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  • Hello,

    Can somebody please help me....I really like a guy at work named David. I don't know if he has any clue that i have a huge crush on him, i would like to know how he feels about me. Does he like me the way i like him....idk....i feel he sort of flirts a bit with me, teases me and such...maybe its just my own imagination creating hope for my self..does he like me.....Please help

    Thank you so much:)


  • ooo and my birthday is 04-14-89 , i don't know his

  • Diana,

    Here's a bit of astrological advice: don't get involved with the sign on either side of you. For you, as an Aries, that would be a Pisces or a'd be best partnered with another Fire or Air sign, although a lot depends on the placement of the planets in your natal chart.

    You don't need to consult the Tarot on this matter, honey. What are your instincts telling you? You have intuition/instinct for a reason. Use them.

    And remember, they're either dead right or dead wrong so it's important to have a trusted someone with whom you can confide about this man.

    And go ahead and push the envelope a bit. Chat him up. Say hello, etc. You'll find out very quickly whether he's interested. And if so, great, and if not, that's great too.

    All the answers are within you, Diana. Seek and you shall find. Knock and it shall be opened unto you. Request it and you will receive it. Listen to the still voice within.

    Btw, your Soul & Personality card in the Tarot deck is the 9th Trump: The Hermit. This is who you are through and through regardless of incarnation.

    Hermit folk can successfully cultivate a quiet life of contemplation, rich inner development and meditation. The Hermit has the ability to find peace in solitude. It is important to have private time separate from others, or to pursue solitary hobbies or interests.

    Nine is also the number of humanitarian principles and universal love so Hermits are interested in a variety of metaphysical subjects.

    Do your resonate with this card at all? If not, perhaps you haven't yet awoken to who you really are. Then again, maybe it resonates with you strongly.

    I'll tell you what. If this relationship starts budding into something, I will do a relationship spread for you using either 3 or 5 cards. Very simple, but highly insightful.

    However, do yourself a favor at this point in the game and gather more information before consulting the cards. Deal?


  • Hi Diana,

    My personal opinion on reading Tarot, is to never read for someone without their knowledge. Perhaps asking the tarot what you need to do to attract his attention, would be more appropriate.

    What are your thoughts?


  • Thank you so much qwalchmai60 for your advice...I defintely agree and will take it into cosideration. My instincts tell me he likes me, so i think that for now i''l just start chatting it up with him more. If anything buds into anything I would love the relationship spread, thanks for the offer... I really appreciate your reply, THANK YOU;) and many blessings to you.

    Ok, AstaraMoon, that sounds like a good idea..i don't know why i didn't think of that...mmmm ok can you do the reading? Thank you 🙂


  • Hey Diana

    I looked up your chart, you have a strong VENUS jammed up to your Sun in Aries, as well as the Moon in Leo - so your love life can tend to be a very strong projection coming out of your subconscious very intense. Also, you have Chiron in Cancer so some pain deep down related to home. nurturing etc so you may have a tendency in your life to expect your companion to provide some healing there and that along with your very strong emotional/love drive can cause you to throw yourself at another's feet. And your North Node (Life Purpose) is in Pisces so your ultimate life lesson this trip around the Merry-go-round will be to attain to a very sensitive, easy going emotional nature, without the extremes that your emotions will tend to want to compel you.

    The cards:

    How you feel about him emotionally - The Tower - You are definitely falling (or have fallen) for this guy, very intense.

    How you feel about him physically - Page of Cups - You really are attracted to him physically for sure, you see this guy as a sweet and innocent... hmmm...

    How he feels about you emotionally - The Moon - he likes you for sure, a mixed bag,he is a puppy dog on the surface, however there is a wolf in there too, He would love to get to know you "at night" if you catch my drift.

    How he feels about you physically - Eight of Pentacles - He has designs on you, You are in his sights so WATCH YOUR STEP.

    What are the prospects for the two of you? Five of Cups. Not so great, I see some heartache should you get mixed up with him. Invite him to church and see what he says.

    Here is a good word for you "Watch over your heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life." - Prov. 4:23

    Take care, you have a lot of love to give someone, I would be very careful though with who you allow yourself to fall for. That Tower card tells me you fall easily - and HARD. Your heart is really seeking Heaven and not a man. Make Heaven, Spirit, angels and Jesus Christ your main focus and the Universe is going to bring you a wonderful Soul Mate down the road. Blessings!


  • I really appreciate the reading, the reading described me exactly ,but im a bit bummed out him because i really thought he was a good guy...sweet and innocent like u said..

    I just had one more question....when u said "Invite him to church and see what he says" u meant he doesn't have high morals???? i wasn't sure exactly what u meant....

    Thank you so much and God bless you:)


  • Does he like you? It is his desire to keep you asking that question. Spirit shows me the word VULNERABILITY. Your energy is too revealing with him--he feels powerful next to you. This predicament keeps you tight lipped when you should be speaking up--asking questions--controling the conversation--LEADING says spirit. He is interested but his motive could be muddied by the power he feels. Reflect on other attractions in the past as it will help you to see a pattern. This is a good time in your journey towards healing to practice raising your vibration--holding onto your power--not give energy to this kind of distraction---fixated on this wondering is not empowering. Epect him to pursue you openly if he likes you--expect more from him--anything else inbetween is just toying with you---stealing your energy. Again spirit says--expect more for yourself. Blessings.

  • your right...thats how I've felt, but does he have another thing coming...i'm not going to give in to him at energy is too valuable...he's starting to sound like a big jerk...a turn off...... thank you much..I'm super grateful for it, i would b completly lost with out these readings...thanks to all youi God Bless:)

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  • Unfortunetly this other tarot site post that pops up every weekend and seems to be following me around will not be deleted until administration sees it so until then please ignore it if you are new here. Sad that this other tarot site is so bad they have to drum up buisness by soliciting on this better site. The person who sends these has a very miserable energy and is constantly grabbing at happiness--feels like they are being shorted--cheated--this person hides behind a spiritual forum in search of some real control because in reality they are so lacking in inner power---they trip over their ego again and again and blame it on others--vindictive--angry miserable energy. Their wound? A parent loved some one else best. Sad as this person could choose not to spread that pain--feed that demon.. BLESSINGS! If you choose!

  • Dear Michael--protector and God's own right hand please hear my prayer--guard the energy of this sight so it may reflect the highest intention of the Angels--to offer healing and comfort. Not only for the meek and pure of heart but also raise your wise sword and help heal those who are most lost and in their pain hurt others. Thank You--Amen.

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