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  • P.S., no the murderer wasn't me..

  • hello pisces fam im sfp pisces,aquarius,leo,yep me 2,no chewin sounds,so up da rario to good easy listenin musicn all is good,also am i da solo pie pie who gets up in da morn an jus wanna be left alone 4awile to gather my mind an literaly get cloudsnfogn goofyness an slo my mind down i can be completely un understanding n 2 cry 4 no reason is what i do,often when i drive home from wk,bumper 2 bumper,gets my mind reeling n flying n if i run into a sentimental thought my eyes water,or a song will do it 2

  • I wonder if you are being too hard on yourself? It does not seem right to think you are a functional lunatic. Maybe you have come to the time in your life where you need supportive friendships and are frustrated because you have not connected with anyone yet. I since a lot of frustration.

  • The noise of chewing grates on my nerves totally, I also hate the sound people make when they don't close their mouth to eat. just thinking about it ooooooogh.

    Ii is such an anti social and uncaring thing to do in my books and show whoever does it to be alzy and uncouth

  • Dear Molyn, I am a Taurus girl with a deep affection for a Pisces man. I would be most grateful to you for advice.

    It all started 4 years ago, we saw each other a couple of times, then he had to go away (work), i thought nothing more of it, thinking i wouldnt see him again. Then he turned up out of the blue a couple of months later and totally took me by surprise, he had obviously come looking for me. I fell for him that day, he totally had got me. Nobody has ever done that for me, he made me feel alive and special, here was this man i knew i liked, didnt think i would see again, and he was here for me!!!!! Work then took him away again.

    Then came his birthday 2 march, i sent him a message wishing him happy birthday, to which he replied ha ha ha you remembered!. How could i forget!!!

    Then a couple of months later he was back again, we saw each other a couple of times. Then thngs went bad, we didnt fall out, he just went cold on me. I never chased him, i just let him be, but i was most upset, and became withdrawn, and just ignored him whenever i saw him.

    Then he turns up with this girl in the pub. Well that was it, my world had just come crashing down, i had always hoped that if i left him alone he would come back in his own time.

    But still i never chased him, or made any public display of my disappointment and sadness.

    I just got stuck into my work to keep me occupied and it gave me something to focus on, i became a workaholic to take my mind off him. Later that summer i became very ill, i had done too much and burnt out, and my heart was broken.

    I have come a long way in the last 3 years personally and professionally. I have been getting on with my life, and thought i was over him, until a couple of months ago, when thoughts of him have been creeping into my head. I have a strong feeling of his presence, and have renewed feelings for him. I sent him a message on his birthday, he replied asking who was it, i was too shy to say it was me, but i cant help feeling he knew. I saw him 3 weeks ago, we said hello but that was all. I would really love it if we could see each other again or at least be friends, but I am unsure how to go about breaking the ice.

    There are so many things i want him know. There hasnt been another man in my life since him, ( 3 years). He is enough for me, since that day he turned up out of the blue, it doesnt matter where is he is or how long he is gone i want him to know i will always be here. Maybe he already knows that. xxxxxxxx

  • Dear Molyn,

    Thank you for the grounded and sound advice. Fortunately, this Pisces knows who he is and his inner talents. Hence, he picked up on my vibes and moved on to another girl. He still does call me, I am not sure why. He is a caring person and I know he has something for me. I have so much on my plate right now that it is painful to deal with this. I try to focus on the positive-when he came to me his spirit was really low and he was in the dark. After his time with me, his eyes were truly alive and he was more lighthearted and started considering some options for his future. I guess that is good enough. I am so afraid of intimacy and losing the life I have that I built for myself. I will try to be friends and take a little at a time.

    Thank you...

  • Dear Moosic.. I had to read your post several times before I could post any kind of response. I feel your pain. I do not know really what advice could help you. You could keep remembering his birthday since he responded back to you because you remembered, and hope that maybe over time he will be somehow drawn back to you. (are you willing to wait like that?)

    I think you are worth much more than that. You deserve to lose that guy and move on. How can you meet someone else if you keep thinking about this man who won't even give you the time of day? I am sorry, I think that's just plain rude and inconsiderate of him.

    Taurus people are wonderful, loyal, passionate, earthy and unique. You deserve much more than it appears this guy is ever capable of giving you - once you "lose" him in your mind, your heart will follow, and then you will be able to meet up with someone else - someone who will truly enjoy your company and who you are. Someone who will want to spend time with you.


