• I ain't going to make it easy but I have found it.

    Clue nr. 4 (6-2-2011)

    This time it's a journey from Intellect to instinct.....that has been told to me for this particular time in my life

    Happy Hunting!

  • well no karma coins for yesterday, I didn't return to computer to see all the fab clues after coins were found. I don't use facebook, so don't understand symbol on the purse, although that is a great clue posted a few pages back. Can't find red purse at, and bunny has swirls on it ???

    Now I am irritated looking, becomes easier to just buy the karma coins at this point.Major max yesterday on search. Makes me quit for a time.

    Although, maybe I will try divining for the location with my tarot decks. I tried to psychically tune in yesterday to no avail. I did that once, and was lead right to coins,

    After all isn;t that why us pschics and mystics are here at this site?

    Unless every radio cast mentions planetary cocktail, flows clue occassionally requires you find the site and click on to even pick up the clue.

    As mentioned today, I searched aquarius mercury for intellect,

    then journey, checked reincarnation locations,

    found great info at celebrity sample renne swellinger, about reincarnation, all can use, no coin though.

    I am an info junky, so karma coin search, helps me find the nooks and crannies of

    I also check some astrolgy cycle links, haven't found it, but haven't searched all, maybe another cup of coffee, to shake off my nerves.

    Peace, out.

  • ahhh found it,

    I have a tendency to get the answer,

    after i explain, word it out,

    which most likely drives most men crazy,

    gather and organize my thoughts,

    so after my first post viola,

    helps I have aquarius moon, so I know who intellectualizes love,

    then a matter of finding a time period , for a journey,

    I am so in .........

    Makes up for yesterday's prolonged searching

  • hooray . . . found my first one!!!! and with only 1 coffee. LOL thanks for the clue PoWWoW, it does help to "word it out"

  • @ PoWWoW

    =Unless every radio cast mentions planetary cocktail, flows clue occassionally requires you find the site and click on to even pick up the clue.=

    Sorry I had a chuckle when I read that.

    The thing is with making up clues is to find the middle ground so others doesn't have such a hard time looking or finding. Sometimes when I am tired the clue is easy and sometimes the place it's at give me a good starting point for a good tickle.

    Yesterday...for me was a combination of being tired, having things to do outside the house and then full on inside. So my concentration wasn't as such YET the location was a first and thinking back logical.

    As for facebook I am with you and it doesn't make any sense for me since the time they decide to put up the clue it is nearly bedtime for me.

    Well I am happy you found this one today.

  • flowsco thanks for the hint. I especially loved your use of quotes. xoxo

  • I hope this is not going to be another frustrating seach. No luck yet! Yesterday was brutal!!

  • forget Cupid. This month Jeff has information on what is to come.

  • THANKS!!

  • Thanks , mewhojen. That helped so much. I'm afraid the other clues had me wandering in odd directions. I felt sooo stupid.

  • thanks mewhojen, found it. in the past i had trouble finding other clues like this one. my comp takes up entire screen. thankfully i have learned to use bottom scroll bars to get the whole picture. happy hunting

  • Thank you mewhojen!! I found it!! Yesterday all I got was a headache!!! Not happy it was linked to facebook. I hate facebook!!!

  • no luck so far maybe tomorrow

  • Don't give up yet Chrissycat!

    Jeff has Great Love Advice For the Month for all Signs! It is worth you while to check it out!

    It pays very well!


  • Oy! Tried to find it on my own but had to give in and read the clues...actually had to read more than one clue because my brain refused to work!

    Thank you, my friends ~*~

  • Chrissi listen to Joyful! These last clues are right on!!

  • Samandy, thank you for your kind words:)

    Yesterday was brutal for me also I went to the forms out of the forums and it wasn't even the tarot LEO mane needs a could brushing today...hehe...I am such a researcher by nature and I'm telling you my obsessiveness was determined to find that red envelope, though yesterday it was called many things...:)

    Z this one is allot easier today...good luck..maybe i can get back those hours i spent yesterday ROTFL

    I hope my love life is what it suppose to be this month...

    Thanks everyone....


    peace,light and love

  • AMEN, Journey! Thanks for all your help yesterday!! I am still recuperating!

  • I agree, today's was much easier.

    Flowsco led me straight to it, in a round-a-bout stumbling kind of way. 🙂

  • One and all, your clues and positive interaction has been amazingly refreshing. Kudos and Thank you all so much! This is fun!

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