• Morning everyone,

    All rested and I was up for the challenge to find the last envelope of this hunt. The Rabbit has been generous and hopefully it will rub off for the rest of this year. Do your best to realize your dreams and personal growth.

    Here goes. Last clue of the Red Envelope Hunt of 2011.

    Ingredients: L..., Pa..... & Kar.. Mix together and explore.

    It seems harder than it looks. Just give it a go.

    Happy Hunting!

  • Are you prepared for Valentine's Day? Check your 'karmic chemistry'............happy hunting all!

  • Great clues Flowsco and ssPrincess. Finding the envelope really got my meter running!

    Are we hunting tomorrow also?

    Happy Day all!


  • Thanks for your support Angel.

    Shadow, a Google search might help you find peace.

    People show who they are through actions and attitudes.

    Good Karma to ALL!

  • Just checked out the facebook tarot page. Get clues there and for "liking" the facebook page, you recieve a free reading too. I Have an important negotiating meeting today and asked a question accordingly. WOW! Spot on advice!!!

    just a thought for those who FaceBook.


  • @ Joy

    Good luck with the meeting.

    And today is the last day of the hunt.

  • Hugs to Flowsco and all other hunters ~~~*~

    I enjoyed the clues given, especially those that made my brain wake up! 😉

    Love, Peace, and Laughter to all ~*~

  • hi, i found the red envelope in the first place i tried. without hints or even coming to this place. i was floored. hint is it seemed to be inevitable, fate if you like. happy hunt e1. sometimes clues confuse and disorient you.

  • Muchas Gracias Senora!

  • Great clue Flowsco! Found it easy. Thanks!

  • Dearest Flowsco

    thank you for your kindness and help during this

    red envelope hunt!

    10,000+ blessings to you.

  • I had a very trying week at work and not much sleep so I wasn't able to find all the envelopes. The ones I was able to find were because of the great clues that were given.

    Thank you to all!

  • @ Flowsco, may you continue to find your peace on your journey sweetie, see you soon...

    Namaste Flowsco


    aka shatz

    To everyone else, thank you......



  • Angelprayer

    PowWow, was that tone truly necessary get off your high horse.

    If you need to be a prude no need to make any comment at all.

    Enjoy teaching your children hope they don't grow up confused.

    Yes I agree, I get irritated when people get stupid. He knew it was a roman numeral,

    so why couldn't he click to find out. I get just as fired up. when someone complains about the same thing over and over again, and makes no attempt to change or alter anything. Then I don't want to hear it. you can offer solutions, and no action is taken. i do not have patience for that either. And I realize it as such.

    So then you are wasting my time and talents. Problem solvers solve. Warriors fight. I am who I am, and make no apologies for such.

    I even commented to such, commending flowsco on her excellent monitring of the forum. So I don't seek such jobs, big whoop.

    So no one recognizes me on forum anymore, big whoop.

    I know my spiritual assignments, I fight, I war, I go where others fear to tread.

    I make no apologies for strength, and power.

    I teach children , and all how to be self suuficient, indepedent, how to stand for themselves, and be strong.

    We are not all polyanna, goodie goody, peace, love and sweetness all the time.

    Though I can be.

    In strength and power, is the most compassion.

    As the beautitudes Jesus spoke of in the Gospel are the most powerful spiritual forces in existence, love, meekness of spirit, etc.

    This is not weakness, but strength.

    So la,la la you way thru the posts, wondering how you really are in life

  • well, this isn't the forum, people want to get coin and get out.

    but after hearing a close friend complain for years about pain, and such,

    after both myself and her sister told her repeatedly, get a new doctor,

    get a second opinion, and she failed to take any action.

    then came the day the doctor walked in, told her she had cancer and walked out.

    OK, she had something valid to complain about all those years. If she actually took action instead of just complaining,

    and changing nothing, she would still be alive.

    so i have learned, after 2-3 complaints, and the person takes no change, no effort, I am done.

    I have people come to me, oh you were right, well by then it is too late for the correction

    and prevention.

    A good teacher only need one meeting, few choice words, to advise, change alter, improve, transform.

    A false messiah, is the one who needs to enslave you and keep you coming back for more.

    Just get it done, in and out,

    mainly as people on their karma coin search,

    again not the right forum, but heh,

    The previous post, for some reason really fired me up, added a lot of fuel to my inner fire.

    I am ready for my next spiritual battle.

    Physical or spiritual, I fight , so the weaker and meeker can be helped, protected, and saved.

    From those who would enslave them, body, mind or soul.


    or spiritually.

    heaven or hell, the fight is on !!!!

  • okay who is transitting my mars? lol

  • Thanks do much for all your help and handy hints Flow and SS Princess- you made it really fun! On to the valentine's hunt in 2 more days!!



  • that was an excellent clue flowsco!!! I found it on the first click

    Thanks lewis maybe i will get luck & hit the lotto then I can take a crusie & find peace & rest LOL!!

  • Many thanks for all the great clues, Flowsco. A few more KCs to add to my sunshine band...!

  • Thanks Flowsco and helpers.

    Found them all.

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