Cancers.. I'm confused, please help me out with them.

  • I dated a cancer. She stated first off that she didn't want a serious relationship. But as it moved along she talked about transferring colleges, traveling to Europe this summer with me, said she loved me, that she was deeply in love with me, that I was perfect for her, and that I love her for her.

    Later on she wouldn't tell me if things bothered her ( i know now more about cancers to know why). But she blew up on me and said it was over. She said I was being pushy and didn't let her have her life (I asked about her emotions, in a not pushy way but for cancers I know how it was, and she always chose to talk with me so we equally spent too much time with each other). I always asked her if I need to stop something and she always said no our relationship is good.

    But when she broke up with me she said that she no longer loved me and I did not love her in the way she wanted to be loved. That contradicts what she told me, and you can't just stop loving someone like that. Did she lie or does she really feel that way? And if I can win her back how do I do that, do I say I was wrong and I will respect you so much more and give you time? What do I do?

  • This begins a list of things about Cancer. Perhaps other will add ideas of their own.

    When afraid of being hurt, Cancer won't show any emotion. This usually from no one protecting or nurturing her in the past. Her vulnerable side stays hidden.

    Don't make her (Cancer) feel insecure, this brings out the worst in her. Find out what does make her feel emotionally and financially secure and discuss this with her.

    Most cancers have power struggles with their mothers and they need to resolve this to truly be in a relationship.

    Accept her moods as best as you can. Cancers are extremely sensitive and intuitive and pick up vibrations all the time.

    Help her to develop her intuition

    Work with her to overcome her fears...most Cancers look for and need stability in their environment.

    Give her space....Cancers need to go within. Cancer represents unity and the sacred silence within. Cancers want to resolve wounds of the past. The danger with this is that sometimes they get stuck in their own resistance.

    Never forget her birthday!

    Cancers love gifts, even something small flutters their heart.

    Don't interfere with her girl friends. Cancers are very close to women friends and may almost seem to talk to them more than you.

    Don't try to control or own her and don't let her do it to you either.

  • Thank you soo much with this. I really needed all of it!!

    How do you think is the best way I can get her back?

  • You probably know the best answer to your question. Look back at your relationship and pick out the qualities you love about her. Be really sincere about thi, visualize, feel it......cause Cancers can emotionally tell if your feelings are true or not. Stop projecting fear, cause that's what you're doing at the moment....all that does is push her away makes her feel insecure. Go within and listen to your own inner advisor......and calm that mind of yours. 🙂

  • thank you!!!! and listen thats what messed the relationship up in the first place. my fear. i honestly don't know why i freak out but its something i need to stop. i will calm and. and i really appreciate you taking time out to do this =]

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