• gonna make this very long story short but here it goes.

    i used to work with a taurus female at my job for almost two years..2008-2010.

    she was my manager that hired me for a stock postition when i applied.getting to the point.ever since i was working there we got to talk here and there when the store was not so busy.but overall mostly work related....toward the time i was leaving the store.(another job)we started getting close.she always asked me to help her with project and we ended up talking..theres was one time we where talking and i and asked her was she buying anything for her boyfriend before the store sale ended.and she laugh and she didnt have a boyfriend.making the long story short,i could tell she really liked me.she used to always smile and stare at me.but on the last day i was leaving.i whent up to her and i spoke for a bit and then said and qoute.i know your always working but i like to call you...she laugh in blushing tone.then i said i dont mean to just ask you out the blue like that but im leaving next week and would like to keep in touch,she ask me why i was leaving in a very concern tone.... i told her i had another job and could not come back..she then smiled and said that was fine.....NOW HERES THE PROBLEM...this was in july of was sad to say but i lost my job and my car..two weeks after...i left the job.and i didnt want to call her untill i got another job agin.because i couldnt do anything for her at the time of that happening.i didnt get a job agin untill october...i finaly called her in novemeber...i called got no answer..then i left a message saying i know its been awhile but call me back.i did not hear from her still...i called up a friend of mines thats a coworker that works with her.i ask him if she was still single because shes not responding to me and he said yea and told me the days she work.i then whent up to the job a week later.i saw her.and she saw me.she smiled.but i could tell it look like she was pissed.but hiding it well..she then asked how i was...i told her what was going on with me.but she was acting very indifferent..i told her i been trying to call and she said she just been busy because of the holidays.i ask when was it best to call and she said she didnt know.after that, she ask me where was i working.i told her the airlines..then she said o okay well it was nice to see you agin and then whent back to working.before i left the store.i saw her talking to a female cowork looking upset about something and when she was done talking.the girl she was talking to glance in my direction....i call her later that night after she got off and i still got no answer....that was a week before black friday.i then waited to try her agin in december....its was christmass time and i got her a box of candy and a funny card.i whent back into the store and talk to her agin but about helping with items to get people for chrismass...she was still acting indiffrent.but when i gave her the gift.she said i was sweet.and i let her get back to work..but when i was in line buying the items i got..the same coworker she looked like she was complaining to look at me and smiled as if she like what i did....before i left the store i spoke to her agin..i asked her if she was busy managing,she said no.i asked her what was she doing for chrismass and she said spending time with her family.i so okay and before i left she said thanks agin...i called her the day after.i still got no answer..i sent her a text after saying (hey was thinking of you and thought i give you a me back when you get the chance)she replide the next day saying..hey i got your text but im a bit confused on why you ask me for my number,i thougth it was for a reference and i didnt know there where anyother motives.but i should have said this earlier but i have a boyfriend.your a sweet guy and thanks for the gift but if its any other motives im happy in the relationship im in sorry...:0(..after that i was very upset at her trying to act nieve insted of being honest about her feelings..i text her back saying no i just wanted to be friends..i got no responce..later that night on my lunch breack i call her agin but she sent my nuber strait to voice mail....... next day i called and left a message saying that i got her text and i respect how she feels and that if i hurt her in any way by not calling for a while then i was sorry .i told her she was still ginuin to me and to take care and have a good christmass...

    i have not contacted her since then.i know the number one thing to do it to move on.witch i am doing but is there anyway possible way.i can get her interested agin? thanks

    ps.thanks for reading my letter.i know it was long.

  • Hello Loveandrelationships....

    I hope other Taurus woman reply to you as well... I'm going to go with you need to back off A LOT for a while... like 3-4 months...

    do you really like her?

    it didn't help that you said "just wanted to be friends", because all you calls, with the gift etc does not say "friend" at all...

    BUT the weird thing here is her saying that she DOES have a boyfriend... for a woman to make something up like that (supposing she doesn't have one) it's a big deal... either she completely decided she is not interested.... and maybe she did get a boyfriend in the meantime but it might not last...

    so you have to give her enough time to cool down... and wonder what's happening in your life... for next time you call her as "friend" she'll be willing to talk and see where things go....

    Anyway I hope u get more advice here, good luck to you! 🙂

  • I'm going to agree with HappyDoc here - uh, actually if it was me I'd be thinking is he stalking me? And even if you are looking long term with her take it down a notch or ten. 🙂 See when we're interested shy or not we'll respond just enough to keep you around, we'll answer phone calls and messages. And if she really thoguht of you as a friend there'd be no doubt that she'd have responded....we love our friends our TRUE friends. Now here's the hard part.....we taurus are very natural "flirts" not that we intend to be people misunderstand it..... we genuinely care ....about EVERYONE in some way. It doesnt imply we like you or want more with you it just is what it is....we care. Even if we'll never see you again - I've had people in the grocery store talk to me about personal things and then laugh saying they never intended to but I looked like I "understood "......I'd say that if you're serious about her head back to square one. Build a friendship with her.....a real one. Take it slow (with a Taurus it has to be REAL slow) earn her trust and then you take the chance about 6 months to a year out to see if you have a shot. LOL not very promising I know but honestly at this point it may be the only chance you have. ??? Good luck!

  • thanks alot for the virgo man.forgot to say.

  • Oh honey--the bull was stung bad and seeing red. She so was excited by your interest--your promised phone call. If you were so interested why did you not call--your excuses will never be enough. She said to herself--I how dare you toy with my heart--get me revved up and blow me off! I don't think so--then the bull saw red and said never again! When a bull makes a stand--digs in her hoofs ain't nothing short of magic going to move that resolve

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hey happydoc..... its virgo man agin...i have one more question to and where do i even begin to try to approach her as a friend,when i do this,and if that does not work then i know its just not destined to no worries lol...but anyway,im really sincere in every thing i do thats why i are there any good tips you can provide,where as when i do this,i wont do anything to make it worse and have her thinking im something pathetic.......THANKS! AGIN. for all your help and advice.

  • hey sunbuddy.i like your tips and advice on my reply to happydoc a typical virgo we worry sometimes,a little.. :o( but thanks alot sweethearts. 🐵

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  • sorry, hadnt been on in a while 🙂 as to how to approach her? Dont her once every three weeks or so. Leave a message, hey this is (your name) just wanted to see how all was going. Hope all is well. Talk to you almost have to throw it out there methodically .....every three/four weeks for I dont know 4 - 5 months or the point where she begins to go hey I havent heard from (your name). Then push it back to 5 - 6 weeks. then curiousity kicks in....why hasnt he called? hopefully by then she sees the predictability of your actions......and is then expecting something from It is a SLOWWWWW process to win over a hurt bull.....think the horse And you HAVE to keep yourself in control. All those self doubts will sabatoge you! I know your a virgo - arent you guys very methodical and analytical? use that for you.....not against you! And its a long process but you have to decide if she's really worth it first otherwise you'll tear yourself up waiting for someone that is going to take their time getting over their hurt and onto you. Good lucK!!!!

  • ok sunbuddy sounds like a really good do seem like you understand

    i almost forgot to say but back in early march my old coworker called me...the one that was giving me the scoop on whats going on....i missed his call and called him back..he claimed that he got a new phone and that he dailed my number by mistake...but getting to the point,i was speaking to him for a little bit afterwords he ask me how was things going with me and her..i told him nothing at the moment and that i dont know how things are with her..then i asked was see seeing someone and he quickly said no she single,she is still alone...

    my point in saying this that..... do you think he was sounding me out about her or do you think he really called me by mistake and just wanted to see what was going on since then????

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