TheCaptain, some help please.

  • Hi there Captain! I am in urgent need of some advice. My birthdate is 30/05/1992.

    I was all planned on moving state and going to a big city (Melbourne :)) but I got accepted into the University where I live and for me I see my education as practically everything, I see it as my ticket and plus, I love learning and the atmosphere it brings with it. But when I found out I was getting into the University, I didn't so much care and still wanted to move.

    I got everything sorted and started saving, still am saving, I was going in prepared this time because I have moved out of home to Melbourne before but it didn't work out. I was so sure I would get there this time and not fail and move back home but... I'm starting to doubt myself and wondering if I should go to the Uni here and move into Uni accommodation... It would make things alot easier and I really do want to jump straight into Uni but... But somehow this is making me feel like I am taking the easy way out because of laziness or something, I am not sure, half the time I don't know what emotions I'm feeling or how to describe them.

    Also, you once said I suppressed my abilities in your "What did you come here to learn" post and I agreed. I thought if I moved to Melbourne though it would be sort of a spiritual awakening, I would be around more open minded people and there would be plenty of groups dedicated to these sorts of things that I could go to... Lately however I have been having some strange things happen that never had before, nothing to do with spirits, just... Like I had a dream and it came true that very day in some aspects of it and it sounds trivial or stupid but I will think of a movie or a really random topic and that day I will watch tv and there it is... These things happening have got me thinking maybe I am opening myself up to the things that scared me, maybe I am letting it all come back to me. God knows I want to!

    Sorry for rambling on...

    I'm not even sure what I'm even asking... I think... I want to know if I stay here and go to Uni, will things work out or is it the right path... And with any abilities I have, how do I strengthen them, what should I try and strengthen... I don't know. Maybe you can gauge from what I wrote what I need to know I'm just confused... And I suppose scared. I need some guidance, please help me.

    Thankyou in advance. And anyone willing to offer advice, I would appreciate it and thankyou in advance as well.

    peace and happiness to you all,


  • I feel like you were very open to the world of psychic activity as a child but that you sensed or 'saw' some things that frightened you and you closed down. Now that same fear has its grip on you still. But you are not a child now and won't have the same childish reactions. Trust that becoming more aware of the unseen life around you is the way we all must go. Your guides and angels will keep you safe. Becoming aware of the magical unseen energies around us is the most wonderful experience you can have. Just don't get overwhelmed with all the learning you are doing at the moment, both in the inner and outer worlds. You are always protected and loved - even more now that the side of light is back in charge of the earth.

    And I don't see how staying at the Uni accommodation is taking the easy way out. It means you are slowly transitioning from being at home to the outside world and that is a good thing.

  • Thankyou Captain. What you said made me think and I looked back to when I was a child and honestly I can't think of anything that scared me, I was always a loner (still am :P) and kind of revelled in this gift, I loved it. However when I was about... 15 it all got a bit much and I discovered that it wasn't all good. We lived in one house and I knew something was wrong with it, I felt intimidated into acknowledging it, whatever it was and... I spent about half a year in that house and became depressed, suicidal and I even gained an eating disorder. Paranoid too, especially about the elderly couple next door.

    It was kind of frightening to say the least.

    Since that though, I have discovered guides and angels and now that I am trying to learn more about all of this when I become scared I just ask for their help and I feel calmed.

    Can I ask, what do you mean by "even more now that the side of light is back in charge of the earth." ?

    And thankyou Captain for your opinion on me going to Uni, I sort of had the decision made up in my mind but was doubtful and wanted some reassurance from someone I could trust. I'm an admirer of yours, bit like a secret fan, I feel I can trust you ^^.

  • For a very long time, those who believe in negativity - things like hatred, immorality, greed, selfishness etc. - have been ruling the world and bringing it down to their level. Finally last year there were enough people who were tired of this 'dark rulership' to say "there must be another way" and positivity won out. The balance of power shifted back to the side of goodness. People started to turn away from a materialistic selfish lifestyle and began thinking more spiritually and compassionately and 'out of the box'. They stopped accepting that the way of inequality and unfairness was the only way. And the effect has been a lightening of the earth's aura and energy and future. Now things that were not possible under the influence of the darkness can come true.

  • Wow, that's fairly amazing. I don't even know what to say to it if I'm honest.

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