Love reading? pretty please? :)

  • I just recently met this guy after 2 months of talking through a dating site. I'm pushing him away already...kinda scared. I really like him. Anyways, I would like a reading if anyone is wanting and willing to! I'd appreciate anyone attempting! Just kind of curious..

    my bday : 9/28/87 born in Pensacola, FL

    his bday: 3/16/89 born in Emerado, ND

    Thank you! 🙂

  • This can work well for a love affair or marriage. In this relationship, you both must follow not only your heads but your hearts. You both show great interest in discussing how you met and all the coincidences that led up to your establishing a close bond. Not surprisingly, both of you value the unexpected, unpremeditated and spontaneous in your interactions, particularly in the sexual sphere. Your relationship may focus on exploring the unknown, perhaps through an interest in science-fiction or the paranormal, or through personal experience. You LL may be a little skeptical about indulging in this sort of activity at first, but through your relationship with your friend, your reluctant curiosity can become an avidity for finding out more. The greater your initial reluctance to such studies, the deeper your immersion in them later on, generally speaking, much to your friend's delight. This relationship will be deeply interested in all aspects of life, especially on the operations of chance, synchronicity, prophecy, and ESP.

    In some ways, the relationship can be described as a duel between an arch-skeptic and an arch-believer, although this is a bit extreme. Yet it has a grain of truth to it. You often depend solely on your rational mind and deny what you cannot see or hear. Your friend on the other hand happily puts his faith in what cannot be seen, which has just as much reality to him. He also views everyday objects and events as being imbued with supernatural powers or significance, and cannot understand the inability of others to see the miraculous in the mundane. Yet he is obsessed with being stabilized by someone more sober and grounded than himself, to the point where he may have lost faith in his own abilities to cope on his own and looks to others or large organisations to give him the discipline and control he thinks he doesn't have. He also has a fear of going crazy on his own and always likes to have company.

    This relationship will teach you LovelyLibra to let go of all your preconceptions of how things are or should be, and this ties in perfectly with your mission of enjoying a fuller experience of life. Experiencing passion in one great all-encompassing love affair isn't the ideal way for you to proceed - in fact, it can be very destructive. It is healthier for you to explore your passion through your relationship to the world more than another person. However, it is through love that your somewhat frosty personality can thaw out enough to set you on your way. What is best in general for you is to come into close contact with your feelings, give up any snobbish traits, and turn your back on an over-emphasis on knowing the right people and doing the accepted thing. Self-expression is key here. Be true to yourself and honest about who you are to others. The best mate for you is someone who lives a simple, natural and basic lifestyle. A series of love affairs with such types may be common for you as you learn from one person and then another how to live each moment to the fullest, even though such relationships are likely to be searing in intensity but short in duration until you have learned enough to be happy.

    You will experience rebirth and transformation in the course of your lifetime, learning to approach life in a more natural, relaxed manner and to balance your need to master your emotions with your need to express them. If you can learn to follow your deepest impulses, you will get what you want out of life. In your quest, you may get somewhat bogged down by emotional baggage or the search for unrealistic or unworkable goals of perfection. You are an indefatigable person who can go overboard in your quest for affirmation and enlightenment and this can result in indecision, self-righteousness, or a neverending search for the kind of crisis that makes you feel fully alive. You may still be suffering from deep-seated anger issues resulting from your childhood struggles with an aggressive parent. You want to be loved and loving, yet the submissive child-aggro parent issue comes up in every relationship you have. You can become too obsessed with yourself bigtime - so much so that other people can have difficulty breaking through your 'barriers' to get close to you. Your sweetness is real but you must work through the rage and control issues from your past that are still holding you back from a successful love relationship. You are not weak, just wounded. You can heal yourself and release your self-absorption by dealing with your old issues. Acknowledge your pain and fear of being controlled by another person, then let it go. Only then will you be free to open to the world and other people and take on a more accepting and relaxed attitude to life.

  • You nailed that very last part...thats the issue I'm having. All this time I've blamed every guy for failed relationships, but in reality it's because of childhood issues with my father. I've tried forgiving him and moving forward and being myself. Somewhere along the way, I push people away and wont let them in. It's like I'm preventing them from hurting me, setting them up for failure - but it hurts way worse when it's me who's hurting myself. All we can do is learn in this life.

  • Yes your father may not be physically in your life but in your head you have become the aggressive parent yelling at yourself with his voice. Find your own voice and beliefs to live by.

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