Power Struggle

  • Hi,

    This has all really been an ongoing power struggle...but I now have a new component and I am REALLY struggling with staying on the path I have been on all along (cuz I feel my editors are sooooo close to being done) or looking at a new option and thinking I can still continue the same path with two directions. I don't know if I need a psychic reading or tarot reading. My gut feeling is just not there to guide me on this. I have the power to take my book (still have to wait until its back from the editors...soon I think) and just put it onto amazon by myself...but I really feel my editors are bringing in an agent who might really take this into some huge hands...but do I want to wait it out? or just get it moving? Or will there be both ways turing on in the end???...I have a cover being designed...My direction is lost. I know this series will be going to great places but I am so lost on this path that has been shown to me. Like I said I don't know if it's a tarot reading I'm needing or if someone psychic that can offer a little sight of help.

    Molly 5/8/72 (Young Adult Novel JADE)

    Thank you again...following a dream is an emotional rollercoast worth every moment.

  • You definitely mustn't do this publishing thing alone.

  • As always Captain I thank you...It's a push and pull game and when others bring other ideas into the light I don't know if "someone" is saying something. My year and a half wait for the final cut of of book one as you know has been going on and on and on...My gut is saying that I will hear from them by Monday and the rest will go from there. Feb. 7th...that's been the day that has been stuck to me like glue. Thank you for keeping me true to me.



  • I agree with Captain. You've got to wait this out. Publishing a book isn't what many think it to be. It took a friend of mine 5 years to publish hers. And an agent? You really need one if you want that book to take off. Good luck with it!

  • Hi Molly,

    You are in a nice situation, I see advantages either way. First of all though, it's important to look at your Chiron placement and your North Node calling to see how your decision best plays to your life lesson - and I know you value learning your life lessons more than material success, right? Of course you do, we all do!


    So, here is what you have. Chiron is in your Natal chart's Aries, which signifies you are on a quest for your identity and your purpose in life. Usually there is something in our past that impacts our wholeness in this area, so I am guessing that you have struggled to depend on yourself alone, and tend to like the comfort of others, sticking with a group that can help you succeed. Unfortunately, that doesn't play well for you as your life lesson as indicated by your North Node calling in Capricorn indicates that the best course of action is to shrug off too much dependency with others, and be the pioneer in your own eyes - knowing that you blazed a new trail in your life where you made your success happen by your own two hands - and not because others stepped in to help you along. Capricorn NN is all about setting your goals and achieving them, and I know it drives you nuts when you are waiting around for others do their part before you can move on. You are also a sun sign Taurun, so you are really bullheaded about your life path and success, and do not like being stymied by others, and waiting around! That is because your real life lesson is learning to take complete charge of your life and know that in the words of Ol' Blue Eyes, "I did it my way!" 🙂

    Okay, on to the cards...

    I used an either/or 5 card spread to show you what will most likely happen in each case, and then you can decide.

    Path A = Amazon, Do it yourself and get your book out there!

    Path B = Wait for the "Big TIme"!

    Card 1 is "the situation" with Path A and that is indicated by the KNIGHT of SWORDS which is obviously a great advantage in terms of speed. This Knight is flying through the air and shows that you could certainly expect to get that fantastic book of yours OUT there fast! Nothing wrong with that! This also shows you "by yourself".

    Card 2 is "what will happen when you choose Path A" and this card is the Page of Swords. The page of swords is again showing you as an individual getting the job done largely by yourself. This page has a lot of childlike innocence, and tells me that you will learn a valuable life lesson going this route.

    Okay, Card 3 is the Three of Cups and this is the situation with Path B. This shows some real celebration in context with your involvement with a group of others, an agent, more traditional publishing. There is no mistaking the exuberance of these three ladies, bear in mind though that is a "group" you are now falling in with, and not yourself alone.

    Card 4 is the Six of Coins and it is sometimes known as the card of "good fortune". This indicates to me that going the "big time" path with an agent etc will result in good fortune and will certainly produce material success for you! Again though, keep in mind that the card is showing a group of people, and the ties and connections you will have with them. You will look back and remember that it was the agent, the publisher, the distribution channels, and whatever else they use to sell books that aided you to the success you desire.

