Feast of Love

  • a message from Allison Rae

    With this week's New Moon, the table is set for a feast of Aquarian love.

    On Wednesday, the Sun, Moon, Mars, Chiron and Neptune all meet in the sign of the next astrological age.

    With this celebratory lineup, Mars joins the Sun and Moon at 14 Aquarius. This cheery conjunction is symbolized by lovebirds sitting on a fence, singing happily. Saturn in Libra trines the Sun-Moon-Mars triple conjunction, urging us to wage peace and stand up for justice.

    At the same time, Venus aligns with the Galactic Center in late Sagittarius and squares volatile Uranus. Expect the unexpected with this cosmic configuration.

    This lunation is about personal love and spiritual agape, the birthing of a new galactic consciousness. It's also about upheaval and chaos. Though disruptive, there's enormous potential for healing and empowerment of the self, and the establishment of a new order rooted in love.

    Here's a shining example of how these energies are playing out.

    Chaos erupted last week in a historic display of solidarity in Egypt. Patterned after a similar revolution in Tunisia earlier this month, the turmoil escalated over the weekend with headlines screaming "Egyptians defy curfew as chaos rocks Cairo" and "Cairo airport a scene of chaos as foreigners flee."

    Their spirits worn thin by generations of oppression, the people are stepping up, suddenly emboldened and assisted by lightning-fast communication via the Internet (a Uranian invention). Today's turnout of a quarter-million Egyptians in Cairo is described as "jubilant." And it's happening in the land of the Sphinx and great pyramids. Hmm.

    If you think this is wild, just wait till March when the Mayan Universal Underworld begins and Uranus enters Aries, sign of the warrior. Talk about chaos. Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, is already playing with revolution as Pluto, the Transformer, persistently pushes for evolution. Now in Aries, Jupiter carries the flag for higher consciousness.

    As we said at the beginning of the year in my Astro Forecast, life on Earth will be radically different in 2011. It already is.

    Aquarian Rebirth

    New moons are about new beginnings. This one coincides with the cross-quarter gateway of Imbolc (Lammas in the southern hemisphere), midpoint between the Solstice and Equinox. Meaning "in the belly," Imbolc marks the turning of the seasons as new life gestates deep within Earth's womb.

    Themes are purification and renewal in preparation for rebirth in spring. Relationships are due for an overhaul, too...relationships with self, with the divine, with the Earth and her creatures, the cosmos and each other. This includes partners, family, friends, neighbors, villages and humanity as a whole.

    Is it time for a relationship inventory? What's incubating inside you? The New Moon is exact at 9:31 PM Eastern on February 2. Imbolc is February 2-4.

    Under this configuration it's time for radical love and forgiveness. Allow the innate power of love to transform and heal. Prepare for rebirth.

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