Need help with reading,.

  • Hello,

    I am new to the forum and need help with a reading.

    To make a long story short, I had a wonderful, attraction at first sight relationship. Been going on since October. It is very mutual and we have everything under the sun in common.

    Two nights ago I did something to mess it up. ( I am female by the way)

    Nothing bad as in breaking a trust or anything like that. It is complicated and I cannot explain it.

    Anyway, I did a few readings with different questions. Although there was some obstacles to overcome in the readings they seemed pretty positive but I don't know about this one here.

    My question was: How Do I Fix My Situation With _____?

    I got Hex 10: Lines 2,4,5,6 and changing to Hex 24.

    Note: I had Hex 24 Return in a relationship there years ago and we did in fact reconcile.

    Can someone help me with this reading? I am no I ching expert.

    Thank you.


  • Is there anything to fix?

    I think your fear is causing confusion with an overly active mind. Instead of 'treading' you're panicking and this blocks your intuition from flowing. Hex 10 to 24 may well be saying stop looking at the past and the future.....keep your focus on the present and allow your intuition to guide you.

    Valentines is coming up. Fixing or trying to fix could create more tension. Letting go will change your perception. Buy a lovely card and let your love emtions guide you.

  • Thank you TrickyRaven. We are speaking now (through email) but...he is going through something which is too hard too explain on a forum.

    Anyway, I did another spread...I am not sure what to make of it..

    Would you mind helping me?

    I am too emotional right now to read clearly.

    He lives a few States away from me. I am in Canada. He can get here in about 8 hours driving.

    He "has" discussed coming to see me but he is going through something at the moment (which is all I want to say on the forum)

    Our attraction was instant and we have "everything" in common.

    Now, the final outcome card is Page Of Wands which can also mean a travel card.

    Also, the two of cups is the first card. There are very strong feelings between us but like I said he is going through some "heavy" stuff right now, mostly self inflicted.

    I asked: Will ____ come to Canada to see me soon?

    I did the Celtic Spread.

    I got:

    First card: Two of cups

    Second card (crossing) Four of wands

    Third card at the top (goal) 5 of wands reversed

    Fourth card at the bottom (foundation) 10 of wands reversed

    Fifth card (passing influence) Two of swords

    Sixth card (approaching influence) Two of pentacles

    Seventh card (role or attitude) Three of wands reversed

    Eight card (environment) The Hierophant

    Ninth card ( hope and fears) Four of pentacles reversed

    Tenth card (final outcome) Page of wands



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