I need advice from Taurus women!!!

  • Hello Taurus women. I recently lost my lovely taurus girl to an Aquarius man and I want to know if I can get her back. To make a long story short, it was a long distance relationship and it was amazing, but I dragged my feet on getting my life in order so I could move back to her area (I used to live in her area). She lost faith in me being a secure man, so she dumped me for her Aquarius tattoo artist. I lost control of my emotions when she broke up with me and I think that made things worse because I was showing major weekness. There was no cheating and we were looking at engagement rings together a few weeks before she dumped me. I saw her one last time after the breakup and we both cried in each others arms for like 20 minutes. When I left she told me she loved me, and when I got home she text me saying "I'm not going anywhere..."

    It's been three weeks since we brokeup, and she started sleeping with her tattoo artist almost immediately after. He is so wrong for her, it's not even funny, and I'm not saying that out of jealousy. They could not be more opposite. They make no sense together at all. She is so stuck in her ways, shy, awkward, and stubborn as hell, and he is crazy, outgoing, and loves to try new things.

    I do not contact her, but she does text me occasionlly with random crap that reminders her of me or just to make sure I'm ok.

    My question is, how do I go about getting her back? Should I continue the no contact policy I put in place? or should I text her to keep me in her mind? I deactivated my Facebook account so she doesn't have any way of knowing what I'm doing, and so I won't be made crazy by seeing her face everyday.

    Please Taurus Women!!! Help!!!!

    Thank you in advance! 🙂

  • Sorry, I meant weakness not weekness. And we brokeup 3 months ago not 3 weeks ago. 🙂

  • Hmmm the only problem with us taurus women is that once we make up our minds - we're pretty mcuh done. For me the looking at rings and never buying one....waiting and waiting and waiting on you....even the most patient of us can give up on you. ESPECIALLY if theres no security! I have alot of air in my chart even though my sun sign in taurus and even i look for some type of security!

    Now that being said the first thing I'd tell you is never tell her she made a mistake in dumping you (dont even insinuate it too harshly)....she'll end up doing what she wants to prove she isn't wrong in moving on. (so dont criticize her move to the artsy tattoo guy). Second maybe she's trying to get emotionally atttached to him hence the jumping into bed with him (been there done that - big mistake for me!) .....to win her back youll have to be everything you promised you would be. We remember all of those empty promises so I really do hope you remember all of them!

    You'll have to prove you miss her.....and you'll have to suffer in the process.....otherwise how would she know you really cared at all? For some of us it's a small thing we need to prove you really did love us......you have figure out what her's is. And it could be as simple as asking AFTER you make the move to be closer to her. For example: It could be as simple as 1. move closer to her - find a way to let her know you have facebook or whatever......a short response to a text she send you etc.......then 2. ask her how can you prove she's important to you? That you'd like another opportunity at getting this right.

    Good luck - I hate to say it but you may need it!

  • Yeah, I'm a Taurus woman as well and I agree with that Sunbuddy said... I also thought about that (you moving to where she lives if that's what you both were planning), you'll have to risk and move where she is,,,, did she ever thought of moving to where you live??

    But you do have to prove that you are for real and no making her wait anymore... how long have you two been together?

    did she ever complain about issues between you two? or aired concerns?

  • Thank you so much for the advice Sunbuddy. I am doing everything I can to do the things I need to do to make her feel secure. I plan on moving back to her area this spring or summer and I hope to prove to her that I meant everything I said. I am not moving just to be with her though, I want to move back regardless, but it would be great to get her back. I hear Aquarius men are terrible for Taurus women since they need tons of space and are known for being extra flirty, which I know Taurus women are not fond of, plus I hear they are unpredictable which also goes against the security they desire. Would you say that is true?

    Also, so is it a bad idea to ignore her? I don't want her to think I'm waiting around for her either. Any more advice on this would be great.

    Thank you so much! 🙂

  • oh and I forgot to ask how much of a cancer man (sun, moon, etc) are you? If you hide in your shell every time you get scared confused whatever - that could have given her the idea that emotionally you werent all in.....just a thought.....

  • Oops didn't see that you'd posted when I replied. OK I know the man thing is to not move for her or to let her know that that is the reason you did BUT.....she needs to know it was a part of the reason you moved. If you really love her your ego will suffer a bit here.