    Now, the last card is the Two of Swords and this card shows a "Hidden Factor" and what is that? It is certainly showing a difficult decision on your part, however notice one very important thing about this card. The lady in this card is ALONE and she has a blindfold on, so this means you will have to rely on your intuition here, as both paths will work for you, Which is the right path is what your inner heart is whispering to you...

    Now, knowing what I know about your North Node/Chiron placement, I can tell you what I would do. DO IT "YOUR WAY" and use CreateSpace/Amazon or similar and get that book OUT THERE and know that you bulldozed your way through life into success WITHOUT waiting around for everyone else to finally get their act together. You will be able to look back and have the great satisfaction of knowing you took the bull by the horns and resisted the temptation of greater material success that can often eclipse the greater life lessons we all need to learn. PLUS, putting it on CS doesn't mean you can't find a great publisher later to do it the big time way... I say go Amazon and enjoy the feeling of knowing you took control and made it happen. This will move you in a good life direction because of your North Node placement.

    This also sends a wonderful message to other aspiring authors that anyone can do this and be a successful author, without the big publisher glamor and power. Anyway, you follow your heart and you will do just fine, either way, your book is going to be a BIG hit I see that for you!

    Best of luck and God Bless! You will make the right decision! 🙂


  • I also write and was warned that it takes at the very least eighteen months for a book to reach the bookshop shelves. It is normal for the publishing process to take some time - you must be patient. There is also Universal timing - when the time is right, things happen. Of course, you can self-publish but you must also be prepared to self-promote and go around all the book sellers and shops to push your unknown book. And you may not sell more than a handful of copies that way. People go with publishers because they are already trusted by the book sellers and have established a connection. When you are rich and famous, then you can think about self-publishing.

  • Wow and thank you in gratitude overflowing. It made me chuckle that the one card to see "YES...this way" is blindfolded as you can totally see me.

    Your right about how I feel either way...I KNOW it is going to go and you are right about the material stuff isn't as important as fullfulling my dreams. These stories I have in my head will take me home and family...that is my wealth.

    Either way though...I am still having to wait on the final from my editors. My gut feeling for this last month has told me to wait to contact them after Feb. 7th...that being said I think I will hear from them by that day anyway...Feb 7th...something about that day sticks to me.

    Would you mind when I receive this book back and see what the offering is on their side to seek you out about any changes?

    Thank you...I feel in charge but still waiting for everyone else to do their part to allow me to continue. Peace my friend for your valuable time to me


  • Captain...and that is why I keep going back to the AGENT...I know it takes a lot of POWER to get it everywhere it needs to be...such I struggle...When she talked about my heart whispering...it's what it keeps saying to me is that the AGENT will be there for me even though Amazon could make it happen in a different way. Whisper...whisper...I will wait for my editors...I will be in touch soon...it'll be revealed soon and I feel much better having talked about it...Yes?



  • Molly, you are certainly welcome to seek further input or guidance once you get your book back with your offerings, and I will be wishing positive energy your way that everything goes perfectly for you, Everything will work out well!

  • Thank you so much!


  • MollyKathleen, spirit informs me that the wait has been deliberately organized by them to give you time to realise that you are not just your book and that your sense of who you are and your self-worth should not be so tied to something of the material world. You are MORE than just your book, even if you feel it comes from your heart. It is but one aspect of your whole self and should not be the recipient of so much of your time and energy. Let it go and let God.

  • I know I feel it as my tie because...this may sound odd...it'll give me the lift I need to allow my husband to see that I am strong and I can do this and he needs to believe in me and I will be taking this journey back to my home town this summer. Does that make sense? I feel the deliberate part...It's likely a test...but I will make it. It's so much more than my book I agree. I love the stories I love my home and together they will become one...when the time is right.

    Tell spirit thank you and I know the encouragement and love is always there.


  • Why do you think your husband doesn't believe in you?

