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  • If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it. I was told long ago that there would be an inheritance in the future for me, and I have always wondered if there was any truth to that. It would be nice to know either way, I'm in a grey area.

    Thank You

  • I'll do a reading--give me a day or so.

  • Daliolite:

    That would be great thank you for your interest in my question. Look forward to hearing from you soon.


  • Bmp

  • Hi, I don't know a lot about your situation so I'll do my best. Also, did a psychic from the past give you this information that your wondering about.

    I did a general Tarot reading for you. The past shows a Death of sorts, a new beginning. Shows you as having to struggle or battle. That's in the past. The main focus of your reading at present seems to be choices that you're making. You're at a moral or ethical crossroads. Something has potential to change your course of action.

    You are creative, hard-working, enthusiastic, polite. The sign of Gemini figures predominantly at present. Above and below your current situation are 2 major arcana cards the Lovers above and the Magician below. With the Magician below your situation, all things are possible. Maybe that's the hope your searching for.

    Your reading speaks a lot of romance but shows you standing alone at present.

    Are you in business or seeking a business venture? Business is mentioned a few times.

    The King of Coins is in your future. This IS an indication of prosperity. It's a fulfillment of task or venture. Is there a dark-haired individual that you view as prosperous (could also be you.)

    Cards show you will receive peace of mind. Sense of being blessed, maybe successful person involved, love given and received. Attain goal or reward.

    There seems to be either a welling-up of feelings or inability to express feelings. Emotions figure prominantly in reading. You make decisions with heart more than head.

    The indication for an outcome to all of this is that things are looking up. I drew 4 major arcana cards. I have read different reasons for drawing a lot of arcana cards. One--a lot of your reading is destiny, 2--listen to Tarot reader. Either way you had a very good outlook on your future and even the present. The hardest point seems your choices at present and what happened in past. Future looks incredibly bright.

  • Daliolite:

    Hi, I thank you so much for your time! Well to answer some of your questions, a psychic did not tell me that my father did before his death long ago. He said another family member, who is very wealthy, was going to make sure I was taken care of. To make a long story short, my father was'nt always that honest with me, so I was not sure whether this was true or not.

    I do feel that I am on the verge of major changes, I can feel that. And of course I was hoping things are changing for the better, as I have faced many challenges up to this point.

    You are very right in the fact that I stand alone right now, I am comfortable with that at this point in time. Although, I don't want that forever. I do have some sort of block on my feelings as far as expression due to some pain I've experienced in the past. As I said, there have been many challenges for me in the past and love is not an acception.

    The dark haired individual you speak of? I cant think of who that could be? That makes me curious.

    I most definately make decisions with the heart. Don't know if that is a bad thing or not but it is me 🙂

    I am glad to hear the future could be bright! That sounds great, and that's all I hope for. I really want that for me and my son. I worry alot about how I am going to make sure he has all he needs to be a well rounded adult.


  • If you give your son all the loving you can he will be a well-rounded adult. That is really all he needs. You.

  • Paddifluff is so right. I know adults need attention too but time is always better focused on your child at this point. For me, Tarot can be looked at as a gauge of what's happening. I need to get my own deck as I do them on-line. If you come up w/any major questions, I'll try and help. We are under a winter storm at present, so I have a little bit of time---

  • Paddifluff and Daliolite:

    Thank you for the advice on my son. I do give my son all of me and everything he needs as far as that. I mean in the future, I want to be able to give him college and all the things he would need to help him pursue his dreams. Also, since he has been born two years ago, we have lived with my parents. Alot of the time I feel like I may look weak to him or something. I feel like I should be on my own with him, but at the same time I see how this environment is great for him. I guess I feel inadequate at times. I did'nt mean to sound materialistic because that is not what or how I meant that at all. I just want to make sure I'm setting a good example for him.


    If you have time, because of the storm, I would like to know what you read on my career section. Right now, I am able to be a stay at home mom, but I do help my mother with her business quite a bit. I would really like to do something to further myself, but I feel that will be a lot easier when my son starts pre-school so we can be gone at the same time. Im not fond of day care unless very neccessary.

    Thank You

  • bmp

  • When I drew your cards and was reading them I wanted to write back and ask what this business was. I was going to ask about a partnership since you had the lovers above your situation which can be viewed as a partnership. The King of Coins can be interpreted as help in the business sector. Your reading also spoke of "breaking away" into your own business. My advice would be not to put the cart before the horse. The decision to stay at home until your child is older is good. Don't break away too soon. I got the feeling that help would come in the business sector of your life. You have been thinking alot about "making it". I don't know the details. When I do a reading it tells a uniquestory. You had a good reading. I use these as a guide. From this reading, I see you working to these goals and getting help to acheive them.

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