    Flirty we dont mind IF we have emotional security. I'm with a gem right now and I dont mind him flirting cause it doesnt mean anything - heck I flirt alot too! BUT there's no question who belongs to who (and yes, we taurus' love to own our partners, even if we really dont! I hope that makes sense) As for aquas not being best for us....well you dont know the rest of his chart so that's debateable....ALOT of my longtime friends are aquas. They just seem to get me......you could be up against that too.

    I have to say even unpredictable can be predictable....depends on what kind of taurus she is. If she's capable of looking at the big picture even the most unpredictable of people have patterns......my gem does (although I wouldnt tell him lol) ......and you can ignore her for a bit make her wonder where you're at but honestly if you want her back.....you have to suffer a bit and yes, I'm sorry to say at the expense of your ego and emotions. Hard for crabs to do I hear they like to do that in private......I'd make the move sooner than later.....if she's all in emotionally with the aqua technically youre out........sorry. But for most of us we only do one at a time.....emotionally, sexually, time etc. If she were just dating him you'd have a better shot I think.

  • HappyDoc: She would never consider moving where I live and that is ok because I would never ask her. I don't like where I live. I moved for a job. We were together just over a year and she almost never talked about her emotions which was annoying. I do talk about my emotions so she was well aware of my issues, and we all have them, but she was completely unable or unwilling to put herself in my shoes. She went from being the most amazing sweet girl to the coldest girl I have ever met over night. I have never seen anything like it. I still love her more than anyone though and I know we would be great together. I don't know if there is another man on this planet that can out up with her stuck in her ways personality and her incredible stubbornness.

    Sunbuddy: I am new to astrology and I don't know if I've a sun or moon Cancer. How do I figure that out?

    What do you think she meant by saying "I'm not going anywhere..."?

  • This post is deleted!

  • She is completely unable to see things from anyone's perspective but her own and that is frustrating. This is my first relationship with a Taurus women and I feel like maybe she is a bit immature but so am I in certain ways. She definitely lives in her own little world, and it is pretty world, but life is not always pretty and I'm not sure if she is willing to accept that. I have a feeling she thinks everything in life is supposed to just flow like a beautiful stream, but sometimes life is hard, and in order for any relationship to work, we must accept that and deal with it. I am a good guy who has a little baggage from my past, but who doesn't. I am working on my issues and I will take care of them. We never fought over anything.

    I think she has had a crush on this Aqua guy for a long time but they were both in long term relationships until now. Just to give you a better idea of how different they are here are a few examples. She hates motorcycles because they scare her and she said she faught with her ex all the time because he wanted to buy one. This Aqua guy just bought one and she gave him a thumbs up on facebook when he posted a picture of it. That seems odd considering how much she supposedly hats them. She also used to complain about how immature her ex's friends where and this guy has the most immature friends on the planet. They are like the guys from Jackass. They all skateboard and drink like crazy. Oh and she hates smokes, he smokes and she always complained about how bars are lame but that's all this guy does is hang out with his friends at bars.

  • Thank you for the link, I will definitely check it out!

    One more thing I find odd is when we were together all she talked about was wanting kids and a family, and that's what I want as well. She posted something on facebook about not wanting kids now, which I suspect has something to do with her new boy toy. He seems like way to much of a party guy to want to settle down right now. I just don't think he will give a crap about her once he realizes she isn't the party girl he thinks she is. She is not interested in much of anything outside of her small world and from what I gather from people who know him, he loves adventure and excitement. I think he will get bored quick once the sex gets old.

  • Sunbuddy's given you good advice, i quite agree.

    Let me tell you something you are not doing yourself any favours by deactivating that facebook and not by not communicating at all. Her giveng the biker boy a thumbs up for his bike is for YOU to see that. Subtle hint that its possibly not over with her and you.

    "What do you think she meant by saying "I'm not going anywhere..."?"= I'm still here for you, but get your ass in order pronto. You really pushed me to the edge, next time we'll be done for good. However if you don't get this hint you're dust and i hate you for putting me thru all the stress of still having feelings for you! Vent over.

    Don't by any means EVER show any kind of weakness, never be indecisive, vague and NEVER ever not reply her texts. How rude can you get. How ungrateful.

    LOL, but its true.

  • EgyptianQueen

    Thank you for the sound advice. I am working hard at getting my life together and I plan to move to her area this spring/summer. I just don't want her to think I'm stalking her because I would never do that. I have never stalked anyone, and I do not plan to start now. I was planning to move and be with her but I hate where I live now and want to be back to her area. Some of my best friends live their as well. So I plan on moving regardless if there is any changce of her and I getting back together.