  • Molyn the magician. I am glad i am looking into really understanding pisces. they really are superhuman. But what about me Molyn? Do I seem like a selfish aries to you? I don't mean to. I have been in a highly supportive volatile, extremely delicate relationship with a key family member for the past five years and trying to do school full time and deal with my low self esteem. This Pisces came along at a bad time. It was finals and I was taking alot of classes at Junior level and in the applied arts. With my financial status and situation, I cannot afford to fail. For the past year I have survived on 4 hours of sleep a nite. I was trying to just be myself and have him see me at my worst. Unfortunately, he thinks I am nuts. This hurts very much because sometimes a person can see another's obstacles more clearly than that person can. I have been through all that this Pisces will need to go through. His life is dreary, sad and in a downward spiral. I know I can help him. Truly as a friend with no romantic involvement. Do you think I am being weird for feeling so strongly about his situation? Should I butt out? I want us to be friends and enrich each other's lives. I think he is very special and extremely compassionate and very senistive and has so much to offer but I don't think he really believes this. I hate to see anyone suffer so badly No one in his immediate circle cares. They all have something bad to say about him. I guess I am asking you to tell me how to get in his good graces and be a good friend and help him out of this rut. I can be a great spiritual cheerleader 🙂 I can't stand to see this human being suffer. In a sense, I treated him like dirt because of my past issues with men. I cried my eyes out about this and want to make amends. Do you believe this is possible? He opened up to me about his really sad and stressful life the first nite we hung out. I was kind of freaked out. Now that I think about it, he really wanted to be honest about his life situation. That he couldn't offer me much. Also, I think he wanted me to know the truth. I guess he thought I was strong enough to handle it. I asked a mutual friend why he did that as I am not used to that. His supposed friend said he was trying to manipulate me. Poor guy, even his social circle have no faith in him. Am I being a bleeding heart? Am I letting my guilt get the better of me. I am so hopeful that I will have the chance to apologize and be open and honest about why I treated him so badly. I failed to realize that he really isn't like alot of lower males and he deserves a second glance and respect. I have to admit a final extremely embarrassing part. I was so arrogant and selfcentered, even though I am very insecure and have low self esteem. I played the idiot. I acted like the unyielding bossy and untrusting female with him to ward him off because I was afraid he would be too needy. I feel so stupid and ashamed. He was honest about answering myt questions and told me that he was into me as much as a seven when I asked him one to ten. I know this sounds immature but please hear me out. I know we definitely have one thing in common. We are both emotionally impaired or stunted if you will. He is only 31 but waaay behind to compete with other 30 year olds. I suspect that he doesn't think that he can have what he wants in life within reason of course. What should I do? If it would make things better I would tell him my tragic life story and obstacles so he as hope and understanding. I just can't bear to see this person go on down in a downward spiral. My conscience, heart and soul, can

    take it. You seem very wise Molyn and a highly intelligent and aware Pisces. Please tell me how to proceed. Please....

  • Designerinjheaven: You really should not have to spill your whole life history onto anyone for any reason. I think he spilled his onto you, and that you reacted appropriately. I think that when you see him again that you should just say to him that you miss his company, and that you think that you may have seemed a bit "put offish" (supply your own words here) in the before and ask him whether he would be at all interested in beginning again. As friends. I doubt he will be able to resist this short re-introduction if you can swing it. Good Luck.

  • To Designerinjhaevan: Run Away...Pisces men are too strange...My pisces ex-husband reeled me in with his "tragic life story". Me, being the Pisces with low self esteem that I was at the time, wanted to "fix" him...It's impossible! He wound up being the typical abuser...separated me from my family, mentally abusive and finally physically abusive....Stop feeling sorry for this guy and take care of yourself.. Believe me, you will be much better off. The only reason to be involved with this guy is that your Karma is taking you there, so if you feel the need of a life lesson, by all means, stay involved! Hope you will see you need to take care of yourself before you can help another. I say this with love and understanding. I know how attractive Pisces men are at the begining, I got sucked in by another one recently and it turned out the same trust me!!! Sent with love...

  • All of this and more! Does anyone find themselves choking back the "I told you so" statement 2,3, and 4 times a day? Sometimes I feel like "don't ask me if you don't want to know" cause when I give the answer they ASKED me for, they (yes everyone in my life) will try everything else first, often wasting days and dollars only then to try my idea with sucess! I hope it's not just me! I'd have to wonder if i'm not actually talking but only thinking loudly.

