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  • I've had a dream similar to this under similar circumstances. Someone who has been a negative influence in my life--jealousy. I always go to their house. There are flowers around outside of house. In this dream, when I looked at a flower it opened up. In both dreams, I didn't speak with the person. In second dream, I mentioned to the person that the flower opened up. As I was trying to leave someone kept coming into the driveway blocking my path. Everytime I tried to leave someone came. I was getting a little frustrated. Finally, a path opened.

    The first time I dreamt this I actually saw the person at the post office that same day. I don't know the meaning of this second dream but any help would be appreciated. When I think about it in my waking state I feel that I need to tell person (when I see them) that everything is ok.

  • The flower opening up is the opening of your heart...forgiveness. Your path will be blocked until you do this...

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  • Hi Dmick - I think your Spirit Guide(s) was trying to tell you to LIGHTEN UP and be HAPPY! Roses...love (do you remember what color the roses were?); Sunflowers...happiness; Lavendar...healing; Teddybear...playfulness and inner child. The clown and bare back side....playfulness, humor, inner child. 🙂

  • 🙂

  • Hi Watergirl, I think you're right. I told this person in the dream that the flower had opened up several times but don't remember any response. I have often times wondered what I would say to this person if I see them.

    Hi Dmick, I dream in comedy a lot also. Sometimes I even wake up laughing. I think you have a bright, lite side to you and comes out in your dreams. I think the dream is great!!

  • Hi Daliolite - I think this is more about the difference between intellectually forgiving (SAYING you forgive) versus actually forgiving in your heart. You don't need the other person's reply. Just forgive in your heart so you can move on and be free of it.

  • Watergirl, That IS the meaning. That's the answer I was searching for. Thank you. One way the spirit communicates with us--illustrations, analogies.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi everyone.. it's been awhile since i posted here last, It's good to see people are still chatting here..<3

    I wish to add to the FLOWERS....i believe that without our flowers, our planet & Humanity would not be able to survive- our very existance depends & revolves around our flowers- we get our nurishment - healing oils - teas - medicinal remedies...there is this happy harmony with flowers & nature...Dreaming of Flowers is a message or even a warning for humanity to respect nature and our litte flowers that help & contribute their healing properties to our Earth....!!!! xoxox peace light & love always xoxox

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