Hi Captain--I have a question :)

  • Captain:

    Hi, I hope you are well! I was wondering if you see anything in my future concerning an inheritance? I have been told there is one for me by my father before his passing, but dont know whether it is true or not. Can you help?



  • I think your father was mistaken.

  • There was some money but it is gone now, taken by another relative.

  • Hi Captain:

    Thank you very much! Maybe I could explain a little further to make it more clear. My step-mother if very wealthy and my father said I was in her Will, I have a wonderful relationship with her, but I would never ask such a thing. There are times that I wonder if it was true that she will be leaving me and my son an inheritance, as my father did not. I dont know if knowing this could change things you may be picking up on.

    Thank You

  • Captain:

    Also on your photo readings thread page 132 I posted a pic of me and my son. I was asking more about what you thought of my son, but now I would like to know what you pick up from me if you have time and are willing?

    Thank you

  • Yes I felt that a woman was going to keep any money your father may have wanted you to have. He was mistaken in thinking she would give you anything.

  • JJon, I feel you have a lot of fear about the future and how secure your position in life (and your child's) is. You fear that everything you have gained can be easily taken away. You don't trust life or other people very much but I feel this is because you set overly high standards both for yourself and others that are impossible to meet - let go of your childhood fantasies and be more realistic. You can be naive and impulsive at times, especially in love. Your masculine 'macho' side can be very dominant and aggro at times and it may urge you to live on your own, independent of others. Make sure your desire for change does not express as chronic complaining or selfishness, or that your need for improvement is not turned inward in a neurotic preoccupation with the physical. You are an exciting inspired soul who has an excellent chance of success if you don't let your fears and weaknesses hold you back.

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