• Good clue, birth sign centre, along with the sweet as 'pie' - thanks a lot poetic55 and denisestacie. I have only seen the advert saying until the 9th, so hoping for two more days - but there is a Valentine Hunt starting on the 11th, so get ready for that.

  • 🙂

  • Thanks for the clue. Thought I would have to go into cooking, at the second mention of sweet as pie. But the first clue was excellent, Thanks.

    After clicking onto red envelope states Feb 9, whether there is promo after that, unsure. you can check karma central most likely.

    So after a leisurely peaceful, enjoyable browsing, I clicked onto forum, to search clues. And resulted found coins,

    Very nice free 3 card peaceful tarot reading, gorgeous deck, and great meanings, very nice,

    hit the right cord with what I am working on now.

    Anyone saving for any particular reading?

    I am thinking of getting a tarot horoscope reading this time, seems unique, in realm of readings,

    should be rather detailed, info.

    I did spread the cards without the meanings, and it looked horrendous, yesterday, as I sometimes feel, just longer delay than I prefer,

    then the peace tarot reading, just three cards really set the tone much better,

    mentioned steps of temperance,

    You can find free peace tarot readings on home page, highlighted article scroll.

    Cute butterfly.

  • just wanted to make a comment on the ending date of this hunt. i read it would end on the 22nd. that must have been a typo because every time you win. it says it ends on the 9th. also logically if there is a valentines hunt. you couldn't have 2 going on at once. lol never seen that one. tarot is generous not foolish.

  • I don't see the highlighted article for the peace reading.

  • 🙂

  • Another awesome clue! Thanks so much!

  • @Flowsco,

    i hope you make it back in time Flowsco, to continue to put some coins into your pot....:)

    Thanks poetic, love ya siesta....

    love and light everyone


  • Love you's tooooooo!

    Didn't see a Peace reading, the peace is inside.....

  • PEACE READING home page,

    From here, this page,

    click on top left, with candle, and then click " V "

    in center top, list of 5 of today's specials

  • Took me a while, but I found it! They were excellent clues. Thank you so much!

  • Is the "V" the Roman Numeral five? I don't see anything specifically labeled "today's specials".

  • LewisAlbert DUDE !!!! you must be a taurus, sorry babe, can't click for you,

    see the box with roman numerals, not even curious,? or can exert the effort to take a curious click?

    That's why I enjoy teaching children, they like to explore, and figure things out.

    Beyond that, my patirence is maxxed, for my suggestion and tip.

    Still got my peace though.

  • back in time...just a few hours before midnight.

    Thank you poetic for finding and posting today's clue. I found them as well.

    Tomorrow last day?!?!?

  • very good clues all, but I only got as far as the V when I clicked on it it popped up for a love report no peace I must be going crazy lol!!!

  • Poetic,

    Thank you for the clue.

  • hey flowsco, you still have 12 hours, goes by Pacific time, that is USA West Coast, California time. here is your time stamp.

    Tuesday, February 8, 2011 11:23 PST

    good up to 23:59 hours, military hours

    That is why I thought you were a night owl, not realizing where you actually are physically located these days.

    mentally, astrally, well that's another forum.


    you do good moderation on the forum, not my skill set at all.

  • poetic555, awesome clue! Indeed the Poet Amoung us all!

    Thank you for the fantastic Clue!


  • PowWow, was that tone truly necessary get off your high horse. If you need to be a prude no need to make any comment at all. Enjoy teaching your children hope they don't grow up confused.

  • Wow that took forever this time... almost gave up best clue I found was peeking on facebook and actually saw what I was looking for.

    Cheers P

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