February 2011: The Unfolding Heavens

  • a message from Polaris channeled by Talyaa Liera / Karen Murphy

    It is beginning. The world of magic you have been creating, breathing into life, is beginning to take shape this month. This is the month when some of the difficulties and uncertainties stirred up in late 2010 and early 2011 begin to fall away, leaving new shapes and new glorious designs in their place. The life you are creating begins now. You knew this, right? You knew that fruit would come of your labors, your travails, your intense questioning and down-to-the-bone anxieties. You knew, else you would not have persevered. You would not be here now, taking this in, beginning to receive the gifts you are giving yourself.

    It is a glimpse of the heavens.

    Feeling at peace with the life choices you are making is paramount and is one of the rewards that comes within this month, even if the feeling is only fleeting. You knew this, didn’t you? That things will continue to change, emerge and evolve? Life is not static. It does not stay in one place. No, your experiences are constantly changing as you create the next and the next and the next. The more okay you are with this state of constant flux, the more you open to the gifts you constantly are awarding yourself. Be present, then, this month with the gift you’ll receive at some point during the month of feeling at peace – truly at peace – with your life choices. Use that sensation later as a touchstone to bring you back again to center when life seems to be swirling around you uncontrollably, a maelstrom, leaving you breathless. Use the sensation that you will create for yourself as a guide, a way back to balance, to allow you the regain perspective when you most need it.

    That is what the heavens are like.

    Balance. Perspective. A sense of wholeness. A feeling of perfection, even for just that moment.

    Can you feel this? Can you feel the potentials of this in your life? For the coming year?

    This month sets the tone for the rest of the year. The opening that you sense now will – if you should so choose – provide a resting place, a holding space, for the Whatever It Is that you intend to create for the rest of the year. So choose wisely. What will follow you into the seasons to come? What works for you now? What changes – large or small – are necessary to help you attain what it is you seek? In fact, what ONE change can you make right now that supports your creation? Take a moment, right now. Why wait? THIS moment can begin your journey.

    Close your eyes and vision your future. See your Self-To-Come, six months down the road. Invite your creation to join you. See it, smile at it. Then look more deeply: what has changed? What one small thing has changed for you? Allow this to take shape and form in your mind’s eye. The change may be symbolic, metaphorical. Just note the one small thing. Then return to Now. Take note and allow for the shift that you will create, for the garden that grows within your life through your imagination, magic, and visioning.

    What to Expect This Month


    The month begins on edge for many people, a transition away from the previous year and more firmly into the next. If you are feeling raw and undeveloped, it could be that you are holding resistance to the very change and creation you wish to make. Try imagining what it might feel like to be in a sate of openness and uncompromising acceptance and flow. Even just for a moment. What might you feel in your body, your heart? What might change in your thought patterns?

    As the month progresses, you’ll feel shifts taking place in the patterns of how you regard your Self, as you become more firmly grounded in the new reality that you are beginning to create. Look for validation in glimpses of this new Self in the mirror as you pass by, or in clocks numbers as you have certain thoughts about your path, or in faces in a crowd, colors that appear as you pass by, or a certain feeling of knowingness and rightness.

    Affirmation: I AM capable of creating the magic in my life that I seek.


    This month can be challenging for some on the relationship front. The drive, the desire, is to connect more deeply with those in your life, but the shifting sands of Self can generate a sense of precariousness that may serve to undermine attempts at increased closeness. Be patient; the path you are following through deep inner Self work will prove fruitful in your relationships, but likely not until later in the year. Understand that you are not the only one on this path and try to hold compassion and love for those around you who may be just as raw, just as on edge, and just as deeply into their path of self exploration as you are. Be kind. Give love. Be prepared to receive love in ways you did not expect.

    Affirmation: I AM creating the love I desire.


    As the world shifts slowly away from isolation and more deeply into connectedness, there is fallout. Backlash. This is a lengthy process, but one that bears unexpected fruit this month. Just as the Egyptian uprising transfixed the world late last month and on into this month, more signs of a growing unrest with What Is and how we relate to one another through community – or lack thereof – will continue to surface. Understand that for the most part there is little political motivation for change; the drive comes from a desire to be seen and acknowledged as human. Politics are merely the convenient method to create change, a cause to grab onto. Look this month for new light shed on gross human rights violations and a necessary backlash as a result. Look also for the general backlash to significant change, which for some time now has been manifesting as the decay of individual rights and freedoms and a standpoint of public protection (manifesting as an increase in the police state).

    You can combat this by increasing your personal connections through local community. Reach out to a neighbor. Bring food to those in need. Organize a warm-clothing drive. Sing with friends. Make food together. Grow something. Create art with others. Expand your personal energy sphere outward into the world in a conscious manner that feels like fun to you.

    Affirmation: I AM the change I seek to create in my world.

    Global Politics

    The Egyptian uprising will create an energetic domino effect that likely will not have tangible effects until September. Meanwhile, however, governments continue to clamp down and keep what feels like control in an ever-shifting world. It’s a losing battle, but this won’t be truly evident for years. Until then, look for continued political unrest combined with increased governmental controls and draconian laws.

    Affirmation: I AM capable of holding space for the changes in the world to come.

    Earth Changes

    Along with the personal shifts taking place, reverberations echo around the world. Freaked out lately by reports of mass numbers of animals dying suddenly? Get ready for more, much more, of similar reports as the months go on. In addition, several portals will be opening up around the globe beginning this month that will create opening for sudden human disappearances and Bermuda Triangle-like occurrences. As energy increases in movement around the globe, shifting realities become more the norm.

    How to navigate these shifts and help support the planet’s evolution? Simply by being open to change. By realizing that impermanence is the norm. By using your imagination to vision the future, but staying detached from expectation. By loving your expanding Self and the path that you’re on.

    Affirmation: I LOVE the magic I am creating for the world.

    Global Spiritual Changes

    Sing a cosmic Kum-bay-yah this month as you connect more deeply into the high-heart energies that are beginning to become more evident. Feel your heart expanding now as you become more in tune with the rhythms of the Universe. Globally, the planet is preparing this month for the party to come: increased openings, reality time-space portals, visitations, and spontaneous awakenings (even on a mass level at times). The visioning done this month helps set the stage for the months to come.

    Affirmation: I AM connected to the heartbeat of the planet.

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