Did I really CHOOSE to come to Earth?

  • With all the talk about us choosing to come here during this time, I'm a bit confused by one of my earliest memories. I was being sent here into this world and I wasn't too keen on coming, but I didn't seem to have much choice, and felt it was part of my education. I was standing there amongst all these big holes below me and I had to enter one which would be entering my current life, I felt abandoned. I have received lots of otherworldy support since I've been here and identify with lightworker info - except the choosing to come here part?? Has anyone had any similar experiences or insight into what this could mean?

  • I do love it here! Flowers, sky, water, sand, grass, energy...its just all so amazing..and I can so see why we could be sent here for learning to create... Its just that all I ever hear is that we spirits choose to come here, I've never heard anyone say they recall being sent.

  • Hi, I think we are creation. I think one of the great mysteries of our existence is to learn mercy and love of neighbor. I believe part of our free will is becoming divine. We don't have to like something a person does but we can pray for them. I think you probably got a glimpse into eternity. Having that background, it may or may not make life any easier for you. You may be content in knowing there is something beyond this. One of the mysteries that I struggle with is a lot of our path may be previously mapped out. I do believe God sends helpers along our path (other people.) I've learned thru my journey that there is a God and I try not and don't want to deviate from His plan.

  • Have you heard of Stephen Hawking (I believe that's the right spelling.) He's a cutting edge scientist. He has described holes in the universe much like you are talking about.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Thanks for the great info and feedback too 🙂 Hawking, yes maybe, he is a very interesting guy!

    It seems that at this point in time our work is fairly straight forward - raise our vibe and help our great planet - regardless if we chose to come here or were sent here 🙂 !!!

    Its just one of those questions that comes to me a bit and was curios if anyone else has had any similar experiences remembering anything before they were here.

    One of the most interesting books I have read is "Journey of Souls" by Micahel Newton. He is a phd and was an atheist, however after dealing with so many patients telling him about past lives and inbetween lives he became a believer, then wrote a book about his patients experiences. Even in that book tho its about the agreements made with your soul groups before incarnating and its like everyone is in agreement to go, and yes the paths are somewhat destined. Its pretty interesting stuff.

    Peace and light to you Daliolite. GJay

  • I have heard great things about Brian Weiss and a book called Many Masters, Many Lives that might address some of what you are talking about. Very interesting stuff.

    Good luck on your journey!

    Love and light!

  • Hi Jenlyn123,

    Wow, just looked it up and thats definitely right up my ally. Thank You!! I want to read it now 🙂

    And I just love it when skeptic's have no choice but to believe!!

    Love, Light, and Happy Trails to you too!

  • GJay,

    So excited for you! Be sure and post what you learn from it! I'm very intrigued by the topic. There is also a book by john holland called Spririt Whisperer where he writes about a past life regression he had with Brian Weiss. VERY interesting! How cool it would be to be able to have a session with him!

    Peace and light!!!

  • Hi Jenlyn123,

    I will do that! Yes Spirit Whisperer sounds cool too, better take one at a time at this moment. I think I seen John Holland at one of the Hay House work shops a couple of yrs ago...not sure I have to check my past schedule...it was a great 3 day awesome event where you got to do these were shops with numerous speakers through out the day, I highly recomend. I will give feedback after reading Many Masters. Thanks Jenlyn123. Love and Light to you!

  • Yes, that would have been him! He is a big Hay House guy. I wanted to attend the You Can Do It seminars here in San Diego last spring and was so bummed to have missed it! So many good books and things out there on the topic that there is hardly enough time to do it all!!

    I've not read Many Lives, Many Masters yet so let me know how it is! Love this site and connecting with all these great-minded/spirited people!


  • GJay, you mentioned lightworker. Interested in that. For many months now I've been seeing 11:11 EVERYWHERE and have read that this is connected to lightworkers. I am now seeing 111 everywhere too. Have you had any experience with this?

  • Hey Jenlyn,

    Yes I love this site too, even if I'm not up to participating for some reason I come on here and read and its amazing there are so many like minded spirits out there! For me I don't really know too many people I can completely share everything with cause I've learned it just creates too much drama sometimes.

    Yes it was a You I Can Do It seminar here in Las Vegas 2008. Went with my sister in law and we had a blast, I would like to do them all ha. If he is the same guy I'm thinking of he was kind of funny too, which is always more fun.

    11:11 Thats an interesting one for me.................my first experience with it was about 1991..oh 1 hmmm anyway My sister in laws mother who I knew well had just passed away @ 11:11pm on I think it was January 11, 1991. I was living in Wisconsin and this was in So. Cal., my sister in law really wanted me to be there with her and planning the funeral, so my daughter and I get on a plane and the flight number had lots of 1's and we were sitting in seat 10 & 11, and it was kind of weird cause I knew she died @ 11:11, so when we get there all of the family members started telling me all about the 1's and then I told them about our 1's and it was really freaky and I still don't know what it meant but there was a lot of 1's! For me these kinds of things make me think there's a bit of bigger plan going on and its a reminder for us to be aware that there's more going on than meets the eye and it was her time to go, maybe she planned it that way so everyone would know she's ok?.

    Anyway these days lots of people are seeing the 11's and it feels like for more reason than its 2011. Sometimes I don't really want to read what the standard answer for something is because I don't want to have an outside influence in how I'm seeing something. For me when ever I see 11 or hear about someone and even including 2011 i see it in 2 parts, the first 1 which represents me preparing my self to be ready to jump into or merge with the whole.....everything (and i don't feel I can truely jump in until I've done my work). The next 1 represents the whole, everything, all of us as we are all connected, so for me 11 seems to be each person truely merging with the whole. I think once we truely jump in then the communication with the universe with expand big time. I imagine it could be different for everyone tho. How does it feel for you?

  • Hi Jenlyn123,

    There is a post where The Captain and Not Shy posted some really great info on 11:11 @



  • Your question is a very interesting question "did I choose to come to earth?". My very first thought was did some "choose" to go to other planets?

    The thought crossed my mind this weekend that their must be an infinite number of planets if the universe is infinite. Perhaps their are an infinite number of us and we did not all choose to come to planet earth. "Hmmm" never believed in aliens before but the thought does make some sense.

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