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  • So, I was just at All Things Pisces and thought I'd like to connect with some boomers in particular but anyone is welcome of course.

    Now, I'm not going to dwell, but since we have a little life experience and might not be too insecure to address our shortcomings, anyone want to discuss similar Pisces not-so-attractive personality traits? Of course, I'm not sure if my issues are Piscean or just "me-an" but I'd like to see if anyone identifies. Do any of these sound familiar? 1. Can't stand the sound of people chewing. 2. Can't wait for people to finish their thoughts because you already know what they're thinking/going to say. 3. Always looking outside yourself for direction (psychics, astrology, etc.) but it always turns out in retrospect that you knew the right thing to why do you continue to second guess yourself? Why do you think someone else has answers about your life when you're the one living it? 4. Not comfortable in crowds because it's overwhelming. 5. You know right away if someone's not receptive to you so you either ignore them or try harder to make them accept you rather than just being you and letting the cards fall as they may. 6. Feel it's your job to correct people. (I've finally gotten over actually doing this but it's still in my head). OR, purposely do other than what you know someone expects just to show them they don't know everything.

    I know we do have good traits but I've met other Pisces who seem to have these same things in their lives and we can never really click. We can have friendly relationships but these similiarities keep us from actually seeking each other out. SOOOO, what's the verdict? Are these Pisces traits or am I just a functional lunatic? Feedback?

  • Hi

    Well u read a general picture of what the general pisces is like. 2 get a more personal view u need to calculate u time of birth, city n country. Each pisces as each zodiac sign is unique, BUT it takes a more chartlaying to see, n a description to follow that.

    Hope this helps. N plz try not to compare urself to other pisces, u r u n u r fab.

  • Hi Hav:

    Lately I've been so interested in reading about Pisces, I come to this site almost everyday. I was born 3/9/59 and when I read your comment I was laughing to myself because it was spot on with me. I hate hearing people chew, I think to myself, do they know how disguisting they sound, I hope I don't sound like that. I usually want to just get up, walk away but I bear it and don't say a word, just in case I sound so bad. Also, I try to restrain from finishing sentences, but too many times, especially if they are a slow talker I just do. I have contacted so many people over my lifetime tarot readers, chart readers, phychics, and I've been amused but mostly I tell myself, I knew all of that, it was all inside. Now I just meditate or talk with God, I figure it all out that way. I hate to say but I'm usually spot on. I get nervous at times in large crowds, what is really weird is I get uneasy under flourescent lights too, they make me feel depressed for some reason, unhappy? I feel I can read a person almost immediately and yes, if I feel they are not receptive depending on my mood I'll either totally ignore them or try to be extra friendly. I do try not to correct people because I hate being corrected, but I'll still do it subtlely, like if they pronounce the word incorrectly, I'll reuse that word in a sentence when it's my turn to speak. I don't like real loud noises, it gets me very irritable. One bad thing I don't like about myself is if I'm in a small space and trying to move around and someone is in my way, I always stand ground and move in the direction I want to, even if I have to move them and I get irritated if they are in my moving space.

    I'm trying to be as positive as possible in my life, more loving, more forgiving, more compassionate. I'm going out of my way to assist others too, and that makes me feel great. I'm trying to keep those special things I do for others to myself too, so I'm not telling others, it would be like patting myself on the back and because I always like affirmation from others I'm trying to just be happy with my own affirmation. It took me this long in life to really start liking myself and knowing I'm a great person. I'm so happy I'm a Pisces because I feel it's a privledge, like a Blessing, and if I get another life, I hope I come back as a Pisces again.

    Blessings to you and those close to you.

  • ILove Fish-that's so funny that you could identify with the stuff I posted. When I ws younger, I used to wonder why I was such a B**** but as I got older I realized that all the bad stuff I was thinking was just in my head and since I didn't actually communicate a lot of it to anyone, I wasn't all that bad. I really do have good qualities too, just like you do and I'm more and more able to be happy with those and not think so much about the negatives. About the flourescent lights. That's not uncommon that they make you feel bad. They give out a whole different energy than incandescent or full spectrum and you're just sensitive to that. It's not your imagination! Lots of people have to put full spectrum bulbs in their flourescent fixtures because they can't work under the Flrscnt bulbs.

    I'm really interested to find out what's actually influenced by birth signs just to understand better.

  • Hi Hav,

    Glad you sent a get more info about birth signs, I would suggest you go into ALL THINGS Pisces, or whatever your sign is, actually about any sign you'd like to know more about. I've discovered a lot of similarities with my sign and the others with the same sign as myself. So good luck.

