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  • I want to be happy like the people I am surrounded by, It sometimes hurts to see everyone else so happy and I can't feel the same thing. I feel I deserve love to.

  • So who do you think will make you happy then? Only you can do it. If you are always negative and full of self-pity, you will of course never be happy.

  • I know Captain, it is sometimes hard to stop thinking like this but I am trying

  • If you can think negative thoughts, then you can also think positive ones. Your will is in charge of your mind, not vice versa.

  • If you focus too much on yourself and your problems, you can lose your objectivity and forget how just much you really have. Focus on doing what you love and happiness will follow.

  • Sometimes it's easier said then done, I want to take the steps to be happy I want to stop thinking negative but at times I always end up right where I don't want to be, and I'm not really a patient person so when things don't go my way I do sometimes get frustrated and I am right back to the negative thinking, But I am grateful for the advice you give me and I will try to work on things I must change.

  • Those people who are most successful are not those who never fail, but who keep failing yet keep trying until they do finally succeed. Don't give up!

  • Sometimes we can get hooked on negative thinking because, if we believe there's no point in trying to achieve anyhting, then we grant ourselves the 'luxury' of not having to do anything at all. We can stew 'happliy' in our own unhappiness as an excuse not to make an effort.

  • Thanks =] that made me smile, Captain I want to get to know you if that is ok (not in a crazy way) I'm just interested by the way you help people and your very positive.

  • Your right I think it's a habit of mine to quickly think negative before I will think positive about any situation unless it's something I really really want, I sometimes thinkthis negativity probably started from seeing my mom always thinking negative about any situation.

  • I never mind making new friends. 🙂

    But I am not special - we are all the same with the same potential for either greatness or wickedness - it's just a choice.

  • The fact that you choose to be great is special =]

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