Really spooky dream...pls advice

  • Hi,

    Last night l didn't sleep well and whenever l did sleep there was a man at one point and two kids another telling me they needed to tell me felt like l was waking myself up like l didn't want to hear it but l'm not sure.

    Been having strange dreams recently but not remembering them or only small parts. I am attending a spiritual awareness course tomorrow - do you think it could be something to do with that??

    Any advice would be helpful...

    Many thanks,

    R 🙂

  • Sounds like someone may be trying to tell you something. In my experience, there's no quick and easy way to get the info. Try this. Before you go to bed, affirm that you will remember all contact with spirit that is in your highest and best good. Have a pad and pen by your bed. As soon as you wake up, write down anything you remember even if it makes no sense. Then just keep writing whatever comes into your head, even if it's just "...gee, I can't remember anything, I need to get ready for work..." whatever. Sometimes once you start doing that, things start coming out. Do this for a few days or as long as you can stand it. I've gotten some serious insights from doing this even if it isn't what I expect. You can even do it now. Write about whatever's on your mind. What you dreamed is in your subconscious and it may just come out.

  • Hi there, I agree with HAV, write'em down, even if it's just a vague impression - Gee, I felt yellowish..warmish...something about a forest.... Just anything at all. I find that as soon as I start showing some interest in them, more dreams start coming, and my remembering them improves too. I also give myself the suggestion before I go to sleep that I will remember my dreams. And it is really important to do it the minute you wake up -- even before you lift your head off the pillow if you can. [If you gotta go to the bathroom, take you pencil and notebook with you.]

    Interpreting is fun, and a lot easier than you might think. One approach is the five basics: 1 - A Building is usually you (basement=subconscious, Ist floor is physical, 2nd floor is emotional, 3rd floor is mental, higher floors and attics = higher planes/spiritual). 2 Other people are other aspects of you can also be teaches and guides. 3 - children are ideas and/or phases in your life - the age of the child tells you when that phase started i.e. a finve year old means this phase started 5 years ago) 4- vehicles show your "ride" or journey through life. 5 Animals refer to your animal/nature self (which is not a negative thing), or animal totems/guides/teachers.

    Beyond these 5 basic symbols, just think what a particulare thing makes you think of, or what you think it might mean. Your subconsious will start to use that dream symbol as that meaning in future dreams. Stay positive and non-judgemental in your interpretations - negative thinking is subjective and inaccurate when it comes to dream interpretation.

    Pay attention to how you felt IN the dream about what was going on, not how you feel about the dream when looking back on it.

    Anytime you have dreams that upset/frighten you, give yourself the suggestion before you go to sleep, that you will remember to call for help in the dream ("I will remember to ask for help in my dreams when I need it"). Then the dream will transform. This is a really amazing thing when you start remembering in the dream to ask for help. Don't worry if you don't remember at first - just keep giving yourself the suggestion before you go to sleep each night) By the way, when you ask for help, it will come from a higher good, otherwise it wouldn't be help, -- right?) Keep things simple and enjoy your dream life.

    I'll stop now, as I've said a fair bit.

    Soul Dancer

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