  • Because it took until that psychic I told you about we just saw for him to see that I believe in him and I believe in what I do and it it took her to tell him what I have told him all along. If I tried to write with him around he would get mad and tell me I was not to do anything like writing around him because it took my focus off of him. BUT...since going to this wonderful lady a couple weeks ago...it's like he has become somewhat of a different partner to me...Better and a believer that I am gifted in my own way and that how I think spiritualy is okay to him now...we have like a new connection and he for the first time believes in my dream...His date of birth is 6/15/72 WCH...take a look for yourself...lol


  • Yours is an iinteresting challange as a psychic and a writer to comment on as it's easier to hear spirit if I'm not having thoughts of my own so trying to decide how to respond as both aspects have something to say. First, intuition says something's hidden--there's missing pieces and you have several different layers of issues going on-- there are issues that depend on your writing you have a need to prove yourself and be worthy--this is a place of caution--to be desperate for something can lead to blind spots--so perhaps that is spirits meaning about the word "hidden". Wanting something so desperately--giving it a big life--putting a need to it not just as a goal or vocation but attaching a wounded need (redeem old hurts and rejections) can open you up to blind spots or feeling trapped by the unkown. As a writer, I want to say you do have to have faith in your art--and you do need ambition--at least a competitiveness with your self to keep reaching higher. And have a fighting need to make something good out of a rough life can fuel a good energy. I have never met another writer who found getting published easy. It is brutal--the odds are slim---rejection comes much more often than not. Some of the most famouse novels were rejected hundreds of times before getting published. Editors receive thousands of manuscripts. Usually editor assistants weed out the bulk and the head editor never sees you script. It is overwhelming the amout of submissions out there. I think if it's your time and your writing is ready it will be. Persistance and being ready. Believe in yourself then let your dream go once it is sent off---start writing the next book while waiting on the first. Most submissions take 6 months for an answer. Just keep writing. Spirit adds that you do not need to earn your right to deserve abundance. You deserve to be loved just the way you are! Blessing.

  • I think everyone has that onion effect of layers...I am just starting to peel my own and say..."this is what I want"..."ans either way this is what I will be doing to fullfill what I want for my kids and myself"...I have laid the groungwork wither way...whether the book takes longer or not...I accomplished that a couple weeks ago...But, I will most liekly continue to post my thoughts and agressions, whatever else my knock on my door. Thank you all for being here for me...Keeps me real...grounded...strong...


  • This post is deleted!

  • My affirmation:

    I've lit my candle sending negative away.

    A journey...a dream...I raise my hands to give way.

    I am...I can...I will...have I?

    Calmed the colorful fires torchering inside?

    Perhaps? Maybe? Yes or No?...

    The questions may have been answered

    in thoughts and in show.

    Done the work and have set the pencil down.

    A new day starts with the candle close by.

    Lit...burning...calming...I sigh...

    My answers I know deep inside.

    Have I ever listened to them all along?

    Doubt is a master of turning a play.

    I question and question everything turns grey.

    Black or white...wait and see.

    Gods in charge...I move forward confindence in me.


    I have a plan and my gut tells me this. Patience as we know is a virtue. What I know is I have wiken to a new day of letting the light guide me. I will wait when my editors are done as I feel they will be bringing a lot to the table. I will not self publish as I won't have to. Time right now is testing me and I am answering this morning and letting everything else go. Patience...faith and family. I am listening loud and clear.

    Amen and blessings to a new day to start anew.


  • What are you waiting on the most, MK - your book to be published or to win your husband's respect and attention? They don't have to be tied to each other. What if your book is never published - does that mean you can never win your husband's respect?

  • Honestly I think it's coming with my husband. No matter what he decides I have decided to move forward and go home in the summer...with or without the book. I am releasing myself from my own harness...I will light my candle every morning and reaffirm everything that I wrote out in that poem. I will live with no regrets anymore. I have a plan and I will move forward either way. That is all I am trying to say. I hope it will include my husband, but I am prepared either way. He doesn't like his job or it here much more than I do...it's job security right now with means a lot...but I think he is finally seeing his potential to make his own dreams be fulfilled. He'll follow...it may not be the next day or the next week but I know he will. 🙂 I'm really not blowing smoke...I honestly feel this way and will follow it.


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