Opening of the minds eye?

  • For about a month now, I have been doing automatic writing sessions. I have also been working on clearing my chakras, and now I have a dull ache between my eyes on my forehead. If anyone can help out in explaining or giving some advice on something that I should be working more on, It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for helping me 😃

    Love and Light,


  • Hi Jenny,

    The dull ache between your eyes is most probably from opening and activating your third eye or psychic center. To expand this area, use visualization/meditations which will help to continue bringing up your energy to your 7th chakr, aka the crown chakra and your connection to the Divine.

    Automatic writing is a form of channeling and learning to meditate and connect with your highself will raise your vibration more and allow you to connect to higher realms of guides and messages. You could continue this way to accelerate your spiritual growth. There are also many healing modalities out there, Reiki is one that comes to mind that will help you gain unique insight to yourself and help others as well.

  • Thank you so very much trickyraven. I have been reading and studying and trying for years to establish a connection with my guide(s) my higher self........ to no avail...One morning, right before I woke up..... a name was almost yelled at me. A day or two went by, then suddenly, I was told to pick up a pencil and put it to paper. When I did, I got the full name of one of my spirit guides. He told me in one of my sessions that Reiki is one thing that I REALLY needed to learn. Thank you so very much again 😃 I know that I have read about what you have just told me...... With me still in the AWAKENING stage, I think that I just need someone to tell me its not just me feeling that lil crazy 😃

    Love and Light,


  • jennyrenee, the book Power of the Soul by j o h n holland is a great book that might help you with this. He has others to that might be helpful, but I've not read them yet. Sounds like you are doing great! Good luck and much love and light to you on your journey.

  • Hi jennyrenee!

    Automatic writing is a form of channeling and one of the numerous ways to step into the stream of universal consciousness. It sounds like your guides Have been trying to get your attention and quite loudly! : ) You mentioned that you now have the name of one of your guides and that you have only been doing the writing for a month. If you feel the writing to be something concrete that you Need to view or just have in front of you, stick with it.

    If you want to let the writing go, KNOW that you can do that too and still have the information. Once the you've entered the stream its always open. Plus, your guide will always help -- thats what he's there for! When I'm tired or feeling like I don't want to expend energy for whatever reason, read as Lazy : ), I'll pick up a Tarot deck. As you become more comfortable, play with it. Its just like anything else you set out to learn ... Often the way a reader starts out, is not where they end up.

    K, the real reason your post got my attention! I too am having what I deem Pressure ( tons of emphasis on that word even as I type, LOL! ) on my 6th Chakra. I am a REIKI practitioner and because of being new I thought something was wrong with me. (I have never had this occur and as a psychic/medium info flows quite freely, even when I do not want it too!!) Anyway, I rationalized ---- its the cold weather, its the barometer or maybe I have a sinus thing going on. I also do chakra clearing and pendulum work and tried that .... still got the all clear. Finally, I confessed at a Reiki share that I thought I must be messed up about ....... something, : ) ..... and could someone check. They too found nothing unbalanced. Ugh!

    So ---- Take Reiki if you can and continue with the writing until you decide to move on. Maybe someone else will see your post and offer something else. The last conclusion I came to was a link between the 6th and 2nd chakras ( maybe see if that strikes you too. ? ) and this Ascension which everyone speaks of. I'll stop here as that is a whole other story.

    I'll keep an eye out and hope something new comes up. Please share if you learn anything new, k?

    Peace ~ Laie

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