  • Hi! I am a true pisces who has been with a true aries for 12 yrs. I will tell you this: don't smother him too much, respect his alone time as something he has to have in order to be a contributing member of the household. That is when he is making his big plans for YOUR future. But on the other hand he probably loves it when you check in and encourage whatever he is doing instead of making him feel that he is ignoring you or not into you. That probably isnt the case, as my man is in my thoughts at all times no matter what i am doing, I am consistently trying to make our lives better. An aries and a pisces can feed of each others energy like crazy and it can go really good or really bad depending on the situation. Dont make your pisces feel like his ideas are silly or not a good idea because he is most likely probably right on track and way ahead of the game. My man and I have this amazing connection and are always a TEAM no matter what. I have an idea and he always helps me make it happen. I love that we can talk for hours about anything. I forgive alot that I probably shouldnt but that is my nature. So if you are purposely trying to change or make your pisces feel bad dont do it. He WILL forgive you but all that bad energy builds up over time and your pisces will eventually strike out and it wont be pretty but i assure you it will be fair.

  • Thank you Lifeswimmer. I want to take things slowly with this Pisces. No serious commitments. Just open up our worlds and help eachother. It is karma that he came into my life. I am ashamed of the way I handled things. I will never forget the times we spent together. I've never met anyone like him before. He wasn't ready for a serious commitment as in marriage and I didn't want to deal with my feelings for him , so it ended. Btw, I was in long term relationship with a very selfcentered person and I learned my lesson dearly. I let no one I am seeing get in the way with my goals.

  • Thank you Moly. You make the answers seem so simple. Unfortunately, he doensn't call me anymore. The only way I can contact him if I ask a mutual friend about him. I want him to seek me out. Am I waiting for pigs to fly? What do you think the best way to get him to contact me again would be? I still miss him so much. I really loved having him around. Please advise.

  • He called me!

  • Hi,

    one thing I don't like about pisces is when everything goes wrong in your life you just accept it and use fantasy to escape, when everything goes right, you cant accept it, as life then mirrors the fantasy. Everything in my life started going right in the last 8 months and it led me to question everything. It might be a karma thing if you have too much happiness now do you have to pay for it in the future.

    I am happier with my Sag than I ever remember, even with the complications a relationship in late 30's brings and it is only in the last month I have started to accept that sometimes a pisces dream does come true and life can be as good as the fantasy.

  • I agree about this dislike with pisces who accept when everything goes wrong. I am an aries so being passive is just not acceptable. Pisces Piggy, please don't have an impending sense of doom. Everything will work out. In fact, love is better at 30 something than earlier. As for my Pisces, please help me understand him. He contacts me once in a blue moon but he has a new girlfriend! Why won't he just let go? It is almost as if I can feel his sadness and it is too hard for me. What does he really want from me? Please help me to understand 😞

  • We can't let go knowing we have hurt someone, I left my Taurean and kept ringing her every week just for a chat and to see if she was alright. It wasn't until my sag told me that I was probably hurting her even more by not letting her go and giving her time to heal the hurt that I realised I was doing it all wrong. We are too tied in to other peoples emotions to sometimes see what we need.

    Just so you know, I fell in love with my Sag when we were 17 and being pisces knew she would be part of my life then - it took another 20 years though for both of us to be in the right place for a relationship to work.

  • Hi PiscesPiggy,

    For the record, the main way he hurt me was to dump his sad life on me, i could sense his disenchantment with everything-the first night we met and hung out. I am the one who cannot help but care. I think he is bitter because I won't buy into it. He told me he would know me for a long while but I don't know if I can take it! THank you for the insight, just from writing I realize how much i need to improve on myself. I need to be patient with him but set boundaries. I want to walk away but I am having a hard time because we have some kind of connection, a kind of understanding that I have never had before. I want to forget about him but miss him. I want him to be happy but appreciate me for my efforts. I am tird of being used. I am selfish, I want him but I don't know if its for the long haul. THe funny thing is-he was Worried that I was the Jealous Type and Psycho-lol......I am worried that he's fatal attraction! We both need to grow, but I am afraid to grow together. I have trust issues. Please advise on what to do about our situation. I am true Aries, if I can't have it I get frustrated. I can't even see the consequences......

  • Hi Dij,

    How old is the Pisces in question, I went through an period of angst when I was younger and did not feel like I could connect with anyone of the opposite sex for some time - it took me a while to come to terms with not overanalysing the feelingsI felt were coming through - lots of them were accurate but I was over sensitive and this could lead to self pity. Does your Pisces just need to grow up?

    PP x

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