Part 2 What does it mean?

  • My mate is always on the road doing shows because he sings and i am unable to go because I have kids from a previous relationship and i most o fthe time cant find a sitter. Am i on the edge of coming to a break up?

  • Dead end road, babe. Take a hike while you can. You have such different lifestyles, you're looking for heartache. You have to put your kids first because they're your kids. He puts his singing first and if he stopped it because of you rather than because he wants to, he'd just resent you so there you go. Sometimes the most obvious things really are the right way to go, at least for the moment. Good luck in whatever you decide.

  • loverofmyheart,

    Although I cant totally understand your life style with him being a singer, I can understand him being gone alot. My husband was an over the road truck driver for several years. He was gone 3 weeks out of a month sometimes longer. I had to stay home because of our children and I just kept telling myself that our family was reaping the benefits in the long run..{money}..I don't understand how that can be the end of your relationship, you apparently had the kids when you first got together. If it's a trust issue that's something you'll have to work out together..Just look to the brite side each day, your with your children and your the one teaching them life lessons..not someone else..When your guy comes home..good times..absence makes the heart grow fonder..If you really love him try to make the best of it..if he's gone to long ask him to shorten his away times, if he loves you he should be willing to work with you, that way neither one of you end up resenting the other.Hope this helps

    love & light D

  • Lover of my heart: From your first post, it sounded like this was kind of a new relationship and wasn't particularly committed. If that's the case, I stand by my first opinion. If you guys are married or both are already committed to the relationship, ignore me, I'd agree with Darya. You probably already have an idea where you should go with this. Good luck again.

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