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  • Attracting Love into Your Life

    a message from Archangel Gabriel channeled by Shanta Gabriel

    Dear Ones,

    Within each human heart is the desire to be deeply, utterly and eternally loved. This desire for true love is sacred union within you seeking outer fulfillment. The longing each soul feels for the partnership of Divine Union is what drives relationships in all forms. When Love is celebrated as it is at Valentine’s Day, there is a sweet call sent from each soul into the Universe for love to be born anew within the heart. Your inner yearning acts as an extraordinary magnet opening doors on many dimensions. Turning to the idea of Love often stimulates deep feelings leading you somewhere between emotional turmoil and ecstatic union with the Divine. It is the same impulse within you being used according to the focus of your attention and your magnetic frequency. The concept of Love may be celebrated for many reasons, but when you honor love from the level of your soul, it creates a new level of empowerment within your being.

    Attracting more love into your life is easier when you give yourself time to create a connection to the Source of Divine Love. For a deep renewal, breathe in the Light of this Presence, asking your soul to provide the link to the Divine Love that exists within all things, at all times. Imagine that Pure Love is empowering the crown of your head to receive an opening for the Golden Light of the Beloved. You can visualize a beautiful lotus flower at the top of your head unfurling in the golden light. The lotus has been a symbol of spiritual life for centuries in the East. It may attract your attention and bring you delight. Whenever you feel a resonance with something that uplifts you, it is a positive way to increase your vibrational frequency.

    Receiving Divine Love into your Being

    As you focus your attention on the Crown of your head, imagine the golden light of Divine Love opening the pink lotus of your spirit to receive from the highest Source of Love there is. Bask in this Light, breathe it into your being and allow it to illuminate your mind with an expansive awareness of the greatest Love that exists in the Universe. As this Light fills your mind with Divine Love, you may have a sensation of sweetness at the back of your tongue. Great yogis call this Amrita – the sacred nectar of God’s Love. Let it drip down the back of your throat and open this area of your body to the Divine Light that represents Truth and Compassion. Feel the Light expanding all around your neck to embody the sacred sound available in the illuminated presence of the Beloved. Allow the flow of Golden Light to move down into your heart – in front and behind you. As Divine Love fills your heart, all sense of emptiness is dissolved in this sacred flow of Light. You can feel your soul drinking in the nourishment you have thirsted after for eons. Breathe Love through your heart and let it feed every cell and fiber of your being with Light.

    Allow the Light of this Divine Love to fill the solar-plexus center of your being, empowering you with Strength and Courage. Divine Light fills your energy field and attracts more Love through you as it purifies and transmutes any darkness into pure Light. Breathe the golden Light of the sun into the center of your being and know it strengthens you. Let this light cascade down to fill your creative center and empower a new level of Balance and Harmony there. Expand this golden light through your body and around you creating a sacred presence of Divine Love. Breathe it in and rest in its radiance. You are being nourished by the Golden Light of the true Beloved.

    And from the base of your spine, allow the energy of Divine Light to drop into the earth, like a sacred stone to nourish and bring Love to all of Nature. Imagine that Divine Love is flowing through your entire being in the radiant golden light. Concentrate your mind, and allow your body to relax in the glow of the Divine Beloved. In this moment, you awaken to a new level of divinity and a frequency that harmonizes your being with Divine Love. Stay in the expansive presence of Light as long as you can. Your sacred radiance illuminates the world around you. The nourishment your soul receives harmonizes your body and mind. In this moment you are able to have a true experience of Divine Union. Bask in the Golden Light of Oneness and let it uplift you.

    Embrace Wholeness instead of Lack

    When you have given yourself this nourishment of Divine Love, you are radiating a higher frequency of energy. From this level you can create your prayers for Divine Love in every area of your life, because you are embracing from a new sense of wholeness and fullness instead of lack. When you feel nourished, you are clear about the Truth of your desires for partnership. You can see the facets of understanding and connection you require in a mate who will be able to assist you in sustaining Divine Love in your daily life.

    There are many aspects of partnership that you seek at different times in your lives, but the desire for Divine Union within you is the underlying key in each one. There are times when a person requires the emotional support that only a true friend can bring. You may feel you need this connection as much as you need to breathe. To have this sense of deep friendship in times of joy and times of great challenge, knowing that someone is there to support you, strengthens and empowers you. This depth can come in many forms. Yet this empowering friendship must be at the base of all relationships to have them support you at a soul level.

    There is a relationship to Divine Love inherent in your business partners, your friends, children, parents and lovers. The more you are able to keep yourself filled with the Divine Substance of ever flowing love from the Universal Source, the more you will create harmonious relationships in every area of your life. Never doubt your ability to attract the love you need. Filling yourself with Divine Love before you pray for a lover is like putting on your oxygen mask first during an emergency in flight. When you take the time to create a sense of Love in yourself, you are then in a resourceful state to attract Divine Partnerships that serve the true desires of your heart, and fulfill the destiny of your soul.

    The Sacred Marriage

    The Light of Divine Love is always shining brightly for all to receive, and bask in the wonder of its presence. When you feel the desire within you, which you may interpret as loneliness or lack of a lover, the impulse usually has a pure basis. It is your soul calling for Divine Union – a connection to the Beloved. It may even be empowering to perform a sacred marriage within yourself before you consider any other form. When you do this it is letting the Universe know that you honor and respect yourself. It is important that you can love and accept yourself unconditionally, before expecting someone else to be able to offer that gift to you. There is a Sacred Union possible with the inner feminine and masculine aspects within each person. Becoming totally loving of who you are as a person, accepting even your less appealing aspects is of paramount importance. When you can do this, there is a sense of inner peace and profound love within you. You are being asked: Would you take your self to be your dearly beloved, to love and to cherish, to honor and to respect from this day forward, for as long as you shall live?

    When you can answer this question in an affirmative way, you will be ready to create more love in your outer life as well. Finding true love in a partner begins with loving yourself to the very depths of your being. This allows you to create union with the personality aspects of your self and with your most authentic, true, and eternal, Divine Self.

    Creation of your connection to Divine Love provides you the nourishment and fulfillment your soul is longing for. Creating Balanced Union within allows you to manifest a new level of Harmony in all your relationships. May all beings find that place within themselves where God dwells and experience the Sacred Union that Divine Love brings to every area of their lives.

    And so it is.

    Shanta Gabriel

    For Archangel Gabriel

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