• I'm sorry, Flowsco, I tried to repay your kindness but after an hour of nothing but wrong turns I admit defeat. 😞

  • Thanks denisstacle I had the same faith and I really had to leave. I probably overlooked but now I am not sure anymore.

    I will have another go at it.

  • oops sorry... your name is denisestacie...not what I wrote.

  • been looking for a little while now, can't find it, must be in deep, within a section

  • i have looked all morning. i don't think i have missed anything, but must have because i don't know where it is lol. i am sure it is within another section, but checked those. this is the best hidden as far as i am concerned.

  • I am maxxed out, been on for well over an hour, although I did read some interesting articles, and found a great library group, which I had to add to favorites, because I don't kow how I got there.

  • Ladies,

    I admit defeat. Don't know who was in charge today for the envelope but this logic I can't follow. It nearly the end of the day for me so I am giving up. I too search deep even to me unlogical places but hey.

    Maybe tomorrow.

  • Please don't give up. Sometimes insight comes from strange and unique sources. The forums offer us so much varied information from so many different sources. Like an eastern point of view for a westerner. During this Chinese New Year Hunt, why not look at some eastern perspectives.

  • @ Ibelieve......THANK YOU!!

    Peeps...I am not going to change her clue. It's elaborate but good. Gosh!!! This one I am never going to forget!!!!

    Happy Hunting!

  • Hi, been at this all day, to no avail. Do they use any logic when hiding these things?

  • @ TripleVirgo ...only thing I can add to Ibelieve clue is that this one is nearer than you think.

  • Your quite welcome and I think this was the first time I was the first to find (or at least give a hint) for the free karma coins. I feel so good, that I could finally give back. I've been sick with a nasty cold for several datys now so, I really needed some feel good medicine. Good Karma too. I know I did not quite phrase it as a hint and so it may have been overlooked, but my mind is a bit foogy with sinuses.

    Everyoe has their favorite forum, but try to break out of your norm today, you may be pleasently rewarded.

  • I just learned I don't think like everyone else! I finally found it! And once I did, I was stunned that I didn't "get it" in the hints! Thank you for the challenge. That was really fun!

  • Thanks ibelieve! Finally found today's red envelope with the help of your great clue.

  • Tx all! The clue was fine. Think it's all a matter of interpretation. I did finally find it!

  • Holy Cheerios!! ......and then..... my head exploded...that was the "uber clue"! I had to laugh after I found it. Sort of a hide in plain sight.

  • @ibeleive thank u! clever clue!

  • Speaking of coins in red envelopes...Place 6 Chinese coins, tied with red ribbon, in a red envelope and place under a jade plant This is for good fortune, according to Feng Shui. Good luck with the hunt...

  • Thank you!!

  • Took me longer than it has in the past.....hints led me to the "eastern" stuff ,got lost but learned a lot. I was a bit "numb" today so it took me a while to find "her" as the hints sorta swayed me to the wrong ology. But finally succeeded.

    Cheers P

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