Do you hear spirits but cant see them?

  • Hi Guys.. Just recently, well the last few years I have been hearing spirits in my home. Someone walks through my flat/apartment. Some times on a regular basis & then it goes quite for a while. This spirit I do not feel threatened by at all and it doesnt spook me. I have 3 other friends that have heard the walking..mainly at night.

    The other morning i woke abruptly from a dream...a nice one may I add, to hear a woman crying and it was in my room. That did spook me but only for minutes. I spoke to it in my head and said a prayer. I have also been picking up on who is calling me on the phone...or thinking of someone and within minutes they call. I have tried to be more spiritually aware and open and I find this sense is getting stronger in me day by day.

    I am open to it and would like to share my experiences as well as hear from others that have had similar experiences too.

    So would love you to share...Many Thanks Mama

  • Mana,

    Sounds like you are a senseitive person and spirit is what you draw when you are open to hearing and seeing them. I'm clairvoyant and psychic ,and lived in a haunted apt in which the spirit was mostly in one bedroom. I could feel it 's presence and my cats would not go in that bedroom unless I was with them. It is good that you are not afraid as that means the spirit is one that just pass'es through, but waking and hearing a woman crying means that there may be a spirit presence that wants to communicate, you could contact a medium to come in and investigate what is happening. Have you the ability to read cards or give messages? This board is a great place for you to start.

  • Thanks Shuabby

    I have picked up on a spirit calling out my name once before but this was many years ago. I was a little spooked then. Yes it could be someone trying to make contact & I will investigate. I do have tarot cards but am self taught.. I still need to read up on the meanings but have always been able to give an overall reading/Interpretation of the cards. I do them for my friends and myself and they do often turn out to be accurate. I dont give messages but as I am in this sensitive phase I will try to tune into others or just see if something comes in for them.

    I really thank you for your advice..I appreciate your experience and I want to be open to what comes in but also protect myself too.

    I quite often get scents of flowers & other things in my place, these are comforting. Also when the sense of a spirit is strong...I will talk to them aloud.

    Any other advice is greatly appreciated when you have time..Many Thanks again mama : )

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