been more than unreasonable and non caring and sharing. I support myself and live separately but we saw each other often and knew each other's familes but I guess there were super compatibility issues and then he is just so stubborn. I am not a stubborn Taurus until I have been abused.

    Just try to keep busy and it's okay to cry. Taurus does not like pain and if you go back you know it will happen again because sometmes we are weak and try to see it from their point of view which is not the reality. What we WISH were their point of view. A lot of times men will promise the moon and then do a manipulation trip to make YOU feel bad about it then it will happen again. I say cut your losses and if he is worth it after time he will come back. It is EXTREMELY difficult for a Taurus because usually break-ups that are not dysfunctional are more easy to handle but once you become manipulated and you can be so smart normally and maybe never met a manipulator in nerd's clothing...they know just how to pull the strings of a Taurus to hook you. You will find someone else. Most men don't do these things particularly if they appear status quo on all levels, intelligent nice, as long as they are not cheap and say you are a life partner but don't care if you suffer...but expect you to take care of them when you get older...because of some favor they did you but with Virgos after the initial few years you have to ask...just cry and go to yoga and latin dance or zumba or other activities. You will meet other people and laugh again. It may take time and you will laugh maybe with a male friend if you are a Taurus you might not be ready for awhile but we Taurus women always find someone to love us ...our ruling planet is Venus and we are not curmudgeons (sp)!

  • Hey Taurus7! What Happened? Are you ok?

  • Well, what happened was that I saw he had a horrible temper. Not directed at me and my children but a temper and no personal accountability.

    No, I am not ok...I have been crying my eyes out, he is not taking me seriously on this. It is very hard.

  • Hey Taurus7 how are things going? I am sorry to hear about the discovery of your Cancer's temper. That can be a very scary thing, especially with all the stuff you went through with your ex.

    Let me know if I can do anything to help. I'm here for you!

  • Oh Mark....my heart is breaking in a zillion pieces...do you have a magic wand you can wave???? This is so sad.......I have to see him tomorrow, and I do not want too. At all.....it hurts too bad.

    I broke down at work and was crying, no sobbing hysterically is more like it. He knew he minute I started. He was watching me, until the moment he could come to me. And he did. All I wanted was to throw my arms around him and have him hold me.....he walked up to me like that was what he wanted too, but instead, he told me to quit making a big deal out of things.....if only the holding would have won out......

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  • No. If she has jumped in a different relationship she had to give you warnings by trying to get you to see what's happening and being loyal she eventually stopped trying until then. Once that step, she might feel sorry and come around and disappear but no chances of getting together it will only hurt both if tried

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