Do you hear spirits but cant see them?

  • Hi Guys.. Just recently, well the last few years I have been hearing spirits in my home. Someone walks through my flat/apartment. Some times on a regular basis & then it goes quite for a while. This spirit I do not feel threatened by at all and it doesnt spook me. I have 3 other friends that have heard the walking..mainly at night.

    The other morning i woke abruptly from a dream...a nice one may I add, to hear a woman crying and it was in my room. That did spook me but only for minutes. I spoke to it in my head and said a prayer. I have also been picking up on who is calling me on the phone...or thinking of someone and within minutes they call. I have tried to be more spiritually aware and open and I find this sense is getting stronger in me day by day.

    I am open to it and would like to share my experiences as well as hear from others that have had similar experiences too.

    So would love you to share...Many Thanks Mama xxx

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  • Hey Mama, don't worry about it, I have a man walking on my roof too, same thing doesn't scare me, used to spook me but I don't feel he means any more, your gifts are getting stronger thats all. 🙂

  • Hi Mama,

    Yes Ive heard walking around upstairs. I dash up thinking one of my kids is out, to find them all fast asleep!!!!! I was told by a medium that my grandmother watches over my children.

    Ive seen flash of a spirit in my hallway for several weeks. I had a cousin come and stay, and she suddenly jumped up and said, do you realise you have a spirit in your hallway. What a relief!!!!! It wasnt just me. Also the same night, a small musical instrument was rolled across my bedroom!!!!! My grandmother was critically ill in hospital, and I think my grandad was present in spirit. The energy was stronger when both of us were together.

    Its all very exciting.

    kind regards cazmayo

  • Hi cazmayo

    you seem to have had similar experiences to me..i too have had the odd appearences in my place. My eldest daughter seems to have seen spirits there too. I think as long as we are not fearful then all is well, yes I have often been told of my grandmother around me & I know when she is there as she leaves a strong scent of flowers.

    You can feel like your alone in things like this, I also try to put logic & rational thought first but if it doesn't fit then I know its spirit... I'm with you , it is exciting!

    Maybe there are times in our lives when we are more susceptible to spirit...could be we have found peace within ourselves, have more self awarness & calmness & this allows us to be more spiritually open. Spirits won't come I think if you are a fearful person.

    I think I am more auditory as It always seems to be more hearing things for me.

    When I was 10-11years old I used to walk past a house near to where I live and would hear my name called, it happened regularly. You can imagine at that age, I used to run for it.

    Thanks for your reply, Nice to know that there are others that can share these experiences.. Great for us to help each other if need be too.

    Thanks mama : )

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