Akashic Records For February 2011

  • a message from Akashic Records channeled by Jen Eramith MA

    What energies and experiences can we expect in February 2011?

    The energy of this month feels like you are being jerked forward. It is very similar to the feeling of climbing onto a roller coaster and sitting down in your seat, buckling up and when the roller coaster first starts to move, it jerks you forward. You might feel like you get pulled suddenly forward then yanked backward. It is similar to the feeling of when a train starts moving.

    Many of you may feel out of control this month, but actually you are not losing control. The reason the Keepers give the metaphor of a roller coaster is to make sure you think of this in terms of fun. When someone gets onto a roller coaster, it is almost always because they want to. They think it will be fun. This is similar to what you are doing here by living at this time on Planet Earth.

    You are still alive here because you think it might be fun it you stick around. Even if things are difficult, even if it feels scary at some points along the way -- you are here because ultimately from the perspective of your soul, you think this is fun. What is happening in the world now is interesting and you want to be here for it. Think about that as you move through this month. Consider that even if you are not in perfect control of how the roller coaster is moving, you are in control of your choice to be on the ride. From the perspective of your soul, this ride is not long. Enjoy it while you are here.

    Your work to do, and the place where you have power, is to set yourself up to be stable and feel safe as you move forward. This month is the chance to buckle your seat belt. It is time to make any final adjustments in your life to ensure your stability and safety moving forward. It is time to organize things and put them in their proper place. Make sure everything in your life is in good working order. Make sure you have a plan for what to do with upcoming events.

    Also do this in your relationships. Look at how your relationships are structured and bring them into full working order. If you have an agreement with a friend, spoken or unspoken, this is the month to make sure it works for you and makes you happy. It is time to have conversations that clear the air and set new expectations.

    It will be so much easier for you to do this now than it will be to try to do it when things are moving faster later this year. Take your time this month. Pay attention to what is working what is not and put things in order. Organize things. Restructure your life so that everything moves more fluidly.

    What more can we do to work with the energy of this month?

    There is a sense that many of you will have a strong connection to your higher selves and intuition this month. Many will receive strong messages about what you need to do next. This is a month to answer your calling. It is a good time to find a more clear sense of what your calling is. Stop trying to make it something you think it should be and finally let yourself follow your heart and your joy. You will be drawn toward certain experiences this month that will give you clues and help you refine your life's mission. Pay attention to what calls your attention and move toward it. Find something to do and doit. This is an important time to decide how your life will help benefit the bigger picture of the world around you.

    Is there anything else the Keepers want to tell us about February 2011?

    You might see collective chaos this month. Right now it appears that there is a higher potential for big collective events to occur that operate as turning points. Social situations might be turned around, so you might see many people feeling afraid. You might see people behaving erratically or dramatically about what is happening in the world around them.

    Again, the calling for you is to pay attention to how you feel and find something you can do based on what you feel passionate about. If you are following your passion, you can trust that others are following theirs. Eventually, if you are following your own passion, that focus will put your life in order and bring you peace. Eventually, as more of you follow your passion, this will bring order to all of humanity. Things might looks chaotic this month, but keep your focus on order. Focus on putting things where they belong or where they can be most useful.

    February 4, 5, and 6 might be particularly challenging. There is a sharp energy and you may find people being critical of themselves and others. You might avoid people on these days, or try not to have your feelings hurt easily. Try to have a thick skin.

    February 13 has a strong connection to Spirit. It is a good day for clairvoyance, so pay attention to your intuition this day. Find time for meditation.

    This month can be challenging, but remember that it is supposed to be fun. A roller coaster is fun if you relax and move with the changes. You wanted to be here for this. Do your best to find fun in the midst of challenges. Even as you are working hard to organize your life in a new way, be sure that you find something to laugh about and celebrate!

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