    I'm having a great time going to some of the different forums, finding a topic that I'm interested in and reading or replying to the thread. Some are very informative and there are a lot of really good, very intersting people writing.

    Blessings to you.

  • hi, i am a true to heart aries in love with a pisces. how do i win him over?

  • I don't know whether these things are all thing Pisces, like the chewing thing. But the second guessing oneself, and seeking other perspectives likely are. The pisces is the 12th sign of the Zodiac, and it is said that they have lived in all of the other signs, thus are supposed to understand all of the idiosyncracies of the other signs' personalities.

    Personally, I think that we have so much trouble making the "right" decision moreover because we don't want to miss something, or cause trouble for others - in other words, we are too busy thinking about all things consequence to not only us but others as well. I don't think other people go through all those thought patterns so much as we do.

    I used to make snap decisions, but as I am getting older, and all things are more and more uncertain and changing, I am now "indecisive". So I have experienced both.

    I have a Sagitarius rising sign, and a Scorpio moon though, so likely at a younger age, my Sag traits were more predominent. I love people but also think crowds are difficult. Yet, I still love the experience of the lots of people, then I have to be by myself in quiet.

    I do not think a Pisces can ever have a romantic relationship with another Pisces. I do not understand why exactly, but in my life I know it just can't happen. Maybe there is to many commonalities and not enough individualtiy.

    One thing you didn't mention is the empathic trait. Although I don't know whether other Pisceans all have that, I can't be the only one so I am guessing they do. The greatest struggle I had to overcome in my life was first discovering it.

    Let me explain: If I am in the vicinity of a person who is having a strong emotion, I have the strong emotion but without the cause. I think it is my emotion so I do not understand it is coming from someone else. Confusion is an understatement. It pays to stay away from crowds and others who may not be "nice" people.

    This life for me has been very difficult.

  • O yes all of this is so very true for me, 25... & o so been there done that.

    I find that every little thing I hate just makes me try even harder to perfect or delete it. Though yes I cry & cry & cry, I somehow deeply believe that with our extreme lows, we thus have greater highs than most. I find that after all this crying & cleaning of one's slate is just what I need, no matter if it be a yearly, monthly, or yes even a daily ritual.

    Meditation is the strongest form for healing I believe, try it. Of course you then must write it all down, our minds ponder on too much at once. Yes, I am the first one to admit my faults to everyone who is close to me, or when I want to change something in my life, I say it aloud! Us Pisces do this to gather info, we know how to listen & learn from others mistakes... We have very productive minds followed by even more beautifully bright souls. Therapy is just a form of repeating what is coming out of your mouth, so yes listen to those who know you, just watch for the ones who are hurting or those who are unhappy with their own situations... you could be listening to the wrong part of yourself...

  • all righty then.. The Aries who seems to want the Pisces. Before I give you any tips on that, tell me first.. why do you want a pisces to begin with? Is it simply because the Pisces is not nibbling on your hook?

  • Thank you Molyn, I want this pisces because after reading all this info on pisces and crossexamining my pisces with it, I find that he is real, is soulful, aware....,.I been through so much in life that i reallt want this pisces. Not just a man but this pisces. Is that enough? Please respond. 🙂

  • Btw Molyn, i have major issues about past relationships and haven't been in one for almost ten years. I need to focus on ,my future as I only have myself to rely on. To the point, when we met it was a really bad time. I was very stressed out and treating him badly. Now he's gone but not far away. Should i leave him a text message and apologize? I feel so awful about ending things this way. Also, he was so intense and sure about us at first and dropped all his baggage on me the first night we hung out that I felt he was weak and dumping on me.He freaked me out. Please give me advice to atleast get things back to a better place.

    Looking forward to hearing from you....

  • Designerinjeaven, he is attracted to your broken bits and wants to fix them. He was probably trying to empathise with you and show you that he is hurt as well. We can list all the emotions we have ever felt and the situations that prompted them. It can be intense as we do not hold back on the emotional outpouring. Your Aries was probably outspoken and pisces was finding common ground. He may have even been a mirror for your intensity.

    If you are absolutely sure you want to pursue him further show him a chink in your emotional armour, be truthful with him and say his intensity on top of what you were feeling got too much to quickly. If he is still interested, he will bite.

    Being pisces he will also be interested in astrology and spirituality, find out what his rising sign is - if it is a fire sign, (Mine is Sag - fire) then the pisces will be more compatible - I am with a Sag and it is the best relationship ever.

