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  • I'm getting the moon, the sun, and the star and the Pentacles Star alot in my relationship spreads. I'm also getting alot of pairings. Any insight on the combinations? Sun and Moon are frequent and often together.


  • So let me get this straight. You're pulling the Star, the Moon and the Sun frequently, as well as a lot of the suit of Pentacles. Correct? And the Moon and Sun are often paired together. Very interesting, esp doing a relationship spread. What positions are they appearing in? As you know, the Star is all about new beginnings after the fiery flames of The Tower. Very good and auspicious card for a relationship. The Moon is always changing faces, shifting, amorphous, you're not sure what you're always seeing or getting, but The Sun card shows that all is well in your life and you are exactly where you're supposed to be, so don't let the duplicity of The Moon throw you off. Also interesting is that you're pulling Pentacles and not Cups. Are you and your partner in business together? Thinking about doing so? Is your relationship concerned with a lot of material objects? Is there scarcity financially? Do you have an abundance of financial wherewithal? I could be of more help if I knew which Pentacles you're pulling, but for now, that's what I have to offer you, Madonna. Blessings.

  • Hi madonna,

    Generally speaking these cards are interesting in relationship spreads. The Sun and Moon, male/female relationship, a relationship built on firey passion from the Sun, and loving emotions from the Moon. Then you have the Pentacles that are related to earth, and reflective of a strong foundation to build a relationship on...something to think about - where is air or swords in this relationship - generally reflective of communication.

    Are you more emotionally invested in this relationship?

    Are you concerned your partner is hiding something?

    Have you openly talked about where your relationship is and where it's going?


    Astara Moon

  • In relationship readings, I've seen the Sun and Moon come up when there has been a conflict between having a relationship and having a career. The Moon can represent family and the Sun our desire to succeed. The Star could indicate there is potential as long as there is equal balance in the responsiblity of a relationship. And, both the Moon and Sun need to keep their individuality, neither can possess the other......each need to be respected, understood and supported without being retrained. If this can be done, the Sun and Moon can share their strengths and fears and help each other grow.

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