• Thanks Joyful- I found it. Makes up for yesterday's search, even with all of those random clues everybody was giving. Where the heck was it? I was all over the place, it got to the point where it was not fun anymore.

  • i found one at last thank you all

  • I have Tarot on Facebook and it wasn't until tonight that I saw there was a search going on. Missed all those other days. Dang. Been saving up my coins for the last 3 holidays! LOL. Thanks for the clues. I got today's first try and that's nothing but a miracle for me!

  • Morning,

    Clue nr. 5 (7-2-2011)

    Ring, toss and turn me in all kinds of ways and situations. I'll have an answer for you always.

    Happy Hunting!

  • So basically you are saying it is anywhere - Ring is psychics, Toss is I-ching and turn is cards - sorry your clue doesn't help me! ( : < have to wait for the FB one!

  • Thanks Flowsco! Found it with a bit of "browsing". Hexagrams are so conclusive!

  • @purplequeen

    I never post a clue that can be anywhere. What's the use? This time I was talking about an certain item and/or a means to an answer. Spiritbeing has given an helping hand...I hope you found it now.

  • I KNow what you mean Song of Sharon! The fun left the hunt on saturday. It was time to be alittle more trannslucent.

    Thanks to Spiritbeing, todays hunt was alittle easier.

    After finding it Flowsco's clue was clearer.

    Purplequeen has the ring part wrong so don't think that way if you wish to find the Ka-Ching.

    Happy Hunting!


  • Ladies,

    I too agree about Saturday. Seems to me a new person is moving things around. On another hand it was a good challenge to think outside the box. But the fustration took the fun/joy out of it for me aswell. Trying to keep upbeat for the coming 2 days or is it until 22nd as I have seen here and there...anybody has an idea?

  • I was wondering about the hunt going on till the 22 also. I found that in some obscure place. I quess there is one way to find out....keep on searching....

  • Hmmm...then I might run out of steam and/or We will see.

  • Hey Aunt Buck! How are you? Fine I hope! Thanks guys! Whew....

  • good morning Flowsco, I thought the original date was only for a few days and then they changed it to the 22nd....don't know if decided to be extra-extra generous or if there's a glitch in the system.

    Thanks for today's to the hunt! 🙂

  • I like the nice clear clues to avoid ultimate frustration. It would be interesting to have an explanation at some time of those more complicated ones just to clarify my own thinking. Sometimes after I find what I am searching for and go back and read the clue it still doesn't make sense to me and I wonder what the postee was alluding to and how the clue was supposed to provide guidance. Thanks for all your help and an easier time today!!

  • @LZ

    It has been requested time and time again not to come up with clues that holds a persons hand towards the coins. So I don't make them as clear.

    If I clarify each and every clue there isn't no use for me to making up clues for the next hunt because then my way of wrapping them up it out in the open and therefore I can stop creating and/or taking the time to give an indication of the where abouts.

    I do so because I like the brain exercise. Tarot also does this in the places they position them each and everytime. Do you understand why they place them where they are? If so my clue or train of thoughts only backs up what has in mind.

    Each hunt has a theme ..that should be the red line in all hunts ..simple as that.

    If I don't forget I will just for this time explain my clue of today.

    Other members take time to clarify or give other hunts and that is fine with me because it only means I got their creative juices flowing aswell. If anyone finds the coins prior to me I don't have a problem with that because it only helps others to add to their account.


  • LZ,

    Did you find it?

    If not donot give up and just take a deep breath and look at all of the different hexagrams.

    You shall be rewarded.... Blessed be to all~

  • Thanks all for adding a bit more, found it now.

    @ flowsco - I did suspect I-ching as you put in Toss, but it was the Ring that confused me at the beginning.

    I do understand it does make sense to give a clue rather than just blatantly saying it, but depends how my brain is working on a given day!! LOL

  • I like to read all the forum comments here. Flowsco's clue had me thinking of the visual effects of the coin toss, however, I don't know how long it would have taken me to click onto Spiritbeings clue. I didn't search today, I was maxxed from the first day and Saturday. Usually I would give up the hunt by now. Flowsco must be an Aries, she is generally first, or a major night owl.

    The way I have always viewed these hunts, and free karma coins is, is trying to increase the number of site clicks, and this helps them sell advertising.

    Everyone going right ot the coins, isn't serving the purpose, so on a busy traffic day, like Saturday, sure the search will be harder, so for the what, 50 cents or so, sometimes it is worth just buying them.

    However, who doesn't like free, well, you have to click for them.

    there are alot more pop ups on site now, for advertising. Which I can understand, because alot of the site is free. Someone has to pay for the site, and the workers.

    And making money in the spiritual realm, well, on most job interviews I elude I have gifts, however,

    just saying it, would make most feel scared and threatened, other than blessed to have you work for them.

    So relax, do the Karma thing, add to the click count, then collect your coins, it is all good.

    Now our forum group, is covering each other.

    Flowsco has major Aries influence, or she might work for,

    The Scorpio in me is always suspicious, no insults, flowsco.

    I appreciate all your help.

    Peace, Out !!!

    Brightest of light and blessings to all !!!


  • I wrote visual for coin toss, don't know why is ame out starred, odd.

  • v i s u a l

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