    What ever you do don't try to fit him into a category as boyfreind, lover or anything else. just give your relationship a chance and see where it goes - enjoy the journey x

  • ***** means a gap but reading back I realise i used a racial term that until it was blanked out I had not even thought of

  • Thank you PiscesPiggy! Actually we used to work together 10 years ago and he apparently had a huge crush on me. As of now, he thinks I am kookoo (crazy). He never gave me a chance....Why I haven't forgotten about him is his intensity when i first met him. I feel bad because he kinda sorta just assumed we were together and was happy although i am very intuitive and could tell in general he was ver unhappy with his life. Is there a way to become good friends to learn from eachother? What i realized is that we are alot alike in how we view things and how we deal with things. Thank you for helping this ignorant and naive little aries.

  • btw, i think he is scorpio rising. I am not a hundred percent sure though, and this is definitely not the time to ask. lol.

  • Molyn, I so know what you mean with the empathy thing. I always thought I was going crazy 'cause I'd be just fine and all of a sudden some weird emotion would pop up and I couldn't figure out where the heck it came from. I cry at the drop of a hat anyway and I really didn't want to cry when I didn't even know why. I finally figured out what was going on and now what usually works for me is to think of myself being surrounded by a big cushion of light that nothing can get through unless I want it. When I feel something I don't want to feel, I just imagine that cocoon and I can feel my own feelings instead of someone else's--but I have to be quick about it. Being in crowds is not usually a fun thing for that reason. I feel a little trapped when I'm surrounded and enclosed with noise and commotion. I was just reading an interview or some such with someone who used to work in "the pit" on Wall St and that sounds like Hell to me with the noise and confusion and people yelling---uuugh!

  • Oh, BTW, I'm Aquarius rising and Libra moon.

  • Generally, you can be a good friend first to your Pisces. Pisces will warm up over time and with your persistence, if there is any spark, or things you two can share in common, then I am sure once you build the foundation built on mutuality, you will have what it is you desire. Don't be overly aggressive or overly anything with your Pisces person - respect personal space - give freedom voluntarily and fully. Accept Pisces for what they are - no more, no less. Time will tell. (That is your ultimate test - do you have the patience and wisdom to build and then wait.)

  • Thanks, Hav. I am Pisces sun with a Sag rising and a Scorpio moon - but Venus is in Aries in my fourth house.

    I have always travelled around, in a small way. Meaning that I have never had enough to fly or to travel the world, but I have moved around a lot and when I was a teen ager, I hitchiked with a backpack up and down the East Coast (back in the day when it was more acceptable and many others were also doing that). As a result, I was much more exposed to the population in general.

    The day I realized that I was feeling something from outside myself, I was near the ocean in New Jersey and was walking down a street. As I passed by a house, the most overwhelming emotion came over me to the point of overpowering my physical body. It was just for a minute because it so shocked my conscience that I burst into tears and ran further down the street where it went away just as quickly. The house was the scene of murder and mayhem the night before as the news unraveled days later. At the time I was passing by, it was as yet undiscovered by police. I was in the head of the murderer.

    I tried things like what you are saying - and to some extent that can work, but it doesn't alleviate the problem and still, I have to go through sorting through my emotions when I meet up with a fella to determine whether the attraction is mine - or just his.

    The other issue I have with this is sometimes when we are given a dream or vision of the knowing that something bad will happen to a loved one.. what is the point if no matter what we do, or what can be done - cannot change what will happen.!?

    All of this in the last analysis just seems to me to be one gigantic waste of time and energy - pulling us away from other more productive activities which would go more toward creating a better life for ourselves, and therefore for others.

    What do you think?

  • hey hav

    i exactly know and gone threw the same thinking- i hate it when its crowed i cant go to a concert and time by time i cant take the underground without puting myself in a "bubble of light" - there is somuch of thruth what u posted - like not beeing patient enough when ppl are trying to explain something and u already got it long time and just wanna give the answer cause the rest u can "read" without hearing it...well its not easy to be pisceans -im cancer rising, and leo moon but venus in pisces 22.02 - BUT i alsolove my sign and its a good feeling that im not the only one going threw ths things 😉

    i have a few really good pisces friends and some things i only can share with them because others wont understand- like forexample having love for 2 men at the same time 😉 and beeing very good in managing it without hurting one of them -ok it could be the part withe not able to deside aswell 😉 well well this is how we are - im 31 now and each men is still crying for me wanting me back - somehow they always see it after im gone and took all my energy back what they had- nd then they want it back- this is an expirience my other piscesfriends made aswell... anyone else`?

    soushine from vienna

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