My self-published tarot - please take a look

  • Aloha Everyone!

    I created "HazelMoon's Hawaiian Tarot"

    Many people have already created beautiful Tarot Decks.

    I chose to create my Hawaiian Tarot, because I was lucky enough to live there, and I have been highly influenced by Hawaiians and their mystical old land. The cards exemplify the power of ancient and modern Hawaiian beliefs in which the Gods and Goddess’ guided the Hawaiian people in living happy and contented lives in harmony with nature, along with the intense beauty of the ocean, volcanoes, mountains, birds, deities and the ‘Aloha Spirit’.

    I recommend HazelMoon’s Hawaiian Tarot to people that want to learn how to celebrate life and nature with a small piece of Aloha in their hearts.

    Thank you and Mahalo for visiting:

    Katalin E. Csikos


  • wow, very very nice. I lived in hawaii too, now in california. wishing you magic.


  • very cute!! congratulations!!

  • looks the admin deleted your website link. I did find your book and cards through amazon.

    Hazel Moons Hawaiian Tarot.

    very nice work, and congrats

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