He is always around...

  • I have written about him before. I have had a school girl crush on him for some time now. My head says he feels the same. The problem is I found out that he is married. Has signed divorce papers, as far as the papers being processed, i don't know that part.

    background: I didn't know who he was when he started coming to visit me every morning in my office. when i found out his name i found out that he was married from hear say. he didn't know that i knew he was married. i assumed it couldn't be that happy of a marrage if he came looking for me, but all in the same i didn't want a part of that. a lady that we work with asked him if he was going to bring his wife to the christmas party & that was how he found out that i knew about him being married. he fessed up that he was married & gave me a rundown of his situation. papers signed, just needed to be filed. it kind of gave me a false hope. I started dating someone a couple of months after that. when he found out, it kinda hit a jealous bone. he was hanging out with mutual friends & my name was brought up. he knew that one of the guys that he was hanging out with had a crush on me, so he told that person that i was "his girl". he made it a point to tell come me this himself. we have never gone out together, held hands, kissed. its all been on the up & up as far as no cheating.

    everytime I think that i don't have this crush on him, he says stuff like that. now i'm starting to have feelings for him again. i think he said that because he knows about the new guy i've been seeing.

    i guess i'm just courious as to how he really feels, why he would say what he said about being his girl? if he really is the guy for me or if i'm just getting cold feet with the new guy. why is it that i keep coming back to him? will some one help me with this? i don't normally have crushes & i would like to find a resolution for my situation.

  • I feel this guy is on one heck of an ego trip. I don't sense any love or affection here, only control and ownership towards you. I don't even believe the part about the divorce papers being signed - are they actually in divorce proceedings at all? Or is that just what he told you? Whatever he is still married but is sniffing around you? Eew! You should do some more background checking on this guy as I feel he is out to use and abuse you for his own selfish aims. He has already concealed his marriage from you, which shows he is a dishonest person. If you hadn't found out, would he have ever mentioned it? I doubt it. And emotional and mental 'cheating' has definitely occurred - he is still with his wife, isn't he? Thus he is cheating on her by calling you his 'girl'. I would find that very presumptuous and controlling since you two have never even been a couple as yet. It's like he thinks if he says it is so, it will be. I advise you to get your head out of the romantic clouds ans see this guy as he really is - a deceitful player.

  • Hi, I would be really careful as you already have. I feel he's a manipulator. I question this divorce drama, too. He feels that he has inroads w/you. Be careful of people that have big mouths--I'm with one now. Sometimes their versions of stories are just that--their versions. I feel he has certain dynamics in his personality that you're attracted to. I can do a reading.

  • The cards describe you as being a very creative person with a childlike joy about you. You are contemplating the happily ever after but be careful what you wish for. Yes, you can have this man--be careful what you wish for. 9 of Cups next to 10 of Cups.

    The cards speak alot of the need to develop yourself--self examination.

    Your environment is good. Shows you may be bored. Don't let boredom create mischief. Shows affair close to the dark-side.

    You feel like venturing out of present circumstances. A lot of creative energy.

    In future and near future. Sneaking around--I drew the 7 of swords and 6 of rods. Don't make hasty decisions re him. I kinda got a feeling that someone is running from something. I drew many rods and aces--Fire and Water. You need clear boundaries as your load looks heavy in the future.

    I drew the Devil in this reading. Believe it's saying to abandon current state. Pleasure seeking. Interpersonal emotional games disguised as love. Setting up structures to get used.

    This will be a relationship that you will outgrow. Shows you trying to hold onto it. Futile. Are not receptive to new experiences because of this relationship--I drew the 4 of Coins in the environment.

    Look seriously at the things in your life at present that could break your heart in the future. Be forewarned. 5 of Cups in your Hopes and Fears.

    You are being naive about current situation. Disconnect with responsibilities. Miss joys of childhood.

    Outcome looks brighter. Things are better down road and more in-line with what you're looking for--calmer.--6 of Cups in Outcome.

    I caution you to protect your reputation (work.) If you develop a relationship w/this person you may be running from personal insults (swords).

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