Feangelikah ,aka feather,lol..its me shee

  • Just wanted to start a thread for us on our foggy brains lol..and of course anyone else that wants to jump aboard...

    Sending you lots of peace today along with the answers you are searching for...

    Namaste Peg,


  • I'm in like Flynn!

  • awe spunkyyyyy, is Flynn joining us also? lol...

    be there or be square siesta...

    namaste Cee

    hugs, shee

  • Now I'm out with clout, Hasta Manana! So glad to see you, sent you an email! Au Revoir!

  • 🙂

  • This is great! Thanks Shee. Oh good I see Poetic is here...maybe not fibro but she has got it too lol. I do believe that I called Salientliving Poetic about 6 times. That is beyond brain fog. How are you doing My Journey? There is so much happening, are you holding together love?

    I hope that all these rollercoaster rides in the emotion dept are in fact just a part of the new changes. I feel like everything is happening so fast and yet ...road blocks. I know give it to God. 🙂

  • Hey Peg, glad to see you posted, I'm not on usually ON at this time..But I just took my 10 year old to the library...so this gave me a chance to get caught up on some emails..I'm Glad i did now 🙂

    I'm OK Fae, just doing lots of thinking and purging unwanted negativities..Then i will start in my home..Too much clutter it has finally drove me insane, to where i just want to have the bare necesities...lol!

    Hows your home,son and mom?..

    Like poetic said, we should all see some huge changes in March....

    I for one AM GETTING READY!

    YOU WILL SURVIVE AND COME OUT STRONGER AND HEALTHIER "MIND WISE,"just wait and see...i know that your heart feels heavy at times but that will also be come stronger when you finally make some decissions...

    My head is spinning like one of those tops, you know those spiny things hahah..

    I'm off now but i may be back, i have to write a few emails yet..

    Namaste Peg


    sending you lots of light,peace,healing Angel's,hugs and laughter

  • Hey Peg, glad to see you posted, I'm not on usually ON at this time..lol rotfl wow that didn't sound like a language OK here i go again..

    Hey Peg,glad to see your post,

    I'm not usually on at this time...


  • My mother is doing okay. we are heading to Portland in April to begin testing for lung transplant but thank God she has stayed well this season. She gets down but I try to keep her up and moving a bit. Her sight is not going to return but she has some and she is stubborn...she finds a way. We have been working with the Commission for the blind and have gotten some great ideas for her. Over all her spirits are high.

    My son is upset that the move cannot take place yet. He wants out. Things have not been ugly just not a home. Puberty is hard enough without distension. He is finding his intuition and a couple of other gifts that have become a little challenging for me to deal with. It is sometimes hard keeping them in the Light and reminding them that this is not a game to play with. I think he gets it but has been looking to another view as he is angry right now. OH God a dome of your protection over him please. Other days the prayer really is God please touch him before I do.

    I am still here at his house and he still doesn't speak of us at all. I am trying to keep my freedom and spirit growing while here until God helps provide the means to move. Our agencies are out of funds and seriously...we are in no danger. We are just a broken family living under one roof. I am thankful that we are not out on the streets. At least Mother and my son have a roof over their heads and me too. He and his mother have the house under her name so we will be moving. The state says mother must have her own room so we cannot stay with family right now. I know what God is planning to do I just am not sure how he plans to do it yet. So I will keep learning, listening and waiting...while begging. MARCH is the big month now huh? Okay....Spring is a good time to move.

  • My Journey I love your pics. You find such beautiful wings. They always make me smile.

  • I love this wolf above! He is amazing! his colors and strength. He has stamina!

  • Feangelikah

    You are amazing, see what you wrote about the roller coaster, I posted today that's just what the Guides are saying Feb will be a roller coaster, hang in there it will get better, I promise you! Stay in the light and in your heart, see you's tomorrow!

  • That was great! thank you poetic. You have such a gift for finding the right stuff. You my love are awesome! I hope that your day went well and pray for good rest tonight. Light and Love to you Poetic

  • i hope you are ok fea, peg.....thinking of you...


  • Cute, yeah oy veh! Miss you girl!

  • Hello Ladies! Yes Sheila I am sitting in my mind too much right now. This weekend was a real eye opener as to all the lies that I have believed to be true. I have been trying to get rid of all the rubbish and clean up. It started in my head and went to my room. I have found a lot of junk inside and outside of my head and the roller coaster is intense. Mother has so many more doctor appts. coming up, My son may not survive to be 16 in one piece ( just kidding, I am just tired of teenage no brain syndrome) and I have never had so many dreams in my life! Several a night strange ones but when I look them up they all say the same 2 things to me. I feel pressured and yet I do not know how to accomplish what I am to do. Is this really only the 8th? I am just tired and the meditations are driving me crazy. I cannot get beyond these colored lights of white, pink and purple. They splash across brightly and I don't know if they mean anything and then all I hear is....I am here; I am right here.

    I have read on some of the posts with Poetic and you I think about candles and colors. I will have to check into that. I have never had the colors like this ...cool but ? Does this happen to you? OH yeah...no I was not pushing on my eyelids either..lol I will be back later but I wanted to say hello to you both. Huge hugs and warm hearts/ Peg

    Sorry girls I have not come up with an easier name yet...

  • I'm seeing lots of colors too and now textures like lace and other things, it's all good! I thought I heard something the other day, take a deep breath in and out, 5 or 10 minutes.

  • Sheila...I hope you are doing okay. Haven't seen a lot of you here either. I pray all is well. I am sending lot of prayers and love. I know your brain got foggy and you forgot where the post was. lol I lost my coffee already today so maybe the computer is missing. Here I am trying to joke and yet I feel you may not be doing so well. Healing, Light and Love to you and your daughter.

    Poetic...I too have been getting texture and designs...I thought I was loosing it. Also a strange "language"? Any ideas to this? Shee what do you know of this. Speaking in tongues???? I am not afraid just curios and intrigued by the things happening.

  • yo ho ho, fea, glad to see you here, the colors are a great sign that the Angels are with you and also poetic knows and has the similar colours..I will try and find the link i sent to spunky aka poetic maybe he still has it...Do you spunkyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    . meditations are reaching deep inside your soul... thats a magical gift....as far as the language thingy...lol...i talk like that...ROTFLMBO....my poor sag and little girl have to figure it out..lol...look for the coffee in the fridge thats where i put mine when i really wanted to put it in the microwave haha....ALL KIDDING A SIDE REALLY NOT SURE FEA, TIME MAYBE YOU VISIT THE POND THE ANSWERS COULD BE THERE...

    fea, i don't know enough of your situations at home, but the time is coming for you to remove your,son yourself and momma...i know that finances hinder your move, BUT you will find away...i also know to find a home for the three of you and doggy right! will be financially tough also...again, you have to approach this with a clear mind and think that all the years you have invested in your marriage...you are entitled to financial help...remember its not about greed, its about a choice that clearly needs to be made...names in houses means, yes you may have to fight a bit...but the fight you are in at this moment in your mind, is allot harder, than taking what belongs to you and your son...Take a look at it from a different angle this is about your sanity, your peace, your mom,your teenage son....especially now that puberty has struck...sorry if i have oversteped here peg especially when you didn't ask for an opinion,but i have wanted to say this to you from the moment i felt your presence...I will now sit on my hands, but before i do that i'm sending you a big hug, attatched with lots of answers,prayers,light,peace,blessings,love and laughter...

    Namaste aka Spirit Walker, aka eagle in flight, aka feather,akaPeg aka fea,lol...


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