I Would Love A Future Reading!!!

  • Hi, I would love to know what the future holds for me. DOB March 12 1985. 6:55 Boston MA. Thanks!

  • NightCherry

    Here is what I am getting for you:

    You have been through something hard recently, some snags in an existing relationship where there were control issues. You have a very sensitive, tender nature, and this freaked you out. So you have done some real soul-searching questions about your future in terms of your companion to be. It has been hard work for you to believe in yourself, you have really felt "tested" lately. Some tears for sure.

    I have great news for you. I see a very loving relationship developing for you very soon. 8 months out at the most. Someone you are going to meet at church or through some mutual friends that are tuned into Spirit and positive energies. This person is going to be fantastic for you, they will understand your need for security without trying to take advantage of your very sensitive and quiet nature. They will help you be more assertive! You need that in your life, to really believe in yourself. I also see some kind of counseling work coming for you, or perhaps writing (do you like to write?), or speaking. You have a way with words, and you need to embrace your desire to speak up for yourself, because people around you really need to hear what you have to say! You have a lovely voice.

    Long term, I see a VERY comfortable, VERY secure, VERY loving life ahead for you. You are also very concerned about earth issues, taking care of your world, you are very green conscious. Your home life will reflect this, and your family will all be on the same wavelength there. Also, some sort of work in teaching, writing or counseling is coming up for you. Your future will be very serene, in spite of the bumps in the road in the recent past. Hang in there. LOVE is coming for you, this person is going to be a key figure in your life.

    Remember to speak up for yourself, and listen for clues from your friends at church or your work as to your companion to be, you should start now receiving some hints from your angels on that as to the wonderful life coming for you. You are going to be very blessed!

    Also, your material life is changing very soon, these are well earned! Enjoy! Go out to a nice restaurant with your friends to celebrate!

    I hope that helped, you take care of yourself, you have a very beautiful spirit, I was really picking up on your tender heart, you are very loved by heaven, and I see many wonderful things coming your way in your life. Whatever you just went through will now dissipate.

    Blessings and peace! 🙂

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to write that beautiful reading! I really needed to hear that. I am currently in a new relationship. However, from your reading it sounds like this person is not currently in my life?

  • Also, I have been thinking of getting into the counseling field. Thanks for the insight.

  • Nightcherry, your heart will guide you in this new relationship, I would believe the absolute best about who you are with now! Your dream relationship could very well be the one in your arms now. Follow your heart, follow true love (it is really out there!), see the absolute best in everyone and each situation and you will be so wonderfully blessed. I really see amazing things coming for you, when I read the tarot for you the energies were so tender and sweet, you have a quiet and discerning heart you will make a wonderful counselor should your heart take you there. Let your voice be heard, you have a lot of love to give. 🙂 Give yourself a big hug!!!

  • Thanks AstraAngel!

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