I need advice from Taurus women!!!

  • not ... *or you ... but ... *for you

  • Asia118x, its really up in your hands on what you wanna do, but don't get your expectation ups too much with your ex, you know that he already 'ditch' you before for some stupid reason. There is no telling if he is not gonna do it again in the future. So, if you wanted to try to get connected with him again, make sure that this time you are 'well prepared' for all the worst case scenarios, especially now you are still trying to heal your wounds. Make sure that you can move on with ease if something bad will happen between both of you, before you try to contact him.

    About your parents, I think they really wanted the best for you, eventhough sometime they seems to try to put you in cage for some good reason. And, I believe even if sometime they seems to be just some old people who just didn't get us, they can see 'things' that is not right, that we can't see, because they already live long enough before us and with all the knowledges along with it.

    For ex: My mom used to tell my younger sister that the guy my sister picked was so wrong, but because my sister was deeply infatuated with him at the time, she couldn't see the real him. Until ... the real him comes out, and its opening my sister's eyes.Then she starts running back to my mother, crying, and saying 'I'm really sorry, and I should have listened to you in the 1st place'. Well ... thankfully she is now married with a good guy, that my mother said 'He is a good guy for you' when she introduced him to her.

  • "I'm sorry bro, but I'm gonna be blunt, I don't think your ex care about you, or maybe ever? I don't know, you are the only one that who knows her. If anything ... I think she only care about herself, once she think that the guy who supposedly can provide safety / romance for her already unable, she will jump to another new guy. And, you really don't wanna married and have kids with that kind of woman, thank god you didn't marry her, just think what will happen to your marriage, and your kids."

    SagittariusSign: You are 100% right on with this comment. Now if you could just convince my heart of this I would very grateful lol.

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  • Thanks Cancerman276 and Sagitarrius Sign. Appreciate it, I already talked to everyone about it though so I will continue on with my decision to contact him on Facebook only because I feel it will make me stronger and put all my feelings (though small) aside Im prepared to deal with it all Ive survived worse and I can survive again-He's the one who has to answer to me remember lol. It doesnt matter though when Hans said it can help him get rid of unhealthy attachments and also Hans said he misses me and still loves me-it made me think. By adding him I can help him and myself because I care and still love him but know I can do better but it makes it better that Im helping 2 people at once myself and him. When do you guys think I should add him (I say sometime after mother's day?) ?

  • Now Ive been trying to ignore my gut feeling but I have a feeling I should add him today.

  • I went ahead and added him wish me luck! I'm pretty nervous 🙂

  • Asia118X Good luck Asia118X!!! I pray things go well!! Keep us posted!

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  • 'SagittariusSign: You are 100% right on with this comment. Now if you could just convince my heart of this I would very grateful lol.'

    Just think this way ... that God have many ways in saving people's life ... and he choosed this way to save your future ... by breaking your relationship up with your ex ... its good that you breaking up with her while you still in boyfriend and girlfriend stage, rather than when you already in married stage with kids ... trust me ... you really don't want to marry your ex, and messed up your dream about a good marriage and family. She is the wrong woman to get involved with, for ex: Your house (your marriage n family) is likely to crumble easily if you choose to use the wrong foundation (your potential mate - girlfriend / wife) to start with.

  • Hey - is anyone on??

    And Piscesstar - where are YOU girl?????

  • Hey everyone. It's been a bit of a rough night tonight. Love is incredibly hard to let go of. My memories continue to haunt me. So much so that they feel like they are holding me hostage. I must break free from them but I don't know how. Or maybe I do and I just don't want to. It's amazing how when love is mixed into a relationship it becomes all that matters. faults and selfish desires get thrown on the back burner until love begins to fade and reality sets back in. I believe part of my problem is my ex and I never got to that point where reality sets back in because it was long distance and when we saw each other it was always like a honeymoon.

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  • Hey you two. I am so sorry you both had bad nights. What you both are going through is very difficult. But, both of you are surviving. I think you both need to see that.

    Doeeyed - your story is a little different. Your relationship was never allowed to be. To grow, see where it went. The beginnings were there and then it was gone. You have to fight hard to work through it. My support is with you.

    Mark - Yours was different too in the long distance aspect. Yet, your ex really betrayed you. You have to do whatever you need to get closure.

  • Hi Guys, thought I would stop by and say hi.





    Doey & Cancerman,

    I think the water signs are going through a big wave right now, because for some odd reason, I feel the same way as you guys, only its not about the ex cancer man, its stuff around me at the moment, can't figure it out right now but working on it.

    Stay positive, lets ride the wave rather than go through it.

    HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the moms,

    not only today should we celebrate who we are but everyday, this is the hardest job in the world and yet the most rewarding.

    Love your children no matter what and be sure to tell them everyday how much you Love and Appreciate them, then tell them to go clean their room!! LOL

    Cancerman, we are here for you. btw, admin deleted your email address.

    Chin up guys, Happy Sunday to all!

  • PISCESSTAR _ YOU did not miss my bday..it is the 15th!!

    I am sorry you felt that way too!! Happy Mothers day to all of you as well!!

    What's going on???

  • Happy Mothers Day Everyone!!!! And thank you once again for your love and support! You are all a blessing in my life, truly! I pray with all my heart that God brings you peace and love and turns all you sadness into joy. You all deserve it!! Keep you head up and keep the faith. I thank God for each and every one of you!!!

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