Power Struggle

  • Hi,

    This has all really been an ongoing power struggle...but I now have a new component and I am REALLY struggling with staying on the path I have been on all along (cuz I feel my editors are sooooo close to being done) or looking at a new option and thinking I can still continue the same path with two directions. I don't know if I need a psychic reading or tarot reading. My gut feeling is just not there to guide me on this. I have the power to take my book (still have to wait until its back from the editors...soon I think) and just put it onto amazon by myself...but I really feel my editors are bringing in an agent who might really take this into some huge hands...but do I want to wait it out? or just get it moving? Or will there be both ways turing on in the end???...I have a cover being designed...My direction is lost. I know this series will be going to great places but I am so lost on this path that has been shown to me. Like I said I don't know if it's a tarot reading I'm needing or if someone psychic that can offer a little sight of help.

    Molly 5/8/72 (Young Adult Novel JADE)

    Thank you again...following a dream is an emotional rollercoast worth every moment.

  • Why don't you get some ebook creation software and turn it in to an ebook and market it yourself?

  • That is what I am looking at doing...BUT my editors I believe will be bringing someone big to the table...I just don't know if I can do both...that is my frustration and struggle..I don't want to bite the head off of the people who have put so much time into this book...ugh...that is why I am really looking for direction...stay on the path that has been in front of me all along or deeter from it all the way or a little...don't know...

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