    The problem with Cancer men and Taurus women is the Taurus women has more stable emotions and is more headstrong. Which is a problem because no women want's to think they are mentally and emotionally more stable than their man. I am working on this as well because I know now that I must be strong and decisive if I ever want to get her back. I really wish I would have gotten into the Zodiac before I met her. It has given me such an amazing insight into her world.

    So I'm confused on how to treat her now. Should I reactivate my Facebook account? Should I try to be good friends with her or should I make it clear that I don't just want to be friends? The truth is I am crazy about her and it is difficult for us cancers to just be friends with the women we love. However, I am definitely willing to give it a go if you think it would give me a better chance?

    Most people say you should never be friends with a girl you are trying to get back but you Taurus women are a special breed so what should I do?

    Thank you so much for the advice all you wonderful Taurus women have given me. Are all you Taurus women elegant and beautiful like my ex? I sware I have never met a women more beautful and sexy in my life. I wasn't head over heels attracted to her physically when we first met but my God did that change when she revealed her soul to me.

  • Please ignore the grammer lol.

  • grammar not "grammer". hahaha! Damn us cancers overthink everything!

  • I just don't know if it's a good idea to let her think that I will be there if things with the new guy don't workout? Wouldn't that make me seem weak, even though it is likely true lol?

    God I hate being inlove sometimes. It's the most beautiful and most painful experience a person can go through. Especially for us cancers!

  • All taurus women seem regal somehow....at least all the ones I know. Kind of a quiet elegance....as for over thinking yes you are very much a cancer LOL.....its ok part of your charm Im sure. 🙂 Uh no use it (the move) like "Im determined to be close to you even if it's just to suffer because I love you."

    See love doesnt make you weak - it makes you fearless even when you see that you'll suffer in the process. Thats what makes us fall for those artsy types....they suffer completely within themselves and then find a way to express it and amaze us. Musicians, painters etc......they may "over feel" but find a way to express it that we can truly feel it. So she now needs to FEEL that you love her.....and truly love her for all the pain and whatnot you'll suffer.......besides you never know what life will bring you. Perhaps in the move you find someone that you didnt plan on meeting .......the hardest part is keeping your heart open to the possibilities .....all of them.

    And for most taurus women.....if you're in the friend zone you're there until you can prove otherwise. As you all have a past she knows what there is to be found with you.....now you have to show her that there's more.....there's actually the man she fell in love with in there.

  • Thank you so much for all the advice Sunbuddy. I definitely fancy you taurus girls! You are so practical and beautiful! I love that about you! I'm hooked...... and I can't stop staring, oh baby, I want to get with you, and take your picture.... wow did I really just sing Sir-Mix-Alot lol

    I am on a mission to become the man I want to be, which means gaining better control of my emotions and working hard to get more finacial security. Losing my love has changed my life, and I am grateful for that, but now I want her back 🙂

    I don't think I want to let her know that I'm moving until the truck is packed up and ready to go. That way I won't let her down again if my timing isn't what I say. I need to prove to he that I'm a man of my word, and I am, but time is not my friend lol 🙂

    So should I reactivate my facebook account or not? And if I do, should I keep my distance and not bug her too much, or play it cool?

    I do believe she is testing the Aqua man out to see if he can offer the things I was lacking. I know he can't touch me when it comes to giving her emotional secuirty and the affection all you Taurus women crave, but finacially, he is more sound than I am, and I know you crave that just about as much. 🙂

  • Reactivate dear Cancerman. For two reasons

    1. she will know you are around and available for her to keep her hopes up even if she may feel a bit too proud to show her feelings.

    By the way while you on facebook tone down your posts on other females walls or anybody's really but esp the females. Don't comment on any pretty phots- danger! If females post on yours don't respond. That way hopefully she'll be analysing and thinking you so not interested in other females. That as a taurus woman would make me very happy. Of course she won't have to tell you this little victory of her, its your punishment. You of all people don't have to know EXACTLY how she feels about u until maybe if it suits her.

    2. if you don't switch on facebook how will you know how she is getting on with this Aquarium? get back on it, as painful a it maybe you have to know.

    Also she'll know that you don't hate her by allowing her to 'see' you online.


  • Go TAURUS Women!! Yeii